Quick Cat Longevity Survey–for Anyone Who’s Had an Age 20+ Cat

teresaskitty-300x225 Quick Cat Longevity Survey--for Anyone Who's Had an Age 20+ Cat
Photo: Sistergirl by Teresa Brown

UPDATE Huge thanks to participants! The eBook is ready – and you can get it free!

Are you in the 20+ year-old cats “club?”

If you’ve had a cat reach 20 years or more, you hold information on a mysterious topic—the cat lifespan!

Your answers to this 5-minute survey will support the possibility of all companion cats living into their twenties.

To thank you for your help, I can send you a copy of a report I’ll create about the survey results.

(If you don’t qualify for the survey, I would still like to hear your thoughts in the Comments here and you can get a copy of the report if you’re on the blog mailing list.)

Here’s what I’ll be doing with the results:

  • Looking for any longevity clues–how health factors may outweigh risk factors or vice versa
  • Examining any patterns in context with other sources of cat longevity wisdom
  • Writing about the conclusions and stories that arise (to spread for discussion in various ways)