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The truth is my expertise on cat health is not as broad as it might seem. There are certain aspects I know a lot about, mostly from personal experience and my nutrition background, but many that I have to tackle as a consumer researcher in order to write about them. If you need to consult with someone (besides your vet) about your cat’s needs, please check out the Holistic Vets and Ingrid King’s consultations (not a vet), both available by phone.

If you are writing because your cat has been diagnosed with cancer, you have my deepest empathy because I have been there, but unfortunately I am not equipped to tell you exactly what to do next. Cancer is so tricky and different in every circumstance that there is not one easy answer, however, I put my best summary of what I’ve learned here and I hope it is helpful: Fighting Cat Cancer.

If you are writing to ask or comment on recommended cat foods, check out my FAQ on that.

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