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What we didn’t know about human grade cat food and more

This was a frustrating yet interesting post to write last night.

When I learned that Natura, makers of several respected brands of pet food, were accused of falsely advertising their pet food as “human grade,” I thought, “Why, those liars! Does that mean their food is not good quality afterall?!”
Answer: It doesn’t necessarily mean their food is bad quality. Rather, Natura got in trouble because…

sheet_example Free download: Cat food tracking "refrigerator sheet" natural cat food natural cat care
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Free download: Cat food tracking “refrigerator sheet”

In part 2 of my post about Joel’s healing journey, I talked about how useful a simple “refrigerator sheet” was in helping us get clear about which foods or supplements affected him and how. You’d think you’d remember and wouldn’t need to write things down, but you’d be surprised at how often we said “Wait,…