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How to Improve an Overweight Cat’s Health

Imagine a veterinarian and pet food expert realizing that her young cat has become overweight and has diabetes! How could this happen? It happened to Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM and she intended to get to the bottom of it.
What she discovered flew in the face of conventional cat food wisdom. But thank heavens she figure it out, because she was able to save her cat and hundreds of others from chronic disease and early death.

humberto-arellano-N_G2Sqdy9QY-unsplash-768x511 Some of my sources

Some of my sources

This blog owes a debt of gratitude to many wonderful influences – several of whom contradict each other at times. It’s an ever-growing list: Books by cat experts (listed below) A couple of wonderful holistic vets in the San Francisco Bay Area: Anne Reed, DVM and Gary Richter, DVM Miscellaneous Internet research-especially from these sources…