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Hairballs?! Natural remedies that are working

UPDATED 2016 If you’re like me, you may yearn to give your cat something besides those petroleum/mineral oil hairball products. (See my worries about ingesting petroleum jelly supported here and also here. Also, long term use interferes with your cat’s ability to absorb the important fat-soluble vitamins – A, E and D – according to…

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Stories of caring cats

I was moved by this letter shared last week in Gary Brogue’s news column:
“I lost my husband recently. Often at night while I am in bed, I start to cry. My 14-year old cat, who is usually on the bed with me, immediately comes up to me…and starts to purr…He often touches my face with his paw.”
Perhaps because cats can be so “of the wild” and independent, I find it especially meaningful when they show so much understanding and kindness…

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3 ways to help your cat prevent cancer

Cancer is afflicting about 50% cats over age 10 now. That’s shocking to me. As is the fact that lymphoma has become more common in cats than in people. Plus, it’s been affecting younger cats lately too. I lost a feline soul mate to cancer, so I vowed to do everything I can to prevent that from ever happening again. I’ve taken a lot of care in selecting 3 key cancer-prevention tactics. I think if I had known these things long ago, my feline friend may have lived longer…