This year’s most uplifting cat stories

Cat-on-Time This year's most uplifting cat stories soul cat human animal bond cat adoption

TIME magazine’s cover with Person of the Year and her cat. Photograph by Inez and Vinoodh.

Friends, it was a good year for cats. TIME magazine’s person of the year was… well, not a cat, but a proud cat lover who insisted her adorable kitty share the cover with her! You gotta love Taylor Swift for that.

Grab a cozy spot. I’ve got four more stories of the year that celebrate unbreakable bonds and amazing feline companions.

1. Cat Who Taught Himself to Support His Hearing-Impaired Adopter Receives UK Cat of the Year Award

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Zebby and Genevieve

Zebby, a remarkable cat from the United Kingdom, recently received a prestigious accolade as the National Cat of the Year, and let me tell you, he  deserves it. Zebby’s incredible story began when he became the devoted ‘hearing cat’ for his human, 66-year-old Genevieve, who lives alone and cannot hear without her hearing aids. She adopted him as a kitten and he quickly began showing  uncanny instincts.

Now fully grown, he not only alerts her to sounds around the house, but goes above and beyond by fetching mail, delivering slippers, and even ensuring her safety by waking her if the security light goes on at night! Zebby also showers Genevieve with cuddles whenever she returns home.

For Genevieve, Zebby isn’t just a cat; he’s her best friend and protector. I love that his recognition as the UK National Cat of the Year is a testament to the incredible impact cats can have on our lives, showing us their intuitive and caring nature. Full Story.

2. Woman Helped 100 Seniors Re-Home Their Cats Before Passing Away, Bringing Peace of Mind

grandfatherscat This year's most uplifting cat stories soul cat human animal bond cat adoption
Tinker, a Grandfather’s Cat success story

Angela Rafuse, a compassionate 28-year-old, found her life’s calling. After her grandfather’s passing left his cat, Mackenzie, without a home, Angela stepped up despite her own challenges and took in the calico herself. Despite Mackenzie’s initial grumpiness, Angela showered her with love, and soon the cat warmed up to her. This experience inspired Angela to establish My Grandfather’s Cat, a nonprofit aimed at rehoming cats of seniors facing illness or transitioning to retirement homes.

With a team of dedicated volunteers, My Grandfather’s Cat is a safe space for seniors to arrange second forever homes for their beloved felines. “The senior picks their pet’s second forever home…and can stay in touch with the new owner who will share updates,” Angela explained. Cool, right?

Angela’s dedication and heartwarming success stories not only bring joy but create a beautiful ripple effect of kindness and compassion in the lives of both cats and seniors. Full Story.

My Grandfather's Cat is in Canada only for now, but here's their list of similar services in a few other spots.

3. Ukraine Girl Bereft Without Her Cat is Reunited Thanks to Kind Strangers in 5 Countries and 7,000 Miles

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Agnessa and Arsenii

When young Agnessa had to leave her beloved cat Arsenii behind while fleeing Ukraine, an unforgettable chain of kindness unfolded. Strangers from different corners of the world worked to reunite the pair, spanning continents and challenges.

From a generous man in the San Francisco Bay Area offering shelter to the girl’s family to two flight attendants mobilizing resources and a dedicated network of helpers across Europe, caring strangers made this kitty’s 7,000-mile journey possible. Every step, from vaccinations to a passport and multiple transfers, was managed by selfless human angels. It’s so touching that their compassion amidst turmoil saved a loving cat and mended a little girl’s broken heart. Full Story.

4. Cat Walks Across France to Her Old Home Before Being Reunited With Her Stunned Family 13 Months Later

Chat-Francais-1024x632 This year's most uplifting cat stories soul cat human animal bond cat adoption
Cocci the Cat

This tale has a happy ending and demonstrates the incredible abilities of cats, but it’s also a teaching story of the need to keep your cat securely indoors when you move. If your kitty gets outside, her instinct may be to go in search of her old home.

Shortly after the Amicis family moved to the other side of France, their beloved indoor cat, Cocci, went missing from their new home in Normandy. The family searched tirelessly for months but with no luck.

Finally 13 months later, in an unexpected turn, a stranger found Cocci just five miles from their OLD home 280 miles away. It just so happened that one of the Amicis stumbled upon a Facebook post about a found cat and instantly recognized their beloved feline!

When Papa Amicis went to identify Cocci, any disbelief melted away as he cuddled the cat. It was an emotional reunion—Cocci responded to her name and recognized her family, bringing tears of joy. After some recovery care, Cocci finally returned to her family and a home filled with snuggles and love. Full Story.

Don’t we all need more cat stories that remind us of the power of love and compassion? Amazing felines, heartening reunions, kindness that stretches across countries, and a cat on the cover of Time magazine. It really was a pretty good year for cats.

Did I miss any good stories? Please share!

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  1. This is such a sweet and heartwarming read. I regularly follow blogs on PetCareRx, PetMD, and other sites, but I haven’t come across such a touching piece.