Let the cat pick you + miracle eye healing + other updates for cat lovers

Let the cat pick you + miracle eye healing + other updates for cat lovers

Something on my mind this month is… kittens! As in, adopted and adorable. 

Once again, the advice to let the cat pick you proved right on! But required patience as we visited kitty cafes and shelters and followed up on Nextdoor ads.

We were smitten—of course—with all the kittens, but we waited for ones who truly showed persistent interest in us… which, well, kitten attention spans being what they are, wasn’t easy.

But holding out for kittens who made eye contact and snuggled up to us (one even mewed when we walked away) made all the difference. We have such a pair of lovebugs and they bonded with us right away.

Let the cat pick you + miracle eye healing + other updates for cat lovers
Mia and Miles helping me research bikes

Something I’m excited about: healing miracles

In her animal sanctuary book, My Gentle Barn, Ellie Laks credits many healing miracles of  “lost cause” animals to the help of a superfood microalgae and (of course) proper veterinary care. I assume Ellie is talking about the Biosuperfood that Dr. Jean Hofve has written about, and I believe this stuff has really helped our kitten who came to us with a bad virus that led to a very serious bacterial infection in her eyes. The doc said she would definitely need eye surgery and would likely lose some vision.

But I’m excited to say that our little Mia had a miraculous turn around, kept her vision, and doesn’t need surgery! All thanks to the antibiotic ointment and medicines her doctor prescribed, annnd, I believe, a little Biosuperfood Bioprep microalgae each day. Her clinic was so impressed with her recovery!

Let the cat pick you + miracle eye healing + other updates for cat lovers
Mia’s eyes are still healing. They looked like a horror movie a few weeks ago! (Her vet agreed that was the right description.)

Another cool find: how to give medicine to a cat

Many times we’ve needed life-saving medicines or supplements for kitties. But, for some reason, we always have cats who resist pills with every fur of their being. They laugh in the face of all the cat-pilling guides out there and we always have get the medicine compounded into a tasty liquid, AND mix it with food (and sometimes top it with FortiFlora).

Having said that, below is one of the most helpful cat-medicating videos I’ve seen, with very practical tips, tricks, and details others leave out. 

Hot Tip: make your cat’s medicine into a chewable! This video mentions something that was news to me—there are online compounders that can actually make a tasty CHEW out of a medicine for your cat. BCP VetChews looks like a promising source we may use some day. 

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