Welcome to Natural Cat Care Blog’s new name & look!

IMG_1558-1-768x1024 Welcome to Natural Cat Care Blog's new name & look!

What greater gift than the love of a cat?—Charles Dickens

There’s something about the love of a cat… which is to say, the love of a being that is not, frankly, all that domesticated. They don’t love you because it’s in their genes to love you. 

It’s like earning the affection of a wild animal… One with grace beyond comprehension. Big blinking eyes. Wonderfully soft fur. A comforting purr. And a very individual personality.

For me, the love of a cat transcends ordinary life. The wonder of it makes me feel like there’s more to the world than meets the eye.

The love of a cat is what has always fueled this blog and my book, Soul Comfort for Cat Lovers.

And I felt like it was time for a fresh look and more inspiring name! 
So here we are: Love of a Cat

But don’t worry! I’m still the main author. In fact, I plan to write more. And it will still be about our feline soulmates, plus inspiring ways to live with and care for them. 

Thank you for being here, you fabulous cat lover, you.

– Liz

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