Review: Adventures in Veterinary Medicine – What Working in Veterinary Hospitals Taught Me About Life, Love and Myself


I was recently given a copy of a Kindle book written by Ingrid King, publisher of the award-winning Conscious Cat blog. It’s called Adventures in Veterinary Medicine – What Working in Veterinary Hospitals Taught Me About Life, Love and Myself.

This little book is ideal for anyone wondering what it might be like to work in the veterinary world. It’s equally delightful for cat lovers drawn to stories of people leaving the corporate world to change their lives for the better.

Since I’m too squeamish and sensitive for a veterinary career, I fall squarely in the latter category. (When I was little I used to tell people I wanted to be veterinarian when I grew up. I think I said that because I loved animals and didn’t know I could write about them instead.)

I really enjoyed discovering how someone changed her life by following her fascination with animals. It took an openness to going boldly where she had not gone before, and a dedication that sounded like a lot of work but didn’t feel like work to her.

She writes that, during her career transition, “I often worked 13 days in a row, without a break some days, and went straight from my corporate job to the veterinary job. And yet, I was happier than I had been at any other time my life.”  Imagine that! My favorite example of this was her story of the first time she had to clean up kennel poop – she knew she was onto something when even doing this was heaven to her.

Something I love about Ingrid’s life-change story is how often she was assisted by little synchronicities and kismet connections, including an amusing “misguided crush.” I believe these gifts are a natural phenomenon that occurs when we are aligned with our heart.

Adventures in Veterinary Medicine includes several short vignettes about animals, and most of these animals are cats. I found myself chuckling and tearing up more than once.

Anyone pondering a veterinary clinic profession will find that Adventures in Veterinary Medicine offers many behind-the-scenes stories and insights to feed their curiosity. Overall, an inspirational little book, especially for cat lovers.

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