Incurable to Cancer-Free in One Year: How Nate-the-Cat Survived High Grade Lymphoma

handsome_nate-225x300 Incurable to Cancer-Free in One Year: How Nate-the-Cat Survived High Grade Lymphoma large cell high grade intestinal lymphoma feline lymphoma cat cancer
Handsome Nate

Like so many cancer stories, this not a simple one.

It involves conventional treatments that don’t work out, but it ends with natural treatments and a happy cat!

This story is a big deal to me because I lost a cat to high-grade (large cell) intestinal lymphoma. While low-grade lymphoma is more treatable, cats are not known to survive high-grade lymphoma. Even with intense chemotherapy, the best we were told to hope for was 6 – 9 months.

So I always have my ears open for helpful cat cancer healing stories. When I heard that a woman in Illinois named Connie Fischbein had a story to share (complete with pictures of the oncology scans), I set up an interview as fast as I could.

I was stunned to learn that her cat had survived high-grade intestinal and kidney lymphoma. I could hardly wait to hear how her 7 year-old Maine Coone, Nate, pulled this off!

Note: All the resources that worked for Connie’s cat are listed at the end of this (long!) article.

How it starts

LIZ: First of all, I want to know all about Nate’s initial diagnosis.

CONNIE: It was in the small intestine…he had been vomiting and losing weight and I had been going back and forth to the vet…I was leaving for work one morning and he hid under a chair, something he would never do unless there is something really, really wrong. I ran him up to the emergency clinic… he had an ultrasound. There was a tumor in his small intestine…it was removed surgically, they tissue typed it and gave me some options for chemo…  We started him on the treatment that I thought would be least stressful for him….Lomustine [oral chemo].

LIZ: What did they do with the surgery?

CONNIE: They basically removed the tumor [it was blocking his digestion]. And resected the bowel.

LIZ:  And what happened after that?

CONNIE: Within a couple of days he was pretty much eating his regular diet…And then 10 days later I brought him in to get his stitches out and that was when they started the oral chemo.

LIZ: I don’t think I was given surgery as an option. I don’t remember that ever coming up.

CONNIE: Well this was a single tumor. I know there are some forms of lymphoma where it’s more diffuse and it’s not that easy to remove surgically.

LIZ: The word “diffuse” does sound familiar. Maybe that’s what it was. So then Nate started the Lomustine. And what was that like?

CONNIE: He would get the dose once a month and he seemed to tolerate it fairly well, but after a couple weeks he would start having really bad diarrhea, which we would treat with metronidazole…

Connie begins researching alternatives

“After his first Lomustine dose I started looking online for alternative therapies in case the chemo didn’t work…I spent hours just searching, trying to find [good] products.

I found a cancer support product called ES Clear…it’s supposed to help with side effects from chemo. At work there’s a database I can use where I can look up interactions of some natural medicines and conventional medicines…and I didn’t see anything that was going to be a significant interaction.

I talked to the oncologist and he was fine with it too… With the ES Clear, Nate really seemed to perk up and had less diarrhea and less lethargy after his chemo doses.

I saw a vet online recommending a product from a company called Vitality Science. I talked to LeLa and to Steven Becker there. The whole approach was the opposite of the approach that conventional chemotherapy is about. Conventional chemo is all about suppressing the immune system and killing everything basically. Cancer cells metabolize faster so they absorb these toxins more readily, but pretty much every organ system is affected. But the alternative approach is to boost the immune system, give the animal a chance to heal itself.

I thought, “maybe this is plan B, because I’m kind of committed right now to the chemotherapy.” The approaches seemed to contradict each other. I couldn’t get my head around doing both at same time. They said you could, but I wasn’t convinced, so I decided to make it plan B.”

The cancer comes back after surgery and oral chemo

CONNIE: Nate did well for 5 rounds of oral Lomustine. He had his last dose at the beginning of May 2012. But at the end of that month we had a routine scan and unfortunately it had come back in his kidney. It was like a small 1.5 cm tumor at that point.

LIZ: How many months was he on the Lomustine?

CONNIE: Five. He was diagnosed early January and it came back at the end of May.

LIZ:  It was the same high grade, large cell lymphoma – but this time in the kidney?

CONNIE: Right. And so we tried Elspar, which is specific for lymphoma. But the cancer was resistant. It just kept growing. So the week after that we tried [another drug] I wasn’t thrilled about. Heavy duty chemo. It was given by IV and made him sick…He wouldn’t eat from his food dish and became lethargic. His white blood cell count dropped and he was placed on prednisone and antibiotics.

Heavy duty chemo doesn’t work for Nate

“So we were just watching his white blood cell count every week. About 2 or 3 weeks later it came up enough but the tumor…didn’t shrink.

nateultrasound7-12-12-300x225 Incurable to Cancer-Free in One Year: How Nate-the-Cat Survived High Grade Lymphoma large cell high grade intestinal lymphoma feline lymphoma cat cancer
Kidney is hidden behind tumor

And then it started growing again so we tried one last resort called Palladia. ….But after 2 or 3 doses of that oral medication, he was vomiting and then he stopped eating.

He was kind of saying ‘I won’t do this anymore.’

Switched to 100% alternative therapies

“I talked to the oncologist and said, ‘I can’t do this anymore to him. I’ll just try to make him as comfortable as I can. And I think I’m going to try these other herbal products.’

Since he wasn’t eating, I ordered a product (Feline Granular) that you mix into his food, which he absolutely loved, and it got him eating again. He was still taking ES Clear.

I also added another product Tripsy, which is for kidney support. I figured, even though he still had normal kidney function and all his labs were normal, he might need help excreting the metabolites of these products. I started him on Tripsy and the Vitality Science Advanced Immune Restoration Protocol [for cat cancer]. So I started these about a week after this last Palladia [chemo] dose.”


“About three weeks later we took him into the vet for a scan and surprisingly it has shrunk over 30% and he was…almost strangely energetic. I thought there was something wrong with him. I was like, “What’s going on? He’s acting weird.” It turns out this tumor is shrinking.

nateultrasound8-2-12-2-300x225 Incurable to Cancer-Free in One Year: How Nate-the-Cat Survived High Grade Lymphoma large cell high grade intestinal lymphoma feline lymphoma cat cancer
Tumor (in cross hairs) has shrunk over 30%

I brought him back three weeks later and it had shrunk another 30%. Both the oncologist and I had been skeptical before starting these alternative therapies. The oncologist was very surprised by the results and I was kicking myself that I hadn’t tried them earlier along with chemo.

nateultrasound8-24-12-3-300x225 Incurable to Cancer-Free in One Year: How Nate-the-Cat Survived High Grade Lymphoma large cell high grade intestinal lymphoma feline lymphoma cat cancer
Tumor 30% smaller again, kidney now visible

The second time it shrank he called me into the consulting room, closed the door and said, ‘OK, what exactly are you giving him?’

I told him about all the products…he said, ‘Well, just keep doing this. He’s moving in the right direction. We’ll see what happens.”

I brought Nate back a couple months later and the tumor was still shrinking. Not quite at the same rate, but it was still moving in the right direction and then I think his third scan was in October 2012.

Then I brought him in January this year for another scan and it was completely gone. Normal kidney.”

LIZ: Wow.

CONNIE: Yeah. He gained weight… and he had another scan at the end of February…The scan was clean everywhere. His gut and his kidney and all of that. His recent scan [May 1st] was also completely clean.

LIZ: I’m blown away that even though Nate went through some really intense chemo his body was able to get rid of the cancer when you stopped – even though chemo breeds stronger cancer cells.

1-300x225 Incurable to Cancer-Free in One Year: How Nate-the-Cat Survived High Grade Lymphoma large cell high grade intestinal lymphoma feline lymphoma cat cancer
Happy Nate

CONNIE: He wasn’t quite 7 years old when he was diagnosed…he had that going for him… And I think I got lucky with finding Vitality Science. I think those products probably made the biggest difference…there are ingredients that specifically have anti-cancer properties. And immune boosting properties.  I think that was the big gun. Although it’s hard to say because there are no controlled studies.

LIZ: The tumor shrinkage you saw in late July – the doctor did not think it was from the earlier chemo, correct?

CONNIE: Correct, he had a scan after the chemo; it was still growing, not shrinking.  …In fact, Nate’s oncologist was very excited about what happened with these herbals, so he now recommends it to his clients who don’t respond to conventional chemo.

Important Note: Only after a number of clean scans did Connie begin to taper down the alternative therapy doses that Nate was taking. I learned the hard way that this is essential. With cancer treatment, especially after chemo has been used, the strongest tiny cancer cells are the ones that survive, so if they start growing again they can come back with an unstoppable vengeance. For this reason, I would continue periodic cancer scans and have my cat on a maintenance dose of an alternative therapy for the rest of his or her life.

The resources that worked for Connie

Connie used a number of supplements – “the kitchen sink” – as she joked, so it’s hard to be sure which ones made all the difference. But, she suspects the Advanced Immune Restoration for Cats and Tripsy may have been most essential to Nate’s healing.

Nate’s anti-cancer supplementation

Advanced Immune Restoration for Cats – A combination of  powerful enzymes, special prebiotics, probiotics, blue-green algae, active aloe, and key nutrients for the immune system; herbal anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic; fish oil, Astaxanthin (extracted from Haematococcus Pluvialis microalgae), and natural vitamin E. [Vitality Science is offering 10% off with coupon code catcare10 ]

Nate’s immune, nutrition, and kidney support supplements

Pet Wellbeing Nu-Pet Feline Granular with Antioxidant– for appetite & nutrients

NHV ES Clear – for cancer support and immune strengthening (contains ingredients of Essiac tea, a reputed anti-cancer formula)

NHV Tripsy – for kidney, renal and urinary disorders in cats

(The last two products were originally available through Pet Wellbeing, but they have since reformulated them, so now you can get the original formula Connie used only through NHV.)

Nate’s treatment for chemo-related diarrhea

Pet Flora – When Nate stopped responding to the metronidazole for his chemo-related diarrhea, Connie tried this special soil-based probiotic, which cleared up his diarrhea in 24 hours. [Vitality Science is offering 10% off with coupon code catcare10 ]

UPDATE June 2016
I just got this update from Connie. Nate is still cancer-free after 4.5 years. She wrote: “Nate is doing very well (knock wood). He and his sister celebrated their 11th birthday this past February. Still can’t believe he’s a 4 1/2 year survivor. I feel like everyday with him is a wonderful gift. “ Connie added that she now gives Nate some new supplements recommended by his new holistic vet and she also performs Reiki energy healing on him from time to time.

UPDATE September 2017
Nate lived nearly 6 miraculous years past his terminal diagnosis, to age 12.5. By his own choice (he refused to consume the supplements anymore), he had been off his original healing protocol for a couple years when the cancer came back. Beloved Nate lived several years beyond his prognosis and we honor and thank him for letting us share his amazing story.

Here are a couple other cat cancer success stories:

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  1. Hi there we are in the UK, the vitality science stuff arrived today. There is alot to take in! How do you administer the clay? Did connie mix everything together?

    Our cat Napoelon has everything exactly the same as this story, except we didn’t do chemo. He had a tumour removed in October, and then in April they found a big tumour on one kidney.

    He is ok but tired, he is becoming fussy of food which he never was before. We waited around 2.5 weeks for the vitality science to arrive. I worry we are too late and it may not even work. We have the ES clear and Tripsy which he has been taking for over a month. He isn’t keen so I have to hide it in fishy food!

    Annoyingly, as he has become fussy he is getting diarrhoea as we are having to try different foods. I’m hoping the clay may help.

    I’m not totally sure of the dosage for the pack, he is a 5.5kg cat.

    Thank you

    1. Katy, Vitality Science can help you with all those questions! Wishing you and Napoleon much love and healing energy.

    2. Hi, Unfortunately even with trying to use these product my cat passed away. I don’t know if they extended his life or not. He survived for three months after diagnosis. Even though he has passed I’m grateful for the hope this provided us. It was much better than the grave and dismissive attitude of the Vet we were receiving. I cherished each extra day he had with us. I can’t imagine taking away any of those days. His final day he did all the things he enjoyed doing laying in the sun, watching bird videos, being petted…. I didn’t know he was going to leave us this day. He passed within the time frame of about 5 minutes.

  2. I have a question for you about some of the supplements/ products you tried with Nate. Is the Vitality Science Advanced Immune Restoration (and the other supplements you tried) for all cancers? Or only those of the GI? Our orange tabby female was just diagnosed with nasal cancer and lung cancer, both of which are inoperable and said by our vet to be incurable. We are wanting to try all available options, and although we have never tried a holistic approach, we are optimistic after reading this story.

  3. Hi, I have questions and statements. My cat was diagnosed with having heart failure and the Vet recommended euthanasia. I took my cat to a cardiologist and the cardiologist said my cat’s heart is the least of his problems and found that he has cancer. My Vet again recommended euthanasia. My cat is over 19 years old and I wonder if this is the reason my Vet recommends euthanasia. My cat developed a kidney issue and my Vet said no to antibiotics and recommended euthanasia. It crossed my mind that my Vet sees a lot of animals and perhaps most people would rather euthanize their pet than provide them with supportive care or pay for additional care/meds. Currently my cat is on Prednislone, antibiotics, and nutritional supplements. I honestly don’t believe my cat is ready to give up. He eats/drinks, goes to the litter box, enjoys cuddling, sunning, laying around with his other cat buddies, watching birds…. What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Michael! 19 years old is a good age : ) I would say just keep doing what you’re doing, and what you feel is right. As long as he appears comfortable, as is well. You’ll know when it’s time to make the tough decisions. From what it sounds like, right now, just enjoy your time with him while he is happy and content. In my personal opinion, it doesn’t sound like it’s time for euthanasia.

    2. Hi Michael, some vets are too quick to recommend euthanasia. There are sometimes misdiagnoses as well. 19 is old but cats have been known to live well into their 20s. Here’s something I find immensely helpful in these situations — a Quality of Life scorecard guide to making the Big Decision (Just from what you’ve shared, sounds like your guy isn’t ready to go!)

  4. Hi and thank you for these posts.
    My 7 year old NFC, Sidre, was diagnosed with large cell multicentric LSA in November 2020. I started the COP protocol. Her first found of chemo consisted of Vincristine. She seemed to respond to that. At her second visit, she received Cytoxan, which she did not do well with. At her 3rd, she received Vincristine/Mustargen combo–she did OK with that. Her lymph nodes would go up and down in size, but seemed to get larger after the Cytoxan as well as the Mustargen. At her next visit, which was supposed to be for bloodwork only, the doctor decided to do CCNU…as the vet was not happy with the size of her LN. After the CCNU, she seemed to be doing very well and her nodes had gone down. At the following visit, her WBC was low, so she received an injectable antibiotic which was supposed to ‘cover’ her for 2 weeks. About 3 days after the antibiotic, she wasnt herself and wasn’t doing as good as she was before. The following week she went back for bloodwork again and the vet decided to give Elspar bc of her progressive LN. The Elspar made her worse and I wound up bringing her in for an ER visit. She had a fever and was dehydrated. She stayed overnight and was better when I brought her home. She was scheduled for Doxirubicin on 1/8, but after much thought, I decided to stop with the chemo. Nothing was working and just seemed to be getting worse. I have been working with a holistic vet and Sidre had been doing well. Today is not such a great day for her and I am starting to wonder if I did the right thing with stopping chemo. Any words of encouragement, support, etc would be greatly appreciated. It has been a roller coaster of emotions for the past couple of months. Thank you for letting me share my story.

    1. Hang in there, CJ. Your kitty knows you love them. They’re having the best life possible with you and your care! This is really hard, we know…but be strong and just love that cat every chance you get. You can beat it. Sending you love from across the internet because I feel your pain and sadness and want you to know someone connected with your story. I love you, I love your kitty. *hug* Be well.

    2. CJ, I have very close situation as yours. My cat Baba also got diagnosed with GI Lymphoma and start chemotherapy on 1/9 with Lspar, 1/15 Vinblastine. He also suffer from Lipidosis due to not eating. He got sinus infection on 1/16 possibly feline herpes and this made him even more no appetite. His blood work on 1/22 was not good, but he got Cytoxan on 1/22. Things went down…now he has feeding tube and found out his liver got cancer too. I just ordered Nature Immuno, Felimm, Yucca, Turmeric and I also have Milk Thisle at home. I’m feeling your pain, let’s fight together and let’s make our fur babies happy again. Love and hugs.

    3. 19 year old cat has Spindle Cell Sarcoma. The tests to find out were $2600 from a vet surgeon. Started out as a bursted abscess that never healed. Half dollar size tumor above it’s eye. A huge hard scab formed over the tumor. Beneath the scab was infection- smelled, green, yellow, clear, and bloody discharge. The cat was in bad condition. It also had an eye infection. The eyes had discharge daily. The cat scratched off the scab and beneath was a jelly like open wound mixed with liquid and blood. Had to take it to the ER and they cleaned the wound out with maybe saline diluted betadine. Gave it a Covena antibiotic shot. It took a month to manage the open wound daily. The cat kept scratching the newly formed scab off. I had to take the E-Collar off the cat for it to eat, drink, and potty. The cat was taking oral antibiotics and antibiotics for the eye infection. I cleaned the wound multiple times a day with saline diluted betadine. It was taking Nutra Thrive powder from a Holistic Vet. The cat has been on subcutaneous fluids for 10 months now, even before the cancer. In addition, I put turmeric powder from the pill on the wound. I make a smoothie for the cat of plain pumpkin, steamed broccoli, steamed carrots, blueberries, extra virgin coconut oil, DECAFFEINATED green tea, turmeric powder (from the pill- BE VERY CAREFUL OF HOW MUCH YOU USE), and administer through an oral syringe. I use cat friendly anti cancer foods. I sometimes administer plain water through an oral syringe. Other times I give chlorophyll mixed with water. I will go online and get a few more products like Kidney Gold, and a couple other products I can’t remember the name of, maybe ES Clear, Probiotics, something else can’t remember, stuff for immune system and cancer. Now, the cat is doing fine, acts like a normal cat, plays ball, plays in the yard, eats, drinks, potties normal. Wound is hardened up and ugly with turmeric paste on it. They have cat pills for better joints and arthritis, sometimes I undo the pill and mix the powder with water and orally administer to cat. The surgeon, in conjunction with an oncologist, is suggesting to remove the tumor, an eye, and an ear, estimated at $8,000. The cat seems to be acting fine now. If surgery was free, I’m not sure I’d want to put the cat through all that at 19 years old. Sometimes I worry the tumor is pressing on her nerves and hurting her but she walks around and plays. I don’t know how long she’ll last. Her eye lid is inflamed due to the tumor but her eye is open and clear now. Since the abscess till now has been 6 months. Surgeon said she’ll last weeks to months without the surgery but the cat acts like an old kitten. I think she got cancer from the stress of being boarded the whole day at the vet’s office for four days or being attacked by a feral cat in the backyard. I’ll probably skip surgery and euthanize her when the time comes. I was thinking of a pet cemetery, sometimes I think of creamation.
      BE VERY CAREFUL OF USING MY PRODUCTS FOR YOUR CAT, DUE TO VARYING CIRCUMSTANCES, SUCH AS, WILL IT INTERFERE WITH YOUR CANCER TREATMENT, ETC. Sometimes I use fish oil supplement on the cat. Cat eats combination of kidney, thyroid, and normal cat food, wet and dry.

      1. Once in a while I feed it baked plain wild salmon or baked plain organic chicken. Sometimes I add a little extra virgin olive oil.

      2. Gen, I have the same situation with my cat. Diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma of the eyelid. Had it removed jujy 2020 and now it’s coming back. Not sure what to do. Any thoughts. She’s only 6.5 years old.

  5. Thanks for this site. We have been using Artemisinin for my 17 year old cat’s mouth cancer. He is eating well, but mouth is very deformed due to swelling. I just started on the baking soda and maple syrup. I was giving him half a dropper 2x a day but went down to one. I think you are supposed to take a break from it but I couldn’t see when. I know with Artemisinin it is 10 days on and 3 days off. He is eating well, but we are starting the Vitality Science protocol with CBD oil added.

    We have a holistic vet but although his supplements have helped my baby, the alternative cancer treatment did not stop the cancer and made him miserable. Still, although he was given a month to live, he’s now outlived that by 4 months. We are hoping for the best. Any other info I am always looking for. I think the baking soda cure is good as well as Artemisinin. Just want to see that swelling go down and know it’s stopped.

  6. Hoping it offers some hope to others here who are going through hard times with their little friends that as bad as it may seem, sometimes amazing things can happen. And it matters, all of you who are searching and caring and hoping – it matters, and it can truly help. I was sobbing when I wrote this out just remembering how I felt when I went back in to see her and she was purring and coming back around, probably the most gratitude I have ever felt in my life. These sweet little spirits are such gifts of love. Love reading the comments here of others who are so dedicated to finding answers for their loves, and loving them through things when answers are hard to come by. My heart sends out compassion to all of you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Ironically enough, you posted this the day my Sidre was diagnosed with LSA and received her first chemo.

  7. Liz, I lost my buddy Slinky a few years ago to pancreatic cancer. In the months that followed I scoured the net for remedies. Since then I occasionally happen across game changers. While on YouTube one day this spring, there was an ad which was almost an hour long but it was so fascinating I watched the entirety of it. It was about “The Plant Paradox” by Dr Steven Gundry. In his book, he mentions keto diets to treat aggressive cancers.

    My curiosity piqued, I discovered another audio book called “Radical Remission” by PhD Kelly Turner. Which led me to “Tripping Over the Truth” by Travis Christofferson. The last was a radical paradigm shift outlining the metabolic aspects of cancer. The most aggressive cancers ferment vast amounts glucose, hence why they stand out on a PET scan. So keto is one pathway, while another is the common diabetic drug metformin. Studies are few and early, but keto + gamma was able to cure 9 of 11 mice in a study on glioblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer generally regarded as uniformly terminal.

    I want to reiterate that. Nearly 90% of mice were CURED of terminal cancer, spared a certain death. This is significant and warrants consideration.

    I have compiled a list of human anti cancer herbs and drugs should anyone be interested. The other therapy I would suggest is enzymatic. They would need to be administered on an empty stomach or by IV. Somehow they interfere with the cancers biofilm thereby making it visible to the immune system.

    And as a last ditch option, since I have no idea how you’d make it happen. There’s a chemical called 3BP which can shut cancer right down. The downside is that to use it, it has to be delivered directly into the tumor.

    Never give up hope, as even an aggressive cancer has the Achilles heel of a metabolic approach. And curcumin, the active component of Turmeric has been shown to re-sensitize cancers that have become chemo resistant.

  8. My 8 year old girl was recently diagnosed with lymphoma and I just purchased the Advanced Immune Support and the Tripsy because we think it is centered in her kidneys. We haven’t gone to the oncologist yet but we want to support her in any way. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I lost my boy, Amadeus, last year to Lymphoma as well. I wish I’d have done all that I sharing with you. I did some of it, but was leery of Colloidal Silver, thanks to lots of negative propaganda from the FDA & Big Pharma. I recommend that you look into Colloidal Silver. I would recommend that you look into Utopia Silver (because they are more reasonably priced than most). You get a small discount on the first order. An 80z bottle goes a long way. I am not promising a miracle, but Lymphoma is extremely aggressive. So is Colloidal Silver. Do the research and see how you feel about it: Here’s some info:
      (I have a viral load in my liver, that went from over 1.5 million parts per ML, to 130,000k, in about 4 months). I turned to the Silver, because I refused the risks of side effects of conventional medicine. I wish I’d have tried this on my Amadeus, who was only 15.5. I also have great things about success with FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide you can put it their water. (research dosing). I did too much too fast and the cats vomited. It’s use per liter, so very small amounts.

      Here’s a product I wish I’d had at the time as well, BUFFERED VITAMIN C:

      Lysine (if not already on it). Mine are on 500 x per day, but they’re not sick, it’s as preventative immune support. Vetoquinol Viralys L-lysine powder works with mine. I also give them DIGESTIVE ENZYMES from Dr. Good pet. (goes in the food – I add baby food and water to their wet food and pour it on). For an acute situation, I’d give 3 small feedings and make it 1,500 mg of Lysine, or more, if possible, since their livers can’t need help cranking out Vit. C.

      Finally, a liquid oxygen, get a good brand like Cell Food, nothing with additives or flavors, etc. Since cats are too smart. I hope this helps, as always, research, research research. (all that I have told you about and more). Best of luck.

    2. If you’re interested in holistic veterinary support, I recommend Dr Erika Halle, who currently is doing some phone consults I always recommend anyone who has a cat with cancer consult with an expert DVM who is current in holistic treatment, as every situation is so different and it can be overwhelming. We have a cat who had emergency surgery to remove an (unbeknownst to us) intestinal lymphoma blockage over 1.5 years ago. We were told it was too aggressive –he wouldn’t make it. He’s still with us and continues to put on weight and get better. His journey started with a lot of the Vitality Science stuff, but also involved various food changes, then Host Defense Turkey Tail mushroom, Life Gold, and eventually we got Dr Halle on board and things got even better as we shifted to a focus on LDN (low dose naltrexone) and a custom chinese herbal tincture she makes for him.

      1. Joe, you weren’t the only one. Neither was I. My cat had Lymphoma. Only one person who happened to have lost his cat at the time, responded,somehow, and I sent him my phone number. We texted a few times. I lost Amadeus last year June 5th 2019. And I am sorry for your loss as well.

      2. Thank you for recommending Dr. Erika Halle. My cat was diagnosed earlier this week with cancer and it has spread to her lungs. I felt so lost and helpless when my veterinarian told me there wasn’t anything he can do. I reached out to her and sent the xrays and doctors notes and she responded so quickly. She was willing to help me. I was so happy but she wouldn’t be able to have a phone consultation with me until Sept 22nd. She explained how extremely busy she was and I understand. So I took another route. I reached out to Dr. Charles Loops, DVM and had a free 15min consultation. I learned a lot after my call with him. I need to start a treatment early next week so I’m still seeking reputable alternatives. I have a few others to reach out to this weekend.

        Was wondering if anyone has any experience with the products on NVH Natural Pet

      3. Hello! This page has been such a comfort to me as I navigate what to do for my kitty Mister. I just have a question for Liz: I’m going to start LDN tomorrow, and my vet said I could dose him either in the AM or PM- but I know for humans timing is very important.. just curious what time you think works best?
        Thank you so much. Blessings to everyone here. This blog is such a precious resource for us all.. I’ve felt so supported, amazingly by stories from people I’ve never met.

        1. Hi Kelly, our doc said to give our kitty LDN with his evening meal. My understanding is it tends to make cats temporarily sleepy, though there may be other reasons as well. Wishing you and Mister much love and healing support. I should note that we also gave our cat prednisolone–started at 5mg daily but in less than 2 months were able to taper it down (under Dr guidance) to 2.5mg every day, and now with that, LDN, chinese herbs, Turkey tail, and — for good measure — Life Gold, he’s doing great with gaining weight and with appetite, good stools, and energy. I know it sounds like a lot, but this has been working for him so I don’t want to mess with it. (Every case/cat is different though which is why I always encourage people to work closely with a Dr if at all possible.)

          1. How wonderful to hear your kitty is doing well, Liz- it brightened my day! Thank you for the love! Wishing you both much love.

            I waited on Prednisolone until I knew for sure I wasn’t going the chemo route.. I hope I can combine the CBD I’m giving with prednisolone, because I feel the CBD does so much for his spirit and appetite. But I know Pred is probably more important as a treatment.

            Haha yep, I know what you mean – sounds like a lot to most people – but I remind myself that if it were me, I’d be on a lot, too! My guy is on the Vitality Science protocol, NHV Lymphoma pack, RealMushrooms turkey tail and reishi, and Canna-pet. And some doctor-prescribed vitamins, since he’s deficient. And I’ve tried a million things inbetween! Ironically, not Life Gold, which I’m interested in. Thank you for sharing the dosages. By seeing what you and others do, I’ve been able to come up with my own ideas (ok. Basically I just try literally everything).

            I just picked up my prescription of LDN today, and it’s great to know how well it’s worked, and that nighttime worked for you. I’m a little nervous, but I’m also looking forward to it.

            Though I was already giving him herbs, I think it’s because of your post that I scheduled to see a holistic vet who does Chinese herbs 🙂 So far, we’re just starting with the LDN..

          2. You wrote: “I should note that we also gave our cat prednisolone–started at 5mg daily but in less than 2 months were able to taper it down (under Dr guidance) to 2.5mg every OTHER day”

            My vet has mentioned that with steroid, it will work for a month or two and then the cancer will come back and the steroid will stop working altogether. How did the steroid continuing working longer? My vet is unfamiliar with LDN so you mentioned being able to taper down to a lower dose and even though she’s prescribed LDN and my cat with Lymphoma has been getting her dose for slightly more than a week. I was made aware of the risk if I want to taper down or lower down the steroid, then the cancer will come back with a vengeance.

            Also, the treatment wasn’t purely alternative medicine/herbs, right? Since it included steroid on a long-term basis?

            1. Ashley, I really need to do a blog post about the whole story with our guy…it’s complicated. He’s actually on 2.5mg every day now, which is treating him more as having IBD than cancer. See, he had GI lymphoma removed by emergency surgery 2 years ago when it was blocking his digestion. We didn’t know what it was until after the surgery. Since then, though an expert DVM told us he wouldn’t make it, he’s had natural medicines, Turkey Tail mushroom, chinese herbs, etc and done pretty well and gained weight, but it wasn’t til we added the LDN and low-dose prednisolone that he really returned to a nearly normal level of health. SO, I don’t know for sure, but I’m thinking that since his cancer was initially “treated” with surgery rather than chemo or pred, that may be why we’ve been able to just do this low dose pred…which we only brought in after all these other natural things. For our cat, another part of what has made a big difference is Answers raw cat food which is fermented with whey, which makes it really digestible, with probiotics. Again, his lymphoma was intestinal so this may be different from your kitty.

              1. Thanks for the response and information.

                I guess it would make a difference if surgery was done…But my vet did also mention that for cancer cases, steroid dosage is never tapered….Which vet do you consult with for the LDN and steroid protocol?

                How often did you give LDN? 8/10/12 hours apart? Do you give steroid twice a day and LDN together with the same meal?

                What natural medicines do you give him? Which turkey tail mushroom and Chinese herbs do you give?

                My cat has been on Alnutrin raw food for a few years now.

  9. Hi all,

    I thought I would share my cat’s experience with high grade GI lymphoma for anyone else who stumbles on this thread in the same way I did. We made the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye to our sweet girl Caramel this week – my best friend, the light of my life.

    She began presenting vomiting, and eventually vomiting with a tiny bit of blood in it, a little under 6 months ago. Initially one vet misdiagnosed it as chronic kidney disease but after she didn’t improve, we brought her to a different vet who confirmed high grade GI lymphoma after doing a biopsy (general thickening of the intestinal wall). We began a CHOP protocol for chemo in mid-October and other than some very minor side effects (e.g., diarrhea, temporary appetite loss shortly after treatment), she had a strong early response and when we did a rescan in December after she finished two full treatments, they told us she was in remission.

    In early February, however, they informed me during a visit that her red blood cell count had dropped severely (I think around 10) and after another re-scan we confirmed her lymphoma was back. We did a blood transfusion to get her red blood cell count up, and then switched to the CCNU backup chemo drug (once every 3 weeks). On our next visit 3 weeks later, they called me again to tell me that now her kidney values were extremely elevated, indicating kidney failure (creatinine > 5). We began administering fluids at home, but during this final week she began to lose her appetite again.

    After finding her one morning looking droopy and unwell, we called the vet who told us to forget the kidney food and just feed her some Fancy Feast so she’d get some food in her. She rebounded and the next day, we brought her in for her vet appointment. Her bloodwork came back and kidney values were even worse, and she was also extremely anemic again. Based on this information, we made the impossible decision to say goodbye that day – we wanted her to go out with dignity and to save her from having more bad mornings like the one she’d had the day before, and were also afraid she could possibly decline rapidly.

    We had hoped she’d beat the odds and make it 9-12 months, but sadly she didn’t even make it to 6 months following her first treatment. I have no regrets about the $$$ spent on chemo and would do it all over again – other than her final week or so where she began to slow down and stopped eating, she had a good quality of life and I don’t believe she suffered. Good luck to everyone going through this painful period.

    1. Hi All,

      We have an 11-year old Maine Coon cat named Percy who presented with upper respiratory symptoms about one month ago. The vet chalked it up to allergies/viral and put him on prednisone and tobramycin eye drops. After a full week, no improvement. In fact, Percy progressively got worse- disynchronous breathing, cough, fatigue, and what they call plantigrade walking. We brought him to the vet yesterday and the CXRAY showed mediastinal lymphoma. They suggested humane euthanasia, however we could not justify putting him down while he is still eating, drinking, using litter box, purring, and talking/meowing with us. He is now at home with a bunch of meds and I have ordered the products on this site. Any feedback on how to introduce these products to hopefully receive results ASAP would be greatly appreciated.

      1. My cat also has Mediastinal Lympoma and she’s almost 15 years old. Is there anything you can share? Products or treatments used?

  10. Have you heard of Pancur C fenbendazole to eliminate cancer cells. It did for mice {which I think animal experimenting is cruel and they should use cloned organs instead} in a Merek veterinary trial and Cured a man called Joe Tippins of stage 4 cancer….cured.

    1. We’ll I’ll be damned. That’s a game changer I’d never heard of. I used to be scared of cancer and have said goodby to loved ones over it. Having witnessed their struggles, my plan was a 45 to the head if I ever got it. After having discovered the metabolic approach, I’m not scared of cancer anymore. Fenbendazole sounds like it falls into that category. Thank you so much, I’ll add this to my list of cancer remedies.

  11. Such a great article! Thanks for sharing! I have a 2.5 yo girl with FLV+ who was just diagnosed with Mediastinum Lymphoma. I just started the protocol above while we wait for the Oncologist appt. Thank you for giving hope where there was none.

    1. My 6 year old cat was just diagnosed with renal large cell lymphoma. I don’t think chemo options sound pleasant. Looking to seek out other options, they’ve started him on dexamethasone now.

    2. How is your cat doing? My cat was just diagnosed and I’m weighing my options. Seeing an oncologist next week but am definitely thinking about going the holistic route.

    3. My cat also has Mediastinal Lympoma and she’s almost 15 years old. Is there anything you can share? Products or treatments used?

  12. Hello; One of my rescues was diagnosed with cancer (lymphoma) and is currently taking ES-Clear, Milk Thistle, and Multi-Essentials from NHV Natural Pet Products. Per our vet, chemo was not recommended due to her weight. Did Nate take Advanced Immune Restoration for Cats and ES-Clear + Tripsy within the same period of his holistic treatment? Thank you for your time.

  13. Hey guys this blog has been so useful in our researches so far thank you everyone for sharing your story.

    We learned a week ago that our beloved Minina, 16 years old 5 pounds cat, had lymphoma. We didn’t see it coming and she is deteriorating very fast. We decided not to go with chemo since the vet told us it doesn’t cure them just extend their life and only 50% chances of the treatment working.

    We ordered a bunch of stuff but it takes forever to get here in Canada from the US.

    My question is can I use Inositol / IP6 with Artemisinin at the same time? I haven’t found any info of a protocole using both supplements.

    Thank you and sending healing vibes to everyone in our position!


    1. I’ used both of these at the same time for my cat, Mandi, who had mouth cancer. I didn’t give them together at the same time but I gave one in the morning and the other at bedtime. Artemisinin needs to be given with a fat or at least that was what my research turned up at the time I was doing this. During the middle of the day, I gave Mandi the molasses baking soda cancer cure but it’s not effective against any and all cancers but mouth cancer is one that it works on.
      Look in the older comments and you might be able to find comments I made back when I was actually doing this. I had Mandi for roughly two years after the cancer was found but the vet who initially diagnosed her gave her less than a ten percent chance of surviving one year.
      Soon after I lost my kitty, Mandi, I spent two years working with my elderly dog who had dementia. That’s another whole story!

        1. Sorry for the long wait to reply as I didn’t know about your comment. My cat had oral squamous cell carcinoma which was diagnosed as such by the vet.

          1. Hi Vivian, I hope you see this. I have questions about what you did for your kitty with SCC. My kitty is on her third month of Palladia (chemo). I couldn’t find your previous comments.

            1. I used three protocols: the molasses baking soda cancer cure, Inositol hexaphosphate combined with plain inositol, and Artimisinin given with a fat (I used fish oil or olive oil for the fat).
              I spaced out when I gave these. I gave the Inositol Hexaphosphate in the morning, Molasses/baking soda around noon and Artimisinin at bedtime.
              How much you give is based on how advanced the cancer is and how hard can you hit it without overdosing your cat.
              I hope this helps some if not for this cat perhaps another can benefit should you have this problem again.

  14. Dear All:

    My cat was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer on May 3, 2019, he finally passed away peacefully and gracefully in his sleep yesterday, May 30, 2019, at his favorite sleeping chamber. Just like many of you, I have tried to ask 2 different vets and their verdicts were my cat would not live past 3 days or maximum 1 week time – and they both suggested me to put him down which I did not think it was fair for me to make the call, especially, my cat’s soul showed the strong will of living. I was literally riding emotional roller coaster to take care of his needs. He has stopped eating any type of food or supplements around May 4, 2019, yet he would still drink some water and urinated in a pee pad without issue till his final date. However, the cancer cells have spread across his other organs where he was getting weaker by days and his stomach fluid was getting more filled-up as well. I knew there would not be any miracle, yet, I spent the day and night to take care of his needs. Combed his fur, cleaned up after him whenever he felt like it, played classical Mozart with my piano quietly. As he was 17 years old, I would not subject him to any surgery nor chemo/radiation therapy as the size of the tumors were quite overwhelming from the ultrasound video. My last hope was to make sure, he was able to catch some rest and hopefully, he would pass away during his sleep. On May 27, 2019 I read this blog; again, like many cat owners, I dashed out to get a bottle of CBD oil – and I put one droplet on my finger to rub on his gum/teeth for quick absorption – to be honest, it did relax him a bit and he was able to snooze off for a few times. Overall, I don’t think CBD oil could shrink any cancer/tumor cells, yet, it did provide some comfort to the cats for the last remaining days. He passed away quietly in the early morning around 3:30 am without any struggle nor noise. He laid on my marble floor and passed away in his sleep in his final posture. To those who are curious about burial service, in Honolulu Hawaii, Valley of Temples offered Pet Cemetery body+casket burial service. My cat was a special one, he truly deserved a dignified way of treating his body plus I have this perfect opportunity to visit him from time to time whenever I am heading up to Windward/North Shore. Yesterday, he is well rested in Valley of Temples with small, yet graceful, service being arranged by me and the local funeral service team. To those cat owners who are dealing with your loved ones, I wish you the BEST.


    1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story of your cat’s last days. We are dealing with the same issues for our 14 1/2 year old male orange tabby. You have given me strength to carry on with comfort care.

      1. The final weeks/days were not easy – there were times, I thought he might not make it for the night – but miraculously, he was looking curiously at me the next morning. On his final evening before he passed away, he was showing less intention of doing much and the next morning I saw him on my floor with his relaxed stance, I was heartbroken, yet I was truly relieved that, he passed away peacefully and naturally. The best of all, he was a handsome cat, and he showed his best side before he passed away – so the memory of seeing him sleeping in his best posture eternally was very dignified. After I wrapped his body with his favorite towel, I played Schumann – Träumerei ( to bid my final farewell to him in my residence. My tears kept running down my chin for every piano key strokes until the very last measure that I knew I will part from him forever to finish the very last note. It’s 6/20/2019 now, It’s going to be 1 month since his passing, I really miss him a lot and tears do come down from time to time during those empty nights – the grief of losing him will stay with me forever…Best Wishes to You and Your Loved Ones…

  15. Does anyone have experience with Liver cancer and and what to give the cat for that?
    Would so appreciate help.
    Thank you!

  16. Hi there,

    Our cat, Tobey, is an almost 3yo male tabby and was recently considered by our vet to have gastrointestinal lymphoma. We do not know this for certain as we have not had him biopsied.

    Prior to taking him to the vet, we had noticed that he had a few days of bloody diarrhea, was seldom eating and had lost weight. Ordinarily, Tobey is extremely energetic, running, playing, loving and licking his plate clean. We began force feeding him wet food mixed with water from a syringe.

    At the vet, he had lost 3 pounds, down to 10 lbs from a lean and muscular 13 lbs (over the course of a three week time period) and had a very high fever. He had been there earlier that month, for his yearly check up and was deemed to be in great health. Blood work was not done at that appointment but he had a Feline Leukemia (w/RCP) injection.

    The vet did an x -ray, blood work, tested for Feline Leukemia, FIV and FIP (which he was negative for all three) but suggested that we do an ultrasound as he had ascites. When she did the ultrasound, they discovered thickened intestines, and inflamed liver, kidneys, spleen and enlarged lymph nodes. There were no visible tumors.

    Having done some reading, my first thought was that he could have a severe case of IBD that may or may not have transitioned to gastrointestinal lymphoma. Tobey has had issues with allergies in the past (rodent ulcers) and has been put on prednisolone before – thus IBD made sense to me as he has previously shown external signs of allergies and now is showing internal signs of distress.

    With that in mind, we changed his food over to a novelty protein diet of rabbit or duck and are considering switching him to a raw diet. He is eating his new food well, so we aren’t sure if we should switch.

    Additionally, he is currently on .3mg/mL of buprenex twice daily (for pain), 5mg of Prednisolone once daily, .25 mL vitamin B12 once every week and we just started giving him LifeGold twice daily.

    Right now, he is eating and drinking moderately well and is not hiding, but is less active than his usual self. His is eliminating and deficating on a regular basis.

    I would appreciate any help/suggestions. We love him so much and he is so young – we want to give him the happiest and longest life possible.


    1. My cat died of aggressive high grade lymphoma a few years ago, but I did slow, reduce and reverse the growth of many of her tumors with CBD oil that I bought at a local store and Rick Simpson/Phoenix Tears hash oil that I made at home.

  17. Hi all,

    Hopefully people still come to this wonderful page. My 13.5 year old cat smudge has bilateral renal and jejunum large cell lymphoma. The intestinal mass is 4.5cm, but is not obstructing his intestines(as of the Ultrasound done 9 days ago). I chose to NOT do chemo as prognosis WITH chemo is less than 6 months. Oncologist at the vet school here says that even with full remission, reoccurrence is about 3 months after final chemo and not mention about $500 per treatment.

    He is on 10mg prednisolone(5mg 2x daily) for 14 days then he’ll go to 1, 5mg pill daily. He eats extremely well, poops and pees well. Overall, acting the same as he did pre diagnosis. Before the diagnosis, he had bloodwork and allergy testing(blood, not skin). I had this done because he had lost almost 2 pounds in a couple of months and was drinking more water and he had lifelong allergy issues. We thought he just had the beginning stages of ckd. Overall his bloodwork was unremarkable and very similar to bloodwork he had 6 months prior. His creatine kinase was REALLY high and vet said it indicated something metabolic was going on…and so there was.

    So, I started searching for alternative treatments. Not to cure, but to extend and enhance his life as much as possible. I’ve started him on petwellbeing Life Gold and spark food supplement, a great probiotic developed my Grace Liu(for humans as well as pets), colloidal silver(I had been giving him small doses to help with his skin issues) in larger doses in food and water, thorne fish oil, thorne pet curcumin, and nuleaf cbd oil. I had ordered petwellbeing mushroom blend, but it’s contraindicated for pets on immunosuppressants.the company told me that I could give to him, but to wait 2 hours after the pred was given. However, the half life for prednisolone is 2-4 hours(in humans), so not sure how accurate their info is. I’ve also ordered NVH ES clear and BK detox supplements but they haven’t arrived yet. I also have zeolite pure powder and ip6/inositol on hand. My issue is when to give all these things so they don’t hinder each other.

    I’m part of a Facebook group that claims that we should not be trying to boost immunity with lymphoma cats because lymphoma is a cancer of the immune system and that boosting immunity will help the cancer to grow. They state this as fact, but I’m not sure I agree with this as it seems to be opposite in humans. I’d love to try the ip6, but I’m afraid it would be detrimental to his already compromised kidneys. I had started him on a phosphorus binder when it was thought he only had ckd and I’m not sure if I need to continue with that or not. I’m also wondering if I can still give him the ip6 AND the phosphorous binder to negate the phosphorous in the ip6, but still get the benefits of the other ingredients.

    Nuleaf cbd is a challenge because he hates the taste of it. It smells like straight up weed. I’ve recently discovered that it should not be given within 2-3 hours of most other meds because it metabolizes in the liver in such a way that it prevents other meds from being metabolized. The zeolite may also interfere with absorption of meds from what I’ve read.

    He also had some possible gallbladder issues as the duct was slightly dilated and their appeared to be some sandy material in the gallbladder, so I have to go slow with the curcumin because it could cause stomach upset and gallbladder irritation. I feel like I need a pharmacologic degree to get these supplements in the right order and there’s not enough hours in the day to space all these things out.

    I’m lucky in that outside of the cbd oil, he doesnt seem to mind taking of any of these supplements. It’s only been 2 weeks since his diagnosis, but it feels like months. I hope I can come back here and report that it’s been years, like Nate.

    1. So confused about what to do next. It’s been 8 weeks since my first post. Smudge is now on 5mg pred 1x day. Since reducing the pred, he’s dropped the weight he gained. His interest in food has lessened and when he does seem to want to eat, he doesn’t eat much. I’ve even given him the dreaded fancy feast and sheba foods that are low to no carb. He likes them. But loses interest fast. Completely lost interest in his raw food.he still cuddles and plays and enjoys his leashed walks.
      I currently have him on 500mg ip6, 600mg inositol, 10 drops life gold 2x day, colloidal silver, zeolite 1-2x day, probiotic a few times a week. Because he won’t finish his food, I’ve been having to syringe the meds.

      I consulted with a holistic vet who wanted me to stop everything except the pred because she didn’t know what the other items were. She give me Wei qi and rehmannia. They’re capsules filled with the herbs, but they are fairly big for him and i can’t get them in his mouth nor will he eat in food. So that’s a non starter.

      I’m considering adding the vitality science regimen, but stringing him is hurting our bond and if I can’t get him to eat, it’ll all be for nothing.

      And ,I’m not sure when If I should be giving him any of this separately. I don’t know if I should give him the life gold with any new product i try.

      I was thinking of doing essiac tea. An already made concoction, not brewing myself. I’ve seen miraculous stories, and I’ve seen some people say it didn’t help.

      If anyone has any thoughts on this, I’d be very grateful. I had purchased nhv products but sent them back as I had already started him on the life gold and the ingredients were similar and I didn’t like that nhv had alcohol in the ingredients.

      If anyone has any ideas on how to get him to eat as well. I’ve tried bonita flakes, butter , stinky foods, lamb treats crushed on totop which helped for about a week, now he just wants the treats, without the food. They’re good treats, just lamb, lamb liver, lamb heart, kidney and pretty much that’s it.

      1. Oct 4th,2018
        To Sheila B. I am Dehlia in St. Augustine Fl. Just found this site. I have a cat with extetior tumot. These are usually matched by interior tumor. I brew Essiac tea and over 3 monthes have worked her up to 1.4 oz. Daily away from food by 2 hours. I administer by childs medicine syringe. 3 pushes with swallow time between. On back of chair on towel that I can wrap around her neck to keep paws down. Facing away from me I keep het back against my chest and hand under chin and mouth nozzle of syringe in side of mouth. Keep chin up while dosing. This quarter size tumour has gone down by 1 third. It looks raw most of the time but she manages it cleaning wise. The Essiac tea has increased her appetite and her disposition is good. This is all I am giving her accept for good quality wetter foods. Shake tea before drawing and dispensing hypos. I also use hair dye bottle with some end of nozzle nipped off. Not too much so not to much liquid too fast for her to swallow. Good luck, Dehlia

        1. Thanks so much for the reply! I finally went with NHV products called lymphoma support. It’s 3 products which can be given together. 1 of them is the 4 ingredients that make up essiac tea. His appetite has increased and he doesn’t seem to be drinking as much water. I’ve also given him zofran 2x and regular pepcid 2x. That seems to help him as well. I haven’t had to give it to him everyday. He’s definitely eating more, but he does hate the 2x daily syringing of the meds. I’m going to try your way of syringing and see if it’s better. It’s pretty easy now but it is still making him wary of me. Just the act of doing it regardless if how easy and quick it is makes him run when I come toward him, but it is what it is. I do it at times where it doesn’t affect our cuddle time. So on the way out the door to work and an hour before bed. That way he doesn’t associate bedtime and cuddle time with meds. He is acting really great so far. I hope your kitty continues to do well. The only way I’ll know if the tumors are shrinking is with another $400 ultrasound, which I may get at some point, but not anytime soon. His hair is finally almost grown back from where they shaved him last time.

          1. Hi Sheila B,

            How did things go with Smudge? My 11 year-old cat Caramel has a very similar situation to Smudge, though I have opted to begin chemo. She is 2 treatments in and, other than diarrhea, she seems to be doing quite well and I’m cautiously optimistic. We also have her on 10mg prednisolone.


  18. I am curing my cat and it’s working. My 16 yo female indoor/outdoor cat began throwing up 6 months ago. It increased and she was losing weight and couldn’t eat. She’s been on Nulo dry food for years. I don’t go to the vet, but she looked to be soooo sick that I needed to take her as she was suffering.

    They did tests and her kidneys, thyroid, glucose were all fine, but her coat was dry and she had stopped grooming. They palpated a golf ball sized mass in lower abdomen and thought it likely cancer. I refused steroids or further testing. I’m an MD and highly interested in natural/holistic treatments.

    I started giving her high dose CBD oil for humans. She was only eating a few treats and liquidy foods per day and drinking from sinks excessively. She refused CBD so I began to give a small dropper full 2-3 times a day by force in her mouth. Did this for about 3 weeks and it helped with appetite and vomiting some. She really did not like this treatment, so I began to put it in upper back to absorb via skin. She lost her hair there after few weeks, so I began putting on the thin skin of her ears, but those lost hair and got fragile looking too. If I could’ve done a suppository, that would’ve been my next attempt. After two weeks or so on the ears, I just stopped. She was skinny and greasy, but eating a bit better and vomiting much much less.

    Few weeks later, I gave her a bath, her hair all grew back where CBD oil had been ad she’s been gaining weight ever since. I had also switched her food to a variety of Primal dry stuff you add water to, and high end wet foods with added warm water. She has been doing incredibly well, vomits seldom, keeps her fur soft and groomed, is hungry, no longer emaciated, goes outside again, toilets appropriately, etc.

    Change of foods, CBD oil high dose human grade, and attention is all that I did. No vet recommended tests or treatment. I don’t feel a mass, but I’m also not routinely trying or skillful at that. I figure that it must’ve shrunk a lot, but might still be there. She looks 90% better and I’m wondering if her body will continue in healing her. I feel that it is truly a miracle of nature, which is what we can potentially unlock when we use natural cures. Hope this helps someone.

  19. Hey, guys. My 9-year old cat was diaognosed with kidney lymphoma in December and started a treatment of subcutaneous Viscum Album Pini (pine tree mistletoe) + Equisetum (horsetail) – anthroposophic medicine. In April, a new sonogram did not detect lymphoma, and his blood work is almost normal. HIs kidneys are still deteriorated but it’s not lymphoma. I don’t know if it will keep improving and I don’t know if he ever had lymphoma or was wrongly diagnosed. But he is much better. Just wanted to throw that out there.

    1. That’s amazing AT, thank you for sharing and I’m so happy for both of you! This sounds similar to homeopathic medicine – extremely diluted, energy-based doses, correct? (I want to make sure people know we’re talking homeopathic versions so they don’t try to give full dose pine tree mistletoe to their cat, which would be toxic I think.)

  20. Our 8 year old cat Mickey was just diagnosed with a huge baseball sized tumor encasing his intestines, once we saw it on the x-ray there was no point in further testing to find the type. Mickey was symptom free until a few days ago when he started to show signs of weight loss and lethargy. We know he only has a few days left at this point. The vet wouldn’t give us any treatment options other than to say our goodbyes.

    1. I don’t have any right answers, but I’m been watching a lot of episodes of “Desperate for a Miracle” on Z Living, and there are numerous people that have advanced stages of cancer that have gone into remission and shrunk tumors to nothing with natural remedies. Depending on your gut feeling and budget, maybe get a second opinion and/or start him on some natural remedies possibly paired with a steroid?

  21. My 9-year-old cat has lost weight and after a blood test, my vet ruled out thyroid issues. He said her blood work looked fine and that she could have an autoimmune disease or cancer lurking somewhere. What natural treatment should I start without a clear diagnosis? Thanks!

  22. Puss was diagnosed with lung cancer, yesterday and prescribed prednisolone. I would like a natural treatment, rather than steroids. Her bowels are also bulked up. Any suggestions? Grief stricken for her. Thanks

    1. Look at the NHV site or e-mail them to get their suggestions. I wouldn’t advise getting totally off of the steroid if the vet is recommending it.

      1. Sue, I received news earlier this week about my 16yr old cat named Trinity. The dr. offered to give her a steroid shot but that’s all he could help her with.

        I took your advice and reached out to NHV. Had a 30min call with them yesterday and discussed a variety of what they offer to help with lung cancer. Placed an order and I’m praying for more time with my precious girl.

    2. My cat was diagnosed with lymphoma and had severe breathing issues. Is on prednisolone and steroids also. I self-prescribe 0.2ml of CBD oil on a morning and same on a night with a syringe. I am using Charlottes Web Everyday Plus natural oil flavour and he doesn’t mind it at all. Difficult to get hold of this brand at the moment in the U.K. but any brand with a high concentration of CBD is worth it. After 2 weeks his breathing has stabailised and is looking very good. Can’t tell if it’s the chemo, steroids or the CBD, but something is working it seems. Fingers crossed 🤞 for you too. Just try it. Really worth it.

  23. I went to a clinic inSF mission distict VCA with a surgeon Margot Mehle. She saved my cat from adenoca. I have lotsa exsperience with ca in cats. Willing to share. And very good survival

  24. My cat survived duodenal adenocarinoma along with lymphoma. The key was having the lymph nodes burned out with a forced triad ligasure along with one round adriamycin. Alive and well 3 yrs later.

    1. Was this small or large cell lymphoma and what country are you in? My oncologist here did not offer or discuss either of these 2 options. My cat has bilateral renal and jejunum large cell lymphoma

  25. Hi all, my 14 y/o cat Enzo has a bump on his nose, I took him to the vet and he referred me to the animal cancer care center. After crying for 2 days I took him there and by looking at him the doctor told me it could be cancerous or lymphoma, she took a sample for the lab but she said she looked at it and her concern is that it is lymphoma. My cat is acting normal, eating well, drinking well, playing as usual, little skinnier but he is very active, so except for the little bump you can’t tell he has such a bad disease. The doctor gave me steroids for him while we wait for the lab results and treatment. I am not convinced I want to do the cancer treatment on him because I feel that more natural ways will help better. The doctor told me the treatment will give me 1 to 2 years more with him but that’s it. Could you please tell me what you recommend me to do with Enzo? Not sure if I am so stressed out but I am confused as to what I should do, but I don’t want him to go through chemo and/or radiation, I would do it for sure if it guarantees he will heal, but they just told me it won’t, so I want to try something else. Please tell me. It is not too late, he is fine, so I have to act quickly and make no mistakes. PLEASE. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Noelia,
      Don’t be discouraged-Storm has and has had gastro instestinal lymphoma and the vet told us to expect about six months or so, its over 4 years later. I’ve added the Life gold to our daily herbal attack along with the other stuff and we’re holding thumbs.I think she’s 14 years old this year (and still looks like a little kitten).

      1. Can you tell me what other stuff you did? My 13.5 year old cat has renal and intestinal lymphoma. Opted to not do chemo. He’s on prednisolone. I’ve read that lymphoma should not be treated with anything that will boost immunity. That’s controversial. I have just started him on life gold. Some things seem to be contraindicated to use while on pred. I’m terrified to take him off the pred. He’s only been on it for 1 week. He’s on 10mg for 2 weeks, then it will be reduced to 5mg a day. I’ve also started him on nuleaf brand cbd oil. Not sure what dosage to give him. Whatever I can manage to get down his throat. I’d say 3 drops 1x a day. I’ve considered starting him on thorne brand curcumin for pets, zeolite powder and ip6/inositol, but I have concerns that the zeolite will void the prednisolone and I had concerns over the ip6 as well, but can’t remember why now. I wanted to start him on Pet Wellbeing mushroom blend for cancer, but it states it cant be used with immunosuppressants (such as prednisolone) so I have held off doing that. I’m desperate for help. I’ve contacted a holistic vet in my area, but she’s on vacation!!

        1. Sheila, my cat had basically the same condition. I kept him on the prednisolone along with a regimen of 5 NHV products, I was able to get an additional 9 months with him before he passed. Look it up with people lymphoma – it’s all about boosting the immune system. Contact NHV and they can recommend products specific to your cat’s sickness. Hope this helps.

          1. Thank so much for responding. I’ll definitely do that. I can only pray that I get 9 more months from him. Outside of weight loss and increased thirst, you wouldn’t know he was sick.

            1. That’s what’s nice about the NHV stuff, you can either shoot it in their mouth like the liquid steroid or put it in their soft food. Because it was a kidney issue, I did take my cat off of any soft food containing fish, it’s supposedly high in phosphorus which is not good for kidneys. If you get multiple NHV products don’t be afraid to mix equal parts in a separate vial, so it’s easier/quicker to administer. Yeah, the thirst part is bc of the steroid/kidneys. Just stay consistent with the steroid and NHV products, and I’m confident you will get more time with your baby. And if he does start looking better, don’t get overconfident… keep on with his regimen. Feel free to ask any more questions!

              1. Well, I’ve already invested in pet well being products but I’m sending the mushroom cancer supplement back because supposedly cant use with pred. I’m heading to look at NHV products now. I had looked at them before, but chose the pet well being. Thank you so much. I may be back for more questions, lol. Have you ever looked into using cbd oil with a 1:1 ratio with thc? I’m using nuleaf cbd on him, but it only has .3%thc

              2. I used the mushroom NHV one as a part of my regimen and didn’t hear anything bad about using it, “Natures Immuno for Cats”. Funny enough, I take a people version of it in powder form that is made of the exact same mushroom complex that I put in my morning protein drink. No, I didn’t hear about the CBD stuff until towards the end. When the cancer came back, it came back very fast and strong, so I didn’t even get a chance to adjust any of his regimen. Part of me worries that it was my fault, because I started giving him a couple skip days during the week on his steroid, because he hated taking it and seemed to be doing well.

                If you scroll back there was another post on May 21st that intrigued me too, it said “started a treatment of subcutaneous Viscum Album Pini (pine tree mistletoe) + Equisetum (horsetail) – anthroposophic medicine.”

              3. Yes, I saw that post too. I haven’t delved into it yet. I was under the impression that mistletoe couldn’t be had in the USA, but that could be for just humans.

          2. Also. How much pred was your cat on? Mu cat is on 10mg for 1st 2 weeks, then down to 5mg once a day. I’m terrified of going down to 5mg, but I know the pred could have bad effects eventually.

            1. I can’t remember because my syringe had a little mark on it, but I am fairly certain it was the 5mg once a day.

  26. Hi there, I’m currently on the hunt for a cancer treatment for my beautiful 11 year old boy named Garfield. We recently found out he has a mass in his colon, my vet has never seen this in a cat and only twice in dogs (he’s been a vet for over 40 years). I’m very hesitant to put him through the invasive resection surgery and chemo as the cancer seems to always return. As I did my research I stumbled upon this article and for the first time in a long time, I felt hopeful for my boy. I sent it to my vet and now I’m waiting for a response.

    Would this combination work for any type of cancer? We’re not sure what type of cancer it is, and I’m hesitant to biopsy because the area is very raw and irritated. The less I can put my boy through, the best.

    What dosage were you giving him as a cancer treatment?? And how long until you saw results?

  27. Hi Sue,

    We lost our 16 year old tabby to intestinal lymphoma. We tried prednisone. We also tried ES Clear and Turmeric. He lost his appetite and had diarrhea for awhile. Then, he was constipated and not eating. It was so hard to see him go through all that, and the medicine did not seem to help much.

    1. Hi all, So so sorry to hear that Sarah.
      Stormy had lost weight again, four years after her initial diagnosis of intestinal lymphoma, and three year’s after her being in remission. I took her in, they did blood urine and a scan. He didn’t find anything. She lost another 600g in a month there after. The recommended either a follow up scan or a scope. We did the scan and I dunno how they missed it the first time, she’s got a 1cmx2cm tumor in her stomach. 😢 So she’s back on the COP protocol. She has already doing better and gaining a little weight.

  28. I am interested to know what Connie (with her cat Nate who survived high grade lymphoma) was feeding Nate, especially during the time he was on the natural treatments and started to get better.

  29. Hi Sue and all,
    I just found out yesterday that my 11 year old red tabby, Izzy has lymphoma. They didn’t get a large enough sample in the biopsy for it to be 100% conclusive but also determined that it couldn’t be anything else. A week ago, out of the blue he looked not well in his eyes and became very lethargic. Nearly $6,000 later, we now have a diagnosis. We’re happy to have him home after two nights in a hospital and are giving him fluids intravenously. Don’t think we can embark on chemo for financial reasons and after reading Nate’s story, not sure we feel right about it. Thinking like Sue, we may go with the more affordable Prednisone option and am inspired by the combo homeopathic supplements Nate’s owner used. It’s so shocking how quickly cats decline with cancer.

    1. Hey Suzie and everyone.

      Firstly sorry to hear about Izzy, this thread has been a great help to Storm and I. The chemo was really rough on her-she lost alot of her fur😟. I feel like I’m constantly mixing potions but I do believe in these products.

      Update on Storm: Storm got skinny again and was vomiting but I had to take her to the vet after a there was a red outline of blood in her vomit.
      He had a urine test, blood test and scan and there was no sign of anything. Even though we’re not sure whats caused the vomiting, I’m hoping very happy and praying that there is nothing to find.
      Shes eating very well and is her spritely little self. I think she’s gaining weight. Shes on antibiotics and hasnt vomited since.
      Oh I bought a new sample kit from Vitality science and it came with ‘comfort’ and ‘comfort plus’. I’m happy to be trying it as it contains pet flora and slippery elm so its good for her tummy.

    2. Suzie-

      It’s a hard decision to make, but you have to do what’s right for you. My cat is a squirrely little guy and loves to play, I didn’t want to see him suffer through chemo in his last days, if the same outcome was inevitable. That’s not to say chemo won’t work for some situations. So far, a month after his diagnosis, with the Prednisone, NHV’s Tripsy, and NHV’s “Pet Cancer Super Support Kit”, he has been acting like nothing is wrong.

      Something interesting I found out while researching, is that it sounds like lymphoma in particular doesn’t react to steroids/chemo very well in people, so they typically prescribe a lot of immunity boosting type solutions. When you look up all the ingredients (yes I looked each one up one by one) in the NHV stuff I mentioned, a lot of those herbs help with immune system support.

      I’m no vet, and all I know is what I can find on the internet, but it’s interesting stuff nonetheless. Best of luck to you!

      1. Sue,
        Thanks so much for your reply! How’s your little guy doing now, over a month after diagnosis? We will take our kitty for a consult tomorrow with an oncologist to educate ourselves a little more but are intrigued by holistic approach along with Prednisone. Did you discuss with a holistic vet before starting the supplements? I see there is an online consult option with a vet on the NHV site. Also, got some samples of Hill’s Kidney Care food from the vet at ER where Izzy was evaluated and treated. She highly recommended these products and Izzy gobbled them up.

        1. Suzie-

          Knock on wood, he is exactly how he was pre-diagnosis. He plays, fights with his fuzz brother, and eats/drinks normal. I did not discuss with a holistic vet prior to starting the supplements, I researched the ingredients in some of the NHV supplements, and wound up contacting them via e-mail to make see if they suggested the products I was leaning towards. They were actually super helpful and quick to respond. I wound up getting the Super Cancer Support instead of the Lymphoma Gold, this was their response when I asked why Super Cancer Support vs. Lymphoma Gold: “Lymphoma kit would be more so for kitties who were FeLV as well or at first as it has the Felimm which is effective against viruses. Also we suggest not using the Prednisone with the Felimm which is in the Lymphoma kit.”

          Per the advice of a friend who rescues cats, I eliminated seafood flavors in his soft food because apparently, seafood is high in phosphorus, which is not good for kidneys. Right now he’s eating Friskies Pate (various flavors without seafood), and Fromm Hasen Duckenpfeffer grain free hard food (which he ate prior to the diagnosis). My ER didn’t recommend any particular foods, but I would say whatever keeps Izzy munching, keep doing it!

          1. Hi Sue,
            Last Wednesday we took Izzy in to meet with an oncologist. While we’ve decided not to move forward with chemo, we did get him a one time injection of L-asparaginase. It’s not really considered chemo but works to fight and kill the cancer cells. We also started Lymphoma Gold last Friday. Between these two treatments, Izzy is doing great! Eating up a storm and playing with his sister Olive. Today he was the most back to normal he’s been since it all came down. Because the vet had initially given him a cortisone injection at his first visit when he started to act sick, we have to wait on starting Prednisone for a few weeks, until it gets out of his system. I will inquire about Lymphoma Gold being OK to take with it then I guess… Also, we’ve started him on Hill’s Kidney Care food (wet and dry), but you need a prescription from the vet to order it. We ordered from Chewys. We are so happy to see him rejuvenated a bit (for now) and are hoping for the best.
            How is your guy doing this week? I’m so glad I found this supportive animal lover network!

            1. Suzie –

              It’s hard to find a lot of detailed information on this stuff on the internet, just chemo, steroids, and life expectancy, so it’s great we can share our experiences here 🙂 That’s great to hear he’s feeling good! So far, my little guy is still good. Month 2 is on the 26th. He seems kinda sleepy and more snuggly than usual, but that may be because of the cold weather. Especially since he is still playing and running when he is awake. It’s interesting how vet experiences can be so different.

              1. Hi Sue,
                I hope your little guy continues to be doing well. We just hit the one month mark. Izzy got a Depomedrol injection two days ago (instead of daily Prednisone pill). We had to wait about a month for the first one to get out of his system. Despite his good appetite, lymphoma gold support and daily IV fluids, he seems to be getting thinner. A little alarming but we understand this is to be expected. Please let me know how everything is going when you have a chance.

              2. That’s too bad about getting thinner. Honestly, my guy still looks good. I’m very watchful over his eating and playing habits. How come you have to do IV fluids if he is eating/drinking ok?

              3. Hi Sue,
                Since my last posting, Izzy is much better. I think the steroid injection has kicked in. His appetite is better and he seems more energetic, playing/wrestling with his sister! I think because of the dire prognosis, I’ve been hovering over him a little too much and of course he can’t tell me what’s going on! We’ve been giving him IV fluids daily since his hospitalization. It’s got electrolytes in it which they say keeps his kidneys in good shape. We’ve been doing lymphoma gold support twice a day as well. SO glad to hear your guy is doing well! I so appreciate the natural cat care blog community!

              4. Suzie – Great to hear! Yes, I’m the same, over-analyzing every behavior. So far so good with my baby. He hits his 3 month mark in a couple weeks.

                Sarah – I’m sorry to hear about your fuzz. Did they suggest any different types of food? I know the steroid is supposed to increase their appetite. What was the duration from diagnosis until he passed away? I’m not sure if the NHV stuff is helping any more than the steroid by itself, but he is in a great spirit, so I’ll continue the prednisone, Milk Thistle, Turmeric, ES Clear, and Tripsy combo.

                Chere – Four years sounds pretty good after a diagnosis! What prompted you to take her in after 3 years of remission, the weight loss? I apologize if I missed it above, but what is the “COP protocol” you mentioned?

              5. Hi Sue, yup, she started vomiting again but only recently lost weight. The first time we took her in a month ago they said they didn’t see anything, only when I took her back now for a follow up scan they saw it 🙁 We took her for her second session yesterday and she seems better already. Still a skinny little thing but I’m giving the ES Clear etc etc so we’ll see.

            1. Hi,

              I have a question and not sure if this is the correct post. I have a 19 year old girl cat (Savanah) that has mouth cancer and her growth is getting bigger.

              She is eating and drinking her water.

              Any suggestions.


  30. Hi there. My cat likely has cancer in his spinal cord or FIP. A couple of weeks ago I noticed he way laying down a lot. When he would get up he moved slowly. Then it looked like his foot was hurt and he wasn’t walking correctly. We bought him to the vet, and lab work showed pancreatitis but that didn’t explain his walking issue. Fast forward another week and he is dragging his hind legs. It’s like they don’t work. The vet said its likely lymphoma of FIP, but I cannot afford the MRI to check ($3-4k). He is still his happy self and is on pain meds and starting a steroid tonight, as a last resort. Alternative medicine helped me and I want to try it for my cat. He is 13 years old. I wondering if I should just get started on some of these supplements above and assume he has cancer. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Alexa, as my vet told me when I asked, it can only help. Regardless of what it is I think the products help in so many ways I’d suggest it. I bought the finicy cat trial pack from Vitalty science and that has a little samples of some of the stuff mentioned on the thread as wells as others. One of the powders helps with pain and inflammation so that’d probably help too. Good luck.

      1. Thank you so much for your response! I ordered the pet cancer detox kit from NHV today that comes with 3 supplements. Hoping for the best!

    2. Alexa, I realize this is many months later so this may have played through by now, but just in case there is the small chance your cats legs are still a mystery I had to comment;

      The symptoms of difficulty walking you describe are just as my cat had years ago. It is common with untreated diabetes. I see a blood lab was done for your cat and hope within it was a test for blood glucose levels to rule diabetes out? Diagnosing diabetes couldn’t be simpler, as that one test number will be high and then you know. You can probably call your vets office to get a copy of the blood work and see if blood glucose test was done and what the number was.

      Diabetes occurs very commonly in cats these days because instead of the table scraps and hunting diet of days past, their diets are mainly dry food. Cats are not built to eat carbohydrates in such high proportions and no matter how fancy and expensive the dry food, by its nature it is all carbs, carbs, carbs. Whereas any can of wet food will be healthier and provide higher protein and fat with less carbs, as their bodies need. A diet of at least 1/2 cup of wet food per day (plus dry for the rest) should probably be enough to avoid diabetes in a cat that doesn’t already have it. If you or anyone reading this ever has a cat that just seems to passionately love water, the first thought should be checking for diabetes. It’s one of the main symptoms a diabetic cat will show before other serious ones.

      Any cat can also be diagnosed at home if one is comfortable using a store bought glucose testing kit (same one used on humans is used for cats) and pricking the edge of his ear to get the sample. The internet can tell you all about how to do so and normal range, if interested. If he does have diabetes he should not be on steroids at any point, according to my vet anyway.

      Once my diabetic cat was eating only wet food and on insulin she was able to regain strength and mobility in her legs, though some permanent effects of damage can remain. My cat actually went in to remission for 3 years. I owe it to home glucose testing done in synchronicity with insulin treatment, along with a 100% wet food diet–(though I’ve since switched to giving her maybe 10% dry food per day for variety. Her happiness is very much tied to food).

      I understand all this may be totally irrelevant, as your dear cat may have problems with the spine causing this, but as you said the symptoms weren’t able to be fully explained, I thought this might be worth thinking about. I hope you and everyone here the best of luck with your cats.

      1. Jen, I just want to say thanks for your very thoughtful and helpful share. I love the good news about your kitty going into remission too.

  31. Hi, my cat (only 3 years old) was just diagnosed with renal lymphoma last week, and is on steroids (life expectancy 2 to 3 months on steroids). Does anyone have ideas on when I could integrate natural medicine noted in this article? Thank you for any input!

    1. Hi Sue. I’m sorry for your kitty. I just had to let my 11.5 year old cat go on Sunday. I did not get a chance to try anything here. His chest kept filling up with fluids and he was down to skin and bones, and plus he wasn’t eating much. We never found out what was wrong with him. Can I ask you how they determined it was renal lymphoma? One thing I did start giving my cat was extracted amygdalin (Vit B-17). I was only able to give three of four doses before I had to say goodbye. It came in 100 mg capsules. I had not idea how much to give, so I opened the capsule and gave him very little of it. He was becoming very difficult to pill, so I also put a couple of his pills in the capsule which made pilling him easier. I was doing research to see if others were giving their cats amygdalin, and I found they were. I bought mine from Apricot Power.

      1. Lisa, sorry to hear about you baby fuzz. Sometimes you’re not given enough time to react, if they are refusing to eat and aren’t on a tube, then you definitely did the right thing. My kitty was not eating any food (hard kibble, soft food, or snacks), but was still drinking. He was acting very lethargic. I took him into the vet after a few days this activity. While giving him the once over, they noticed a lump in the kidney area. They did an x-ray, and it still looked questionable. I was then forwarded to a specialist at an emergency vet location. The wait was sorta long to get him in (this was a Thurs, and they said they could see him Tues.). He was looking more rough, so on Friday I took him to that emergency vet as an emergency patient, and they were able to squeeze time in. Long story short is that they did a biopsy on the mass and it came back as renal lymphoma. He didn’t have FIV or FeLV, just unlucky. I don’t know if it’ll work or not, but I did research on the NHV products mentioned in the article, and they do sound promising. It’s worth a try. Right now, on the steroid he is eating normal, playing, and snuggling. I’m happy to have a few more months of quality time while I have it.

        1. Hi Sue funny my 5 years old cat has hemangiosarcoma and mestastasis…the vet expected that hi will live 20 to 30 days…and is passed 4 months and he is still alive…i added to his high protein hight fat low carbs diet rhubarb root…spirulina…milk thistle..ashwagandha…burdock root…moringa..coconut oil..turmeric..reishi mushrooms…essiac tea…and he is living normal…i didn’t do any chemiotherapy

          1. Was he on prednisolone? I’ve read that some of these herbs could be contraindicated if using pred, so I’m afraid to use them, but I’m also terrified to wean him off pred

            1. I just found a cyst/tumor (?) beside my 11-year-old kitty’s backbone near her hips. I’ll take her to the vet asap, but wondered if anyone has found something similar in their own aging kitty. Thanks for all the great information here!

      2. Hello, cat owners, i would like to add to all this information that you can try also colloidal silver on your cats. I personally used to give around 3-5ml up to 3 times a day for my 7.5 lbs cat and there were no side effects except constipation that was resolved by probiotics and lactulose syrup. I did give this to her not for cancer, but for kidney infection though. She is 15 years old and more than two years ago i found small lumps on her belly and was pretty heavily treating her with IP-6 Gold (thank to this blog!), Curcumin and Modified Citrus Pectin for more than a year. Over time i reduced doses of these things but she is still ok (although has one kidney very enlarged) and has nothing noticeable on her belly. I give her around 3 ml of colloidal silver (Mesosilver, 20ppm) a day just for maintainance to keep her protected from cancer and kidney infection.

        I also heard about good results from colloidal silver + ip6 protocol. Colloidal silver must be given on an empty stomach at least a half if an hour before food. Its almost tasteless like water and a cat should not mind swallowing it.

        1. I’ve never heard of having to give CS on an empty stomach. It works as an antibiotic, and I thought all antibiotics were okay to be taken with food. I’ve been giving 3 tablespoons a day with food and I’ve added more to his water bowl. I’ve also been using mesosilver, but have switched to 3 sisters silver as it’s more cost effective. 20ppm as well. I’ve read to not give the probiotic at the same time as CS because it would kill the good bacteria.

            1. Unfortunately, my sweet baby died on November 1st, 2018. I had to have him euthanized. Nothing helped him even a little bit. Maybe if it had been caught sooner. He died just over 3 months from the day he was diagnosed, which is pretty much what the oncologist told me would happen. I still cry weekly over him. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. I think he still would have died within 6 months even with conventional treatments and he would have been miserable. We had a wonderful 3 months together. Thanks so much for asking. I haven’t been able to come back to this page to catch up on anyone’s progress.

  32. We are waiting on the lab results for my cat, but we have already given the first round of chemo, assuming that is what it is. It was Vincristine which made him not act right the next day. he is already skin and bones. I believe in natural healing so I’m doing research. I have had him on the probiotics, but they did not help his diarrhea. Just two days after his first chemo, however, his stool has become more “feces” shaped and he has not vomited for over 48 hours how. We have him on Cerenia, though, for vomiting.
    If I order all these products mentioned in this blog, I do not know how much to give.
    Does anyone know anything about apricot seeds or Vit B17 given to cats?

    1. Hi Lisa, you’ll have to read the thread to get how much of the different drops and powder everyone used. My baby, Storm, was also skinny and we found out it was gastrointestinal lymphoma. I use the ES Clear, bk detox from NHV, I got a sample kit from Vitality science which I use the celloquent and superfood alot. I also got the pet flora from them too. They all have instructions, like the ES Clear I think says 1 drop for every 2lb/1kg but Storm is very fussy and I mix it in with her wet food so I usually will put a drop or three in a sachet of wet food, with a sprinkle of the superfood/celloquent/pet flora etc. That sachet of wet food is being divided over my 3 cats so Storm isn’t getting very much per meal, but that’s the only way I can give it to her. Some people syringe a mix straight into their pets mouths but I tried it once and landed up with fishy oily mix all over my couch and decided that’s not for us. I also got the ip6 & inositol premixed and artemisinin from iherb, which I also sprinkle in wet food. I just mix it up on a daily basis. Someone mentioned how many grams you should give on this thread but like I said, Storm will only tolerate so much. I believe you shouldn’t give the ip6 & inositol and artemisinin at the same time. Also I think the artemisinin is better at night. I could be wrong but that what I think I remember. The petflora helps stop the vomiting and apparently diarrhea, I recommend it. Its been 4 years since she was diagnosed and 3 years since we stopped chemo. I never stopped giving her this combo but I definitely slacked at times, especially with time. She’s recently started vomiting again so I’ve had to try be more diligent giving her everything. About the b17, I recently watched a video that claimed that cancer is just a vit b17 deficiency (like scurvy was for vit c). So that’s a really interesting point because scurvy killed so many and it was such a scary thing. So maybe cancer is a simple deficiency. But then I also saw a video claiming that that is rubbish. I’m willing to try anything though so I think I’d try sneak some bean sprouts or something chopped up into some food. Good luck, let us all know how it goes.

      1. Hi Chere. Thank you for your response. I just had to let my baby go on Sunday. His chest was filling up with fluids again and he just hadn’t eaten much in three days. How did they find out it was intestinal lymphoma? Did they do the lower and upper scopes and take biopsies? Did your cat get fluid build up in her chest? We had him fasted and prepped to do the scopes, but when the vet found the fluid in his chest, she was confident that we didn’t need to do the scopes. I will regret now telling them to go ahead and do them because now I will never know if it was or wasn’t. I did give my cat three or four doses of the B17 but just ran out of time with him. Whatever it was that took him, took him so fast. He was gone in about six weeks after he started dropping weight rapidly. How is your cat doing?

        1. Hi Lisa, I’m so sorry to hear that.
          With Storm she was really skinny and the vet did blood tests then a scan, where they saw a mass. Then we did a biopsy and found out about it. She had a tumor which they removed. Luckily we didnt have any fluids. I lost a furry baby to renal failure previously and it was also so quick. I regret letting the vet put her down. They say it was the right thing to do but I’m haunted by the choice because we didnt fight it. But sometimes its just the pain of the loss making you question your actions or lack thereof.
          Storm has recently gotten thinner and started vomiting again. This happened after I eased up on all the magic potions we all mention on this thread. So I’ve recently gone back to my cauldren and started dosing Stormy twice a day and she seems to have stopped vomiting. Thank you for asking. She’s been such a trooper and I hope she can always be a good example like Nate.

  33. How do you get your cat to take all those supplements? I looked into your protocol and it looks like 4 different liquids, twice a day. That is quite a bit of “pilling”. Our Larry is doing OK with chemo right now so I am only giving him Predisilone and ES orally twice a day. I really don’t think he’d tolerate me squirting more stuff into him. I’d love to know how you did it, especially since your Nate wasn’t eating at the time. Thank you.

  34. Hi,

    Our Arnie was operated for a potassium deficiency which would have killed him. However two weeks before his operation there was a significant weight loss and my wife and I thought it was this deficiency causing the weight loss.

    During the operation the surgeon found cancer and we’ve started the cancer treatment but we don’t know if it’s too late for him. He stopped eating (my wife is forcing feeding), he’s hiding and he’s incoherent.

    1. Do we continue to fight?

      1. My Arnie died in May of this year the underlying issue was cancer. Please no condolence doesn’t help. I just needed advice and didn’t get it.