Incurable to Cancer-Free in One Year: How Nate-the-Cat Survived High Grade Lymphoma

handsome_nate-225x300 Incurable to Cancer-Free in One Year: How Nate-the-Cat Survived High Grade Lymphoma large cell high grade intestinal lymphoma feline lymphoma cat cancer
Handsome Nate

Like so many cancer stories, this not a simple one.

It involves conventional treatments that don’t work out, but it ends with natural treatments and a happy cat!

This story is a big deal to me because I lost a cat to high-grade (large cell) intestinal lymphoma. While low-grade lymphoma is more treatable, cats are not known to survive high-grade lymphoma. Even with intense chemotherapy, the best we were told to hope for was 6 – 9 months.

So I always have my ears open for helpful cat cancer healing stories. When I heard that a woman in Illinois named Connie Fischbein had a story to share (complete with pictures of the oncology scans), I set up an interview as fast as I could.

I was stunned to learn that her cat had survived high-grade intestinal and kidney lymphoma. I could hardly wait to hear how her 7 year-old Maine Coone, Nate, pulled this off!

Note: All the resources that worked for Connie’s cat are listed at the end of this (long!) article.

How it starts

LIZ: First of all, I want to know all about Nate’s initial diagnosis.

CONNIE: It was in the small intestine…he had been vomiting and losing weight and I had been going back and forth to the vet…I was leaving for work one morning and he hid under a chair, something he would never do unless there is something really, really wrong. I ran him up to the emergency clinic… he had an ultrasound. There was a tumor in his small intestine…it was removed surgically, they tissue typed it and gave me some options for chemo…  We started him on the treatment that I thought would be least stressful for him….Lomustine [oral chemo].

LIZ: What did they do with the surgery?

CONNIE: They basically removed the tumor [it was blocking his digestion]. And resected the bowel.

LIZ:  And what happened after that?

CONNIE: Within a couple of days he was pretty much eating his regular diet…And then 10 days later I brought him in to get his stitches out and that was when they started the oral chemo.

LIZ: I don’t think I was given surgery as an option. I don’t remember that ever coming up.

CONNIE: Well this was a single tumor. I know there are some forms of lymphoma where it’s more diffuse and it’s not that easy to remove surgically.

LIZ: The word “diffuse” does sound familiar. Maybe that’s what it was. So then Nate started the Lomustine. And what was that like?

CONNIE: He would get the dose once a month and he seemed to tolerate it fairly well, but after a couple weeks he would start having really bad diarrhea, which we would treat with metronidazole…

Connie begins researching alternatives

“After his first Lomustine dose I started looking online for alternative therapies in case the chemo didn’t work…I spent hours just searching, trying to find [good] products.

I found a cancer support product called ES Clear…it’s supposed to help with side effects from chemo. At work there’s a database I can use where I can look up interactions of some natural medicines and conventional medicines…and I didn’t see anything that was going to be a significant interaction.

I talked to the oncologist and he was fine with it too… With the ES Clear, Nate really seemed to perk up and had less diarrhea and less lethargy after his chemo doses.

I saw a vet online recommending a product from a company called Vitality Science. I talked to LeLa and to Steven Becker there. The whole approach was the opposite of the approach that conventional chemotherapy is about. Conventional chemo is all about suppressing the immune system and killing everything basically. Cancer cells metabolize faster so they absorb these toxins more readily, but pretty much every organ system is affected. But the alternative approach is to boost the immune system, give the animal a chance to heal itself.

I thought, “maybe this is plan B, because I’m kind of committed right now to the chemotherapy.” The approaches seemed to contradict each other. I couldn’t get my head around doing both at same time. They said you could, but I wasn’t convinced, so I decided to make it plan B.”

The cancer comes back after surgery and oral chemo

CONNIE: Nate did well for 5 rounds of oral Lomustine. He had his last dose at the beginning of May 2012. But at the end of that month we had a routine scan and unfortunately it had come back in his kidney. It was like a small 1.5 cm tumor at that point.

LIZ: How many months was he on the Lomustine?

CONNIE: Five. He was diagnosed early January and it came back at the end of May.

LIZ:  It was the same high grade, large cell lymphoma – but this time in the kidney?

CONNIE: Right. And so we tried Elspar, which is specific for lymphoma. But the cancer was resistant. It just kept growing. So the week after that we tried [another drug] I wasn’t thrilled about. Heavy duty chemo. It was given by IV and made him sick…He wouldn’t eat from his food dish and became lethargic. His white blood cell count dropped and he was placed on prednisone and antibiotics.

Heavy duty chemo doesn’t work for Nate

“So we were just watching his white blood cell count every week. About 2 or 3 weeks later it came up enough but the tumor…didn’t shrink.

nateultrasound7-12-12-300x225 Incurable to Cancer-Free in One Year: How Nate-the-Cat Survived High Grade Lymphoma large cell high grade intestinal lymphoma feline lymphoma cat cancer
Kidney is hidden behind tumor

And then it started growing again so we tried one last resort called Palladia. ….But after 2 or 3 doses of that oral medication, he was vomiting and then he stopped eating.

He was kind of saying ‘I won’t do this anymore.’

Switched to 100% alternative therapies

“I talked to the oncologist and said, ‘I can’t do this anymore to him. I’ll just try to make him as comfortable as I can. And I think I’m going to try these other herbal products.’

Since he wasn’t eating, I ordered a product (Feline Granular) that you mix into his food, which he absolutely loved, and it got him eating again. He was still taking ES Clear.

I also added another product Tripsy, which is for kidney support. I figured, even though he still had normal kidney function and all his labs were normal, he might need help excreting the metabolites of these products. I started him on Tripsy and the Vitality Science Advanced Immune Restoration Protocol [for cat cancer]. So I started these about a week after this last Palladia [chemo] dose.”


“About three weeks later we took him into the vet for a scan and surprisingly it has shrunk over 30% and he was…almost strangely energetic. I thought there was something wrong with him. I was like, “What’s going on? He’s acting weird.” It turns out this tumor is shrinking.

nateultrasound8-2-12-2-300x225 Incurable to Cancer-Free in One Year: How Nate-the-Cat Survived High Grade Lymphoma large cell high grade intestinal lymphoma feline lymphoma cat cancer
Tumor (in cross hairs) has shrunk over 30%

I brought him back three weeks later and it had shrunk another 30%. Both the oncologist and I had been skeptical before starting these alternative therapies. The oncologist was very surprised by the results and I was kicking myself that I hadn’t tried them earlier along with chemo.

nateultrasound8-24-12-3-300x225 Incurable to Cancer-Free in One Year: How Nate-the-Cat Survived High Grade Lymphoma large cell high grade intestinal lymphoma feline lymphoma cat cancer
Tumor 30% smaller again, kidney now visible

The second time it shrank he called me into the consulting room, closed the door and said, ‘OK, what exactly are you giving him?’

I told him about all the products…he said, ‘Well, just keep doing this. He’s moving in the right direction. We’ll see what happens.”

I brought Nate back a couple months later and the tumor was still shrinking. Not quite at the same rate, but it was still moving in the right direction and then I think his third scan was in October 2012.

Then I brought him in January this year for another scan and it was completely gone. Normal kidney.”

LIZ: Wow.

CONNIE: Yeah. He gained weight… and he had another scan at the end of February…The scan was clean everywhere. His gut and his kidney and all of that. His recent scan [May 1st] was also completely clean.

LIZ: I’m blown away that even though Nate went through some really intense chemo his body was able to get rid of the cancer when you stopped – even though chemo breeds stronger cancer cells.

1-300x225 Incurable to Cancer-Free in One Year: How Nate-the-Cat Survived High Grade Lymphoma large cell high grade intestinal lymphoma feline lymphoma cat cancer
Happy Nate

CONNIE: He wasn’t quite 7 years old when he was diagnosed…he had that going for him… And I think I got lucky with finding Vitality Science. I think those products probably made the biggest difference…there are ingredients that specifically have anti-cancer properties. And immune boosting properties.  I think that was the big gun. Although it’s hard to say because there are no controlled studies.

LIZ: The tumor shrinkage you saw in late July – the doctor did not think it was from the earlier chemo, correct?

CONNIE: Correct, he had a scan after the chemo; it was still growing, not shrinking.  …In fact, Nate’s oncologist was very excited about what happened with these herbals, so he now recommends it to his clients who don’t respond to conventional chemo.

Important Note: Only after a number of clean scans did Connie begin to taper down the alternative therapy doses that Nate was taking. I learned the hard way that this is essential. With cancer treatment, especially after chemo has been used, the strongest tiny cancer cells are the ones that survive, so if they start growing again they can come back with an unstoppable vengeance. For this reason, I would continue periodic cancer scans and have my cat on a maintenance dose of an alternative therapy for the rest of his or her life.

The resources that worked for Connie

Connie used a number of supplements – “the kitchen sink” – as she joked, so it’s hard to be sure which ones made all the difference. But, she suspects the Advanced Immune Restoration for Cats and Tripsy may have been most essential to Nate’s healing.

Nate’s anti-cancer supplementation

Advanced Immune Restoration for Cats – A combination of  powerful enzymes, special prebiotics, probiotics, blue-green algae, active aloe, and key nutrients for the immune system; herbal anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic; fish oil, Astaxanthin (extracted from Haematococcus Pluvialis microalgae), and natural vitamin E. [Vitality Science is offering 10% off with coupon code catcare10 ]

Nate’s immune, nutrition, and kidney support supplements

Pet Wellbeing Nu-Pet Feline Granular with Antioxidant– for appetite & nutrients

NHV ES Clear – for cancer support and immune strengthening (contains ingredients of Essiac tea, a reputed anti-cancer formula)

NHV Tripsy – for kidney, renal and urinary disorders in cats

(The last two products were originally available through Pet Wellbeing, but they have since reformulated them, so now you can get the original formula Connie used only through NHV.)

Nate’s treatment for chemo-related diarrhea

Pet Flora – When Nate stopped responding to the metronidazole for his chemo-related diarrhea, Connie tried this special soil-based probiotic, which cleared up his diarrhea in 24 hours. [Vitality Science is offering 10% off with coupon code catcare10 ]

UPDATE June 2016
I just got this update from Connie. Nate is still cancer-free after 4.5 years. She wrote: “Nate is doing very well (knock wood). He and his sister celebrated their 11th birthday this past February. Still can’t believe he’s a 4 1/2 year survivor. I feel like everyday with him is a wonderful gift. “ Connie added that she now gives Nate some new supplements recommended by his new holistic vet and she also performs Reiki energy healing on him from time to time.

UPDATE September 2017
Nate lived nearly 6 miraculous years past his terminal diagnosis, to age 12.5. By his own choice (he refused to consume the supplements anymore), he had been off his original healing protocol for a couple years when the cancer came back. Beloved Nate lived several years beyond his prognosis and we honor and thank him for letting us share his amazing story.

Here are a couple other cat cancer success stories:

Love to hear your thoughtful thoughts! Leave a reply...


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  2. I’m following the same protocol for my furry 19 year old daughter as Nate’s mom did. I would like to know how long do I need to continue giving it to her? I’ve been doing it for 7+ months now. Do I need to switch the herbal supplements around? Please update me asap.

  3. My cat, Sadie, was diagnosed with intestinal cancer September 8, 2016. She is 18-1/2 years old with IBD, hyperthyroidism. I did not know that IBD can morph into cancer. I started her on Vitality Science Celloquent protocol after reading this blog. She is still fine on November 17, 2016 — eating, pooping, and ambulating on her own. Do I expect miracles — no, but I do feel Celliquent therapy has given her extension. Every day is a gift.

          1. The Vitamin C is from PHARMAX. Magnesium Ascorbate powder. Buffered. It also take it. I have posted previously this info. Free shipping at Pure Formulas. Use under a quarter scoop since it is made for human use.

    1. Using Lysine and buffered powdered Magnesium Ascorbate, BUFFERED Vit. C. BOTH for immune system. Miraculously found this after exhaustive searching. The brand is PHARMAX. Sold by Pure Formulas… $28, free shipping. Scooper is for human dosing only! . Started with sprinkling tiny amounts. If you increase too much too fast, will give loose stools and diarrhea. To avoid any possible G.I. issues, I give Lysine in separate meal. Watch the stools! Back off on amounts and, or give every other day, if there are issues. My cat weighs 15 pounds. He has more energy and increased appetite.

    2. Frank, I am sorry I didn’t see your question sooner. I didn’t receive any alert from the blog. My cat is the same age as yours. The Vit. C is for all immune system issues. Amadeus has twice tested extremely high for WBC specifically indicating lymphoma. If the Vit C and Lysine BOTH help support the immune system, there’s nothing to lose by trying something relatively inexpensive that won’t traumatize them. It cannot be detected in the food. I give it DAILY. It may increase her appetite. I hope she’s eating well. She is a lucky girl to have you in her life. Check out Dr. Linus Pauling. – I got the Pharmax with free shipping: $28.10 – Please let me know if you try it, and how she’s doing… Yvette (

  4. Hi all,Hope everyone is doing well. We’re in need of a shoulder to lean on now. Storm has been doing so well but all of a sudden she is drooling and looking a little unkempt. So although we’ve been avoiding the vet like the plague, on Friday we went in. She got the once over and I told the vet I’d prefer that she didn’t spend the night. She said her blood work looked good and only the globulin level was slightly high which she said indicated infection or inflammation if I remember correctly. She didn’t have a temperature. and shes not really eating either. She got an anti nausea and anti inflammatory and was 100% better for a day or two. I don’t know if it’s something to do with he gastrointestinal lymphoma so we’re going for a scan tomorrow but it seems like her mouth is bothering her. If I stroke her around her cheeks as she usually loves, sometimes she growls! However when we were at the doctor she checked her mouth twice and everything looked good. Besides for the teeth she had removed years ago there was no swelling or anything. I worry about oral cell carcinoma which a lot of people on this blog have experienced and Storms brother had. I had eased up on giving Storm her drugged treat twice a day because she was doing so well but now I’m trying all the tricks in the book to get her to eat so I can give her some of the products we’ve been discussing.

    1. If Storm’s mouth is bothering her, that may well be the reason why she doesn’t want to eat. Identifying the problem that’s causing this is the next step and since Storm is going for a scan, hopefully you will soon have something to go on.
      With mouth cancer like my kitty had, there is usually red inflamed ulceration that is visible inside the mouth especially when it’s got to the point of causing drooling. Since nothing has been visually observed, hopefully it’s not mouth cancer. However, upper respiratory illnesses can also cause drooling as well as liver and kidney diseases.
      If what you eased up on that you were giving to Storm was for cancer, the problem may well be cancer related. Once cancer gains ground, it’s hard to get it back. Cancer doesn’t quit until it’s been annihilated. Hopefully, the problem is not cancer related.
      When my mouth cancer kitty had problems eating, I found KMR Milk Replacer to be wonderful! Although KMR is most often used for orphan kittens, it is also recommended for cats under stress. Cats with mouth discomfort can lap this up when they may not want to eat due to the discomfort it causes. I also had luck with soft scrambled eggs.
      The supplement Olive Leaf has antibiotic properties and it can also help fight cancer. It worked well when I gave it to my cancer kitty when she was having respiratory problems but it can work for other types of infections as well. If you try this, get it standardized for the Oleuropein content. I’ve also used this on myself standardized to 20% Oleuropein which is the strongest that I’ve found. I usually get this from Swanson’s Health Care Products (aka Swanson’s Vitamins) but I’ve also gotten it from Piping Rock. I hit the sales.
      Hope this helps some and best of luck to you and to Storm!

      1. I heard some cats love goat milk.. can try.. the Pharmax Vit. C is tasteless and odorless, BTW. May sound crazy, I also go to the park, where I know pesticides haven’t been sprayed, and dig out grasses from the root with some dirt still on it. Also sprinkle organic catnip. Lifts his spirits. Also, gives chlorophyll.

  5. Hello all, Amadeus, who is already suspected of having Lymphoma; now has an outbreak of the Herpes virus; as a result of the stressful clinic visits last week. He has been eating small doses of wet food – I have been putting Nu-Pet powder in it. He can taste the L-Lysine powder, so I am NOT using it – I don’t want to risk him rejecting the little bit he is eating. Does anyone here know of a product they can recommend? Thank you.

    1. Many years ago I had a herpes cat and I gave her L-lysine by dissolving it in a small amount of liquid and then giving this to her with a syringe. She put up a fuss as cats tend to do, but at least I got it down her. Thankfully, she didn’t have to take it forever and she never had to take it again.

      1. UPDATE on Amadeus: After extensive and exhausting research, I found an odorless, tasteless Vit. C supplement. The brand is Pharmax. It is buffered – Magnesium Ascorbate. It comes in a powder with a little scoop spoon. (This product is made for humans, so you have to sprinkle tiny doses in their wet food or water, and slowly increase until saturation levels are detected, i.e. loose stools). It happened with Amadeus, and I skipped a day, resumed with smaller amounts. He is now taking this daily in wet food, and doing well. Several months ago, he had another herpes outbreak and dropped down to 15lbs. I spent over $700 in less than 2 weeks running to the vet to give him I.V. and anti-emetics. A friend of mine insisted that he needed Vit C supplements (since our pets are not getting enough live enzymes as they would in the wild). She explained that their liver cannot produce enough Vit C, since, like us humans, aren’t producing enough enzymes in the liver. All I can say, is Amadeus climbed from 15lbs to 17.5 since this past September.

    2. So sorry to hear you are going through this Yvette! I went through the whole ordeal with my sweet Ali last year, and despite us fighting like hell (chemo, two surgeries, every type of food/supplement I could get into his frail little body, the works!) he lost his ninth life in only two short months. I feel for your situation… when you are living and breathing by every little bite of food you can get your kitty to take! When my Ali would not eat anything, I resorted to force feeding him. He would tolerate it for awhile, but then it became a real struggle, and I couldn’t bear to put him through it any longer, especially when he started vomiting it up afterwards. I know it breaks our hearts, but lymphoma is a formidable enemy. I too, came to this thread, holding onto hope and trying to stay positive against the odds, but the awful truth is that Nate the Cat is a miracle. And unfortunately, the majority of kitties will die from it. My best advice to you would be to hold your Amadeus tight and give him all the love and comfort you can muster. Animals are very sensitive our sadness and anxiety, so try to just send all the love and light his way as possible. And if he will tolerate it, try force feeding him. If not, just offer every type of food you can – wet food, dry food, treats, fish, sardines, chicken broth, whatever you can get them to eat! Unfortunately, that is different for every cat so it just takes a lot of trial and error! And try to just savor these moments with your fur baby. I wish I would have done that more, instead of letting the stress of the situation take over. Sending love, light, and comfort to you in this trying time! The level of our distress is only a reflection of the incredible amount of love we have for our feline friends.

      1. Kitten La-DiDi – thank you – I know you are right, and I agree, but I am still going to keep trying so long as he does. Nothing to lose – trying 35% Hydrogen – cancer hates oxygen. I am still getting some Nu-Pet Granular in him. I swear, I am more afraid of what the Feline Herpes can do! It is a NIGHTMARE, because it further compromises him. Amadeus is such a high stress cat, that he has to be gas-sedated to be handled. That’s how we got an I.V. put in him, along with all of the meds & B-12 shot. He’s only 13.

        1. Thank you everyone…

          Check out the Vit D info… on Herpes…. who knew?

          I just know I will love and comfort my Amadeus, in every way possible… check out essential oil diffusers, there are essential oils to calm them and purify the air around them… Eucalyptus is one of them… I just encountered that this weekend at the health-food store where I picked up the FOOD GRADE peroxide. The woman there had a lovely combination of very calming essential oils, including clove, and lavender… i think it’s great for the kitty’s room too… Anything to comfort them and help purify the air they breathe…

  6. PS: NO INTERNET AT HOME!, If anyone can call: 727-226-2295 mornings to 12pm EST) I work nights. i’d love to talk to someone. Dx is Lymphoma. He was doing great for a while, but now in crisis. NON-COMPLIANT, high stress cat; has to be gas-sedated just to get I.V. Was taking the Feline Granular last time he had an episode, but now does not want to eat, and if I did put that in the food, he won’t have it. Don’t see him drinking water either. Won’t last too much longer at this rate. I am alone and have no support with this.

  7. Please help me to save my cat Amadeus. He is not eating. Has had 2 I.V. treatments in the past 4 days. B-12 shot, anti-nausea med, appetite stimulant, prednisolone, and he is not wanting to eat. Vomited a lot this weekend, and Monday & Tuesday. 8/4/16 Barely eating.

    1. Hi Yvette, don’t worry you’re not alone. I know with Storm going to the vet stressed her out so bad to this day I can’t lock up without her stressing and hiding. That effects her badly. Maybe the feliway diffuser or spray could also help calm the nerves pretrip. I think the only thing that helps Storm with her vomiting is the petflora. I sprinkle a little bit in some wet food. I find whenever I ease up dosing her food with the celluquent, es clear artimisinin as is when she eats less. I think because there’s appetite enhancers in some of it or maybe she just feels better. Try get the petflora from vitality science and try get Amadeus to eat some. Storm was at her worst on the prednisone/prednisilone. She lost all her fur! The vet also said she wouldnt make a year but its been about three (I must check the dates) and shes still her happy little self. Good luck and think positive. Remember you’d also feel crap of you were getting the I.V’s and meds. Try be supportive and don’t show how worried you are. I know I sobbed while holding Storm and I’m sure it can’t be too incouraging. I hope you get a chance to read this.

      1. Thank you Chere, i have never heard of Feliway… I am thinking of the Food Grade peroxide, this way, I can massage/comb on him (which is soothing), and I know it can be given in food & water. Just a little scary, since one has to be extremely careful with the mixing/preparations. They say say Amadeus has Lymphoma. Anyway, he has been eating a little as of yesterday.

    2. When I had Mandi, my cat who had mouth cancer, I found KMR milk replacer to be very helpful. This provides water as well nutrition. If the kitty won’t lap it up, KMR can be given with a syringe by mouth. I used a one cc syringe as it was the most comfortable for Mandi and it was small enough to easily fit into her mouth but you do have to reload often as a syringe this small doesn’t hold much. I also gave her unflavored Pedialyte (WalMart brand) to provide electrolytes and prevent dehydration. I used the KMR powder rather than the liquid in cans as this allowed me to mix it up as needed. The other kitties would gladly lap up any that was left so none got wasted but leftovers would only be in small amounts.
      Some milk replacers are not as good as others and KMR seemed to be one of the best back when I was doing research on this. KMR is usually given to orphan kittens but it is also recommended for adult cats who are under stress.

      1. I got milk too 🙂 He tried a little and said ‘no more.’ I think a big part of this process, is to give them some space when they need it, and I am trying not to be frantic around him. I have been through so much with cats.

  8. I joined this group about 6 months ago, and seldom get replies. I have not been active for a while, but now we are in crisis again.

  9. I would like to know if Nate – and the other cats discussed in the comments here – continued taking prednisolone during herbal therapy. Even when chemo doesn’t work, pred does a decent job of mitigating symptoms, at least for a while. But pred suppresses the immune system, and it sounds like the herbal therapies try to boost the immune system. Could the two be taken at the same time?

    My 17 year old cat is strongly suspected of having small cell intestinal lymphoma. Prednisolone is working well for her, but compared statistically with chemo, it doesn’t prolong survival time for very long. My cat has too many other health issues for chemo to be an option. So I’m looking for alternative treatments, but I can’t imagine taking her off the prednisolone when it has made her feel much better.

    Any info on combining pred with alternative therapies will be greatly appreciated.

    And many thanks, Liz and Connie, for the ray of hope you’ve introduced!

    1. Dreamer – I just came across this site in my on search for information on this disease. I am curious as to whether you found any help on this question. We, too, are looking to use Prednisolone with alternative treatments and wondered if you have found any success. Hope your kitty is doing well. Thanks

  10. Wow, what a wealth of information — and all the effort you made to develop it. I am going to share this with the gift shop that takes care of our church cat, who was in remission, out, and in again. (We actually wrote a book about her, Surviving Cancer, Healing People: One Cat’s Story — available everywhere I think, at least online — but it has only one small section on cancer and it is not about cures per se but an anthropomorphized reaction. Not sure it will be everyone’s cup of tea; the church crowd did it to raise money to save the church.) Anyway, I do thank you for taking the time to write all of this up, and I am definitely going to share — and put it in the cat’s (Sula) Facebook page so more people will know about it.

  11. UPDATE June 2016!
    I just got this update from Connie. Nate is still cancer-free after 4.5 years. She wrote: “Nate is doing very well (knock wood). He and his sister celebrated their 11th birthday this past February. Still can’t believe he’s a 4 1/2 year survivor. I feel like everyday with him is a wonderful gift. ” Connie added that she now helps Nate keep healthy with some immune supplements recommended by his new holistic vet and she also performs Reiki energy healing on him from time to time. (I will try to get more details and add them to the end of the article.)

    1. I believe my Baby Boots, 16 year old Maine Coon, may have lymphoma of the throat. She lost her meow 5 years ago but does still communicates with purring & disapproving squeaks. Recently when she had a tooth removed, as she was just licking her food, the vet said her vocal chords were swollen & he believes she is anemic too. She only consumes the wet food I put in the blender turning it to liquid. I need advice what products to begin with to help Baby Boots.

  12. Hi all, I wanted to reply to someone a little while back about using the products mentioned originally but its been longer than I would’ve liked and I cant see the post.
    I’m using alot of what was originally mentioned except I got Milk thistle instead of Tripsy for Storms Kidneys and since a little while ago the IP6 and Inositol and artemisinin. I’ve got to say I eased up a bit on everything recently as Storm started getting a bit fat so I figured she was doing well, but now has lost a bit of her appetite now (or gotten sick of the flavours of treat I give her) so I’ve gone back to twice a day always giving her some concoction of the ES clear/ Milk thistle/ vitality science stuff / IP6 & inositol & artemisinin. etc.
    I also want to wish my deepest condolences to Cynthia for Crystal, sorry I didn’t see the post at the time. (This site brings me to tears and gives me hope at the same time.)

    1. Hi Chere,

      I have been reading all of the cancer blogs and I know what you mean I spend half my time crying. It just heartbreaking because we truly feel their pain.

      I was reading on up on essiac tea, which is what Es clear and life gold are, that you should not give a second liver cleanser (milk thistle) tripsy is for kidneys, not liver.

      Also vitality science says you should continue for at least six months even if your cat seems fine, as even the smallest cancer cell can keep growing. Maybe you can feed storm a smaller amount or a diet food to keep his weight under control?

      I am praying Tucker makes it to the 6th month mark so I can do another X-ray of his chest and see if there is a change in the mass. Even we have a miracle and the mass is gone I will slowly take him off vitality, and keep him on liquid gold and tripsy for life. He is 2 1/2 years old. He is felv+ and gets crystals UTIs and has had blockages he had the pu surgery twice with little success. Needless to say it had been a rough year and a half since I brought him home as a stray from work. I won’t give up on him though unless his quality of life is not good.

      I hope Storm bounces back soon.

      1. Hi all, Liz thanks for the kind wishes.
        I mistyped earlier I got the milk thistle because the vet said Storms liver didnt look good.
        Rachel, hows Tucker doing?
        Ive been skipping days now with all my goodies I put with her food. But just this morning I heard her make that kind of vomit sound so I gave her the petflora and some ip6 and Inisotol.
        Shes gotten fat 🙂 I’m hoping thats a good sign. She only struggled with her weight just before she was disgnosed and after the biospy until we stopped chemo. Now she may be bugger than her sister 🙂
        Rob you can get the original products mentioned on this post that Nate used; advanced immune restoration products eg: celluquent, vital pet lipids etc from and es clear, tripsy etc from
        I live in South Africa but they even shipped to me.

        Hows everybody else doing?

        Good luck everyone!

  13. Hi.
    My 5 year old cat Ozzy was just diagnosed with a large cell lymphoma.
    The tumor in his intestine has been now removed but sadly he’s got it in his lymph nodes and there is no option for a chemo treatment.
    I was searching for some alternative solutions and found this blog.
    I have ordered all supplements as You have advised above.
    It costs me quite a lot as I’m from the UK but I would pay any money to get my
    cat back to his good days.
    Please tell me is Nate still well and how long has he been taking all that holistic
    medications for?
    Have You stopped giving him the treatment when the cancer was gone?
    I would be really grateful about any information from all of You.

    Thank You.

    Kris & Kasia

    1. My cat has lymphoma he is on life gold for cancer, vitality science advanced immune support system and nvh tripsy. So far he is doing very well. Read the reviews on these. Best of luck to you and your fur baby. I know how very very hard it is.

  14. I am desperately seeking help for my 9-year old cat who was diagnosed in January of this year with small to intermediate cell intestinal lymphoma. Frankie started chemotherapy on January 8th and underwent a couple of different protocols. Nothing seemed to put his cancer into remission. As of today his prognosis is poor, the cancer spread to his lymph nodes in his chest and now he gets fluid buildup in his chest cavity that needs to be tapped frequently. He’s having trouble breathing. He stopped eating 2-3 days ago but is still able to walk around slowly. He mostly lays. Do you think at this point there is any hope for him if I start holistic/herbal remedies? He’s such a strong boy, but I hate to see him suffer. I’m heartbroken. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

    1. Justine, last I heard, which was over a year ago, Nate was still alive and kicking (and his checkup scans were clean) over 3 years after his diagnosis. I assume (and hope) he is still going. I haven’t checked in with Connie in a while.

  15. There is so much good, hopeful information here to digest. But could anyone advise me on my just diagnosed female, 14-year old cat Gracie? She has about a 3 inch tumor next to her stomach growing out towards her chest & a couple of possible tumor spots in her liver. I was going to consider chemo. The vet felt it was too close to the stomach to do surgery. She has a powerful life force, despite her nearly daily vomiting. She is cuddly, happy, and even still playful. The vets said if nothing is done she has maybe a month to live. And only 3-6 mos., if chemo given. I really do0n’t want to give up in her & let cancer win again. Just 1 year after my dog died of cancer. Please help with any adive & any specific suggestions! I have a lot of hope, but fears as well.Thanks, Jeanne

  16. Can anyone help with this? I brewed Essiac Tea and I started with 1/4 teaspoon once a day and have worked up to 1/2 teaspoon once a day and I’m also giving her a small amount of essiac from capsules mixed in her food. I found instructions to make a pint of the tea using 2 cups distilled water and 2 tablespoons of the powdered herbs but the person that posted the instructions said she made a mistake and it should be 1 tablespoon powdered herbs and I accidentally used 2 tablespoons and have been diluting it with water, but does it really need to be diluted? Would it be too potent if I gave it undiluted? Someone on a message board about essiac said that you can’t give any supplements or herbs with the essiac that cleanse the liver as that would be hard on the cat. Before I started the essiac, I was giving her the following (but not all at the same time, I rotated some) – wheat grass juice, carrot juice (sometimes), molasses and baking soda, golden paste (turmeric), medicinal mushrooms. When I gave her a few of these, her drooling improved. Does anyone know if these things cleanse the liver? Do I have to stop giving them to her or can I give the essiac in the morning and the others in the evening? I wanted to only do the essiac but I don’t know if that is too little.

    1. I gave Crystal her first liquid dose last night and I ordered the powder from the place in Canada. At this point I dont have much to lose.
      She is on her fourth month of a 3-6 month term given.
      I know her mouth is so uncomfortable. Still doing really well on her raw syringe feeding and she looks fairly well ,all things considered.
      I am managing to keep her steady at around 5 pounds or so. I dont think she has lost in quite a while.
      I am just hoping to buy her more time so she can enjoy some quality time with me in the yard when the nice weather gets here.
      Vet basically said there is nothing else we can do for yer. I am not going down the chemo road to her at 17 years of age. and also a very low percentage that it would help her at all.
      I am sure many of you understand, Ive had this cat for nearly her entire life, and she is my best buddy. I am not ready to just give up and do nothing, standing by and just watching her die

      1. You said that you are syringing her raw food, how do you get it to the consistency that it will go through the syringe? Mine has been on raw her entire life and now won’t touch it. I tried to syringe it but I couldn’t get it to the right consistency. With raw food you need a lot less food and if I could syringe it, it wouldn’t take as long to give it to her. Do you blenderize it with water?

        My girl is on month four, she was diagnosed in November, but she was never given a prognosis.

        Have you noticed anything happening yet? Look for the tiniest of improvements of any kind.

        I did not want to do chemo or radiation, her vet said that is ineffective with squamous cell. The other supplements I tried with her didn’t work and I have been trying to find her miracle, I am hopeful the essiac is it. I am also in no way ready to give up and do nothing.

        1. Hi Irene,

          So sorry about you kitty. I know too well what a horrible diagnosis this is. This is my second cat in 4 years that has had this type of cancer.

          I buy Primal Nuggets and once thawed, i put them in a small chopper and add either chicken or beef broth and then a little warm water to warm it up a bit. Ive now been adding probiotics to this as well as some of her other holistics or meds
          On the side of her mouth that she has the cancer, her eye constantly is watery and runny and she sneezes alot, sometimes 15 times in a row whenever I seem to wipe the debris from her nose, on the same side.
          She is 17 and Ive already been dealing with the cancer on her nose and ears for the past few years. Her ear tips had to come off and Ive since been still treating her nose on and off with either cryosurgery or Aldara cream.

          She seems to have good days and bad days… She still seems to have a great amount of energy and believe it or not still wants to go out, which I now only let her go out when I am with her… I feel she is somewhat holding her own, but like Ive said I have been through this before…

          I am praying it does not go up her sinus and entirely crust over her eye, which was the case with my Samantha. She had the desire to live right up to the end and died in my arms…

          Its a day to day thing. I know at times it seems hopeless, but just try and be strong and fight the battle for her

          1. My beautiful, precious Noel went to Heaven this morning. I want to thank everyone for helping me get through each day. She is no longer in pain and is with her mom, brothers and sisters. I miss her horribly, I don’t know how I’m going to get through each day without her. She was my little ray of sunshine, always by my side.

            1. Irene, I’m so sorry to hear that Noel has passed. The loss of a pet leaves a big hole in your heart that nothing else can fill and the grief can seem like a bottomless pit. It’s hard. However, take comfort in knowing that the love and care that you selflessly gave to Noel was the very best that could be done for her.
              When I lose a pet, it has always helped me when I adopt right away no matter how deep my grief. I adopted my puppy, Rosie, right after losing my 12 yr old German Shepherd, my 16 yr old kitty and I soon lost Mandi, my cancer kitty, too. The grief is still there, but the joy I’ve experienced in seeing Rosie go from pitiful and fearful to gorgeous and trusting has made it all worth the trip. Helping her to heal has also brought healing to my broken heart. We were a gift to each other.

              1. Viv,

                Thank you. I talked with an animal communicator yesterday, she said that Noel told her that she wants to remind me that she had a fabulous life with me and to focus on the memories not her illness and through her illness she felt we got very close. She said she didn’t trust anyone but she trusted me to take care of her. The trust thing is very true as Noel always hid whenever anyone came in the house. She would hide from me when I first got her but I worked with a homeopath for a long time and that behavior stopped for the majority of her life, until she got sick.

                After my first cat Boboli passed, I adopted Noel about 2 weeks later. Taking care of her was extremely stressful, I don’t know if I can handle going through that again if another pet got really sick, but I need a little furbaby to love. I don’t feel my life is complete without one. How wonderful that Rosie has brought you so much joy and healing and that you provide such a loving forever home for her.


              2. So very sorry for your loss. I had to put down Crystal this past Thursday. It by far, was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. Thankfully my vet came to my house to put her out of her pain. I truly hope there is such a thing as the Rainbow Bridge and hope she has crossed it peacefully, knowing that I did the best I could for her.

              3. Cynthia, I’m so very sorry to hear of your loss of Crystal. A beloved pet is priceless and nothing can take their place in your heart. They are always there for you no matter what. You were both very fortunate to have had each other as long as you did. Crystal lived her life as a treasured family member and no one could have done more than you did or cared for her more lovingly. Sometimes love hurts.

              4. Yes. Crystal was certainly loved. Ive had her for 17 years. It was like losing my best friend. I certainly hope they find a way to detect oral cancer earlier. It was only 6 weeks prior to her getting diagnosed that she was at the vets getting a few teeth pulled. That just shows you how aggressive it is. My neighbor swears that any time she has ever had a cat have oral work done, it always leads to a cats demise. I certainly hope this is not the case, but where her cancer started is the area where one of her teeth was pulled.

              5. Yes, oral cancer is very aggressive and because of where it’s located, it’s not easy to find while it’s still early in the game. Unfortunately, this cancer progresses very, very fast and vets just don’t see pets often enough to be likely to catch it early. Since most cats develop mouth cancer when they’re up in years, age is not in their favor either. Fighting this cancer is definitely an uphill climb with little chance of success no matter what choice of treatment is used.
                Your neighbor’s experience with cat’s having dental work and then losing them soon after sure makes a person wonder if there’s a connection. The same thing happened with your cat too. Hmmm…….. Maybe what causes dental problems could also be a factor in what causes cancer or other health problems.
                I have read that feeding cats canned food, especially fish, is linked to this cancer. Of the fish varieties, tuna is the worst as it is the most highly contaminated. I’ve also read that what’s used to make pet food is what gets condemned as unfit for humans and that there is no limit placed on contamination levels
                I hope that at least some pet food companies have higher standards but I don’t know which ones do or if there even are any. The actual manufacturing of the pet food itself can be outsourced so it may be made in a facility that is lacking in quality control practices. Not even buying a high end brand can guarantee that you are safe from the consequences of poor manufacturing practices. As is often the case, the almighty dollar rules.
                A vet I knew years ago shared some words of wisdom with me that I’ve thought about many times throughout the years when I lose a pet – “If you didn’t eventually lose your pet(s), then who would take care of the ones who need a home?” He’s right.

            2. Hi Irene, I’m so sorry to hear about Noel. ? My deepest sympathies. She was very fortunate to have spent her time with someone who loves her so much.

          2. To everyone who helped me with Noel, you were incredible support and inspiration.

            September 19 was the 6 month date of my precious little Noel getting her angel wings. It has been very hard, I miss her terribly every day, she was always by my side. I can’t believe how much time has gone by without her. A beautiful thing happens every day, I am blessed to feel her beautiful presence around me. Every night, I do a remembrance for her by turning on some small little lights in a decorative jar that I bought after she left and I feel her more when I do this. I talked with an animal communicator a few months ago and she said that both of my babies are with me and that Boboli never left since he passed in 2006 to Lymphoma.

            I have not adopted another baby because I am still not working and don’t have the finances. I had to move in with my dad memorial day weekend to take care of him and there is a family of 5 feral cats that stay around the house. A new one just started coming around. I don’t know if he or she belongs to someone or is feral but it lets me pet it. It’s ear is clipped as proof of spay/neuter and when it meows it sounds like a soft squeak. The others are slowly getting used to me. None of them hiss or try to scratch me. The youngest of them is about 4 months old. I made a cat toy and he will let me play with him a little and yesterday he let me pet him for a few minutes and even let me pick him up but wouldn’t let me hold him long. I don’t want to try to catch him because I want him to stay with his mom and family. My father feeds them canned food in the morning and I put out dry for them later in the morning and evening.

            I really need another baby, but until my finances change it wouldn’t be fair as I can’t provide everything he or she would need.

  17. For anyone who is interested in using hydrogen peroxide, here is the main body of a recent e-mail I received from David who used this for his cat, Zoe, not long before she passed away. .

    “Here is what I remember. I started Hydrogen Peroxide at the very end when it was clear everything else I was trying was not yielding the needed results. I started small by diluting the 3% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide with distilled water. I don’t remember how much I diluted it, though, maybe 2 or 3 parts water to the 3% solution. What I do remember though is that in the very end, after I had started to see some positive results, I was administering the 3% solution without diluting it any further. By all means, please do your research before taking this as advice, as I was acting out of desperation.

    However, the treatment was clearly doing something as Zoe’s mass that had begun to expand her jawline was decreasing substantially. So much so, that her jawline was returning to normal and there was virtually no lump. Where I failed in her treatment was realizing that it had spread to her throat. When I administered the solution I was placing about 5 or so drops directly in her mouth as close to where I knew the tumor was (below her tongue and on the jaw). This solution was not actually getting to her throat, at least not while it was still in an active state. If I could go back, I would have dropped a few drops in the very back as far as I could (like you do when you give a cat a liquid medicine with an oral syringe or dropper).

    I remain absolutely convinced that the treatment was doing something very positive and that if I had know the extent of how much the cancer had spread, that additional treatment targeting the throat might have yielded similarly positive results.”

    I was also planning on trying this with my kitty, Mandi, but it was not to be as I lost her before I got the hydrogen peroxide.

      1. I am at the point of desperation and what to try the high grade peroxide. Can you tell me how to administer this? And also am I buying 35% high grade

        1. Go to a health food store and get some Essiac and give it to your cat ASAP. Either buy the powder herbs and brew it yourself like I did (you make it one day and have to let it set overnight and you use it the next day), or get the Essiac in capsule form. You can also get Essiac for Pets which is made especially for them but you have to call the company or order online and it takes 5 days to get the capsules –

          Check out this site, there is a lot of information from people who use Essiac:

          I have been giving this to my cat and in the first week I saw some improvements.

          1. The article talks mainly about lymphoma, My poor girl has oral sqamous cell. If I was to purchase essiac in a pill form, can I give this orally and have good results. I will go tonite after work if this will help her at all. I will do nearly anything to help her and prolong her life and end her discomfort.

          2. My girl has oral squamous also, I think there are others on that website with other cancers.

            Yes, you can give the pill orally and get good results, mine won’t swallow it, I open the capsule and mix it with water and syringe it to her. I do it very gently and she doesn’t mind the syringe or the taste. It is best to give it on an empty stomach 1/2 hour to 1 hour before food, but you can put the contents in a little food if your cat will eat it that way, it will still work. In an emergency just get it into your cat anyway you can. I’m sorry, I forgot to mention that you can also buy essiac already prepared in liquid form but it contains some alcohol which in an emergency would be ok to give to your cat.

            There are ways to get rid of the alcohol:

            I’m giving my girl the tea and the capsules, she was not in good shape when I started giving it to her so I knew a bigger dose wouldn’t harm her.

            To start, I gave my cat 1 ml. once a day to see how she reacted and then after a few days raised the dose to 2 ml. once a day, with the tea you can raise the dose. With the capsule it’s one capsule once a day.

            I would order the essiac made especially for pets but get her started on the essiac from the health food store first if you can. The one for pets is made for their weight and even though the bottle says 2 capsules a day, you just give one. The people in the company are very helpful and knowledgable, especially Danny. I think the pill size might be a little smaller, I’m waiting for my order from them to arrive.

            1. Thank you so much for this information. Like i said, I am willing to try anything at this point. Once the oncologist said on Thursday she noticed that she thinks it spreading, I have been just devastated.
              Crystal is an awesome cat, and trusts me unconditionally. She already does her pills for me great, and I am syringe feeding her as well.
              Her pills do seem to get stuck in the crater in her mouth caused from the cancer. I will start this tonight.
              If anybody has any other remedies that have been successful with this monster of a cancer, please dont hesitate to respond

            2. OK. I bought some essiac, in a liguid form and the woman said it is basically from the same maker as the one mentioned in a prior post, i think.
              Can somebody please repost the link to buy the capsules from the website specifically for pets

            3. In regards to the essiac powder. Is this a good idea to give if the cat has a high white cell count according to the oncologist?

  18. So grateful I found you guys. I have a Maine Coon, (Amadeus); who in the past year, has progressively lost weight. He was tipping the scales at 24lbs just last year. Came down to 21, then down to 18lbs as just 6 months ago. He is now 15 lbs. Tested very high WBC (lymphocytes and neutrophils) this past Friday – Vet suspects cancer. Been cooking chicken, liver and giving him tuna. Was doing okay past 3 days. This morning, he vomited everything and does not want to eat. Taking him to the Vet (will see if he’ll tolerate an IV). How can I can the products into a cat who will not eat? BTW, he is has Feline Herpes. Thank you all in advance! I don’t plan to let the Vet do all the conventional things. He is a very high stress cat that does not take handling very well. And needs to be sedated for hygienic grooming.

    1. When I had my cat with oral cancer, I dissolved her supplements/meds in a liquid, usually water, and gave this with a syringe. I used a one cc syringe as it easily slides into the side of the cat’s mouth. This may require re-loading the syringe several times, but it’s easier on the cat than a large syringe especially with mouth cancer like I was dealing with. I did not mix anything with food as unless I saw her take what I was giving, I didn’t really know if she got it all down or not and unfortunately, cats with cancer can develop a poor appetite. Also, some things need to be given on an empty stomach. A cat that is difficult to handle (which is most of them) can be wrapped up in a towel if that’s all that will work. The downside to medicine time is that cats tend to quickly learn to run when they see you coming. This can be heartbreaking for the cat owner. My cat became easier to work with over time, but it took months before it became an accepted routine.
      L-lysine is good for herpes as it inhibits the replication of viruses. I’ve had a herpes cat too.

      1. Thank you… seems like Amadeus got tired of liver and chicken. Maybe was using too much garlic powder. He ate a little tuna and shredded roast pork I bought… even got kosher hotdogs I heated up… very aromatic. So he meowed for food… but it was the tuna in water, that he finally ate most…. Continuing variety of probiotics and L-lysine. He ate drank plenty of water. Ordered the NuPet Feline Granular. As of now, he’s keeping things down. This is nerve wracking. He used to look like a panda cat. Hope he gains weight. Getting the Celloquent next.

      2. Did you have any success at all with treating oral cancer in a cat and if so..Please tell me exactly what you did for meds and dosage

        1. Cynthia, I had Mandi, my cancer kitty, for one year and nine months after the cancer was found in the back of her mouth. The cancer was discovered in Oct of 2013 and I lost her in July of 2015 at age seventeen.
          The vet treated her for the first six months, but any benefits were short lived and got shorter with each round of meds. So, I entered the world of alternative medicine out of sheer desperation. I started with the molasses/baking soda cancer cure which sounds like snake oil but I did see results. I soon added a standardized blend of Shitake, Maitake and Reishi mushrooms plus Maitaki D-fraction, Polyvisiol Vitamin Drops and Artemisinin. That was the backbone of what I gave. In addition, I also occasionally gave her CoQ10, MSM, Lysine and a few other sups. She did fairly well with this for several months. I found that KMR Milk Replacer was good to have on hand as it is recommended for use in distressed adult cats.
          Later on, I found “a mini-protocol for treating any cancer in dogs and cats” which uses IP6 and Inositol. I wish I had found this sooner. Right before she passed away, I was also looking into food grade Hydrogen Peroxide but never had a chance to use it.
          I would do some research on all of these as well as what others have tried.
          It’s hard to know the best dosage. I think that cancer treatments in general need to be tailored to the individual based on type of cancer and how advanced it is. How to do all this is challenging and at times very frustrating.

          1. I know we never want to lose them, but 17 years of Mandi was very fortunate. I had two cats live a little past that. One, China, lived 2 years with renal failure and hyperthyroidism. She lived to about 18. I will fight for Amadeus too. Appreciate the sharing and caring.

            1. if i was to start her on the molasses and baking soda for starters, what kind of measurement would i go by?.. She is approx 6lbs or so

              1. Cynthis, I never could find out what the dosage was for mol/bkg soda when used for cats with cancer. I did a lot of guesstimating and hoping for the best when I was fighting this war. However, the recipe I used was: Three tablespoons of molasses and one tablespoon of baking soda. Be sure to use baking soda and not baking powder. Place the molasses and baking soda in a non-aluminum sauce pan and heat on medium and stir mixture briskly for about five minutes or so. This mixture may foam up a bit as it heats up so use a sauce pan a little bigger than what you think you’ll need. The mixture will become thick and gooey as it cools and you’ll need to dilute it down to make it thinner so you can easily give it with a syringe and this also helps to mellow the somewhat strong taste. I think about a quarter teaspoon of the concentrate per day would be a good guesstimate. To give this, dilute the quarter teaspoon concentrate to a consistency that is easy to give orally with a syringe and give it in more than one dose spread out over the day. I read that if the cat gets diarrhea, back off on the amount. That happened to Mandi once, and backing off fixed it.
                After I added the triple mushroom blend and artemisinin to the mol/bkg soda protocol, I felt I had a more potent battle plan that packed a bigger punch. It’s good to have more than one thing to give as just one thing may not be effective enough when used as a stand alone cancer treatment. Just check for compatibility with what you put together.

              2. I am currently giving her Turkey Tail mushroom powder and just started her on 50 mg of artemisinin

              3. When you give artemisinin, be sure to give it with a fat and don’t give it non-stop but include some breaks. Also, not all cats tolerate artemisinin well. It gave my Mandi diarrhea so I would give her only one dose per day, late at night, and just for a very few days at a time. Since cancer cells are more active at night, the late nite timing on giving artemisinin hopefully would maximize it’s effectiveness. When I would break on artemisinin, I’d rotate something else back in. Hopefully rotating helps to minimize possible side effects that could be caused by non-stop long term use and rotating may also help curtail the cancer from becoming resistant to what’s being used to treat it with.

          2. Dear VeggieNut-Viv,

            I still get email notifications about this blog and just got curious how Mandi was doing. So I read through the blog and realized Mandi had passed. I just want to send my condolences and thank you for being such a support system to so many who are trying to do all they can for their fur-babies. You did such an amazing job and still do by replying to those in need of advice. I am very thankful for you. It really helped when my Lilo was still alive. She made it longer than expected by my vet and I have you to thank for that. I still wish I could have done more for her, but she did live a long good life. I have one fur-child left that is 15 years old and it looks like she might have Hyperthyroidism. I need to get her checked out. Round two, all worth the love they give us. Sending you many thanks and blessing!


            1. Hi Ara,
              I had a hyperthyroid cat too. Teddy, who was Mandi’s 16 year old kitten, was hyperthyoid and I treated him myself. I used Thyroid Wellness Feline from Only Natural Pet. Also, he seemed to do better when I cut down/cut out commercial food. I cut out foods containing fish as fish is high in iodine. I maintained Teddy for over a year and he passed from kidney failure which is common in hyperthyoid cats but it’s also a common problem that older cats develop in general. Here’s a good article to read on caring for hyperthyroid cats: Insights into Veterinary Endocrinology by Dr. Mark E. Peterson found at:

              I think Kidney failure was the cause of death with Mandi as well. Shortly before her passing, she had gotten to where she could actually chew solid food again and ask for more. Since she had mouth cancer, I was amazed when she improved to this point but her advanced age wasn’t on our side in this battle. Cancer itself is very hard on the heart, liver and kidneys. Treating cancer also puts a strain on these organs as the dead cancer cells have to be processed and I expect the kidneys and liver carry the load of doing this. We just finally reached the end. Fighting cancer really puts you between a rock and a hard spot. You need to hit the cancer hard enough to stop it, but not so hard that you kill the cat too and it’s hard if not impossible to know when you cross this line. Since many cancer cats are already advanced in age when cancer strikes them, this can all be more than their little old bodies can handle.
              Well, our journey with cancer has ended but the aftermath lingers on. It was sure hard to go through this. It’s so hard to see our furbabies suffer and not be able to “fix” it. Love hurts. The tears can still flow.
              I lost Mandi, her 16 yr old kitten Teddy, and my 12 yr old German Shepherd Gretta all within a two week span of time last July. The day after I lost Gretta, I adopted Rosie, a rescue puppy who I now think is a border collie mix and she is very smart too. Rosie was found after having been hit by a car and was picked up by animal control and nothing else is known about her. Strips of her skin were ripped off two of her legs from having been dragged by the vehicle that hit her. She has made a FULL recovery! You should see her now!!! She runs faster than greased lightning and plays fetch endlessly! She shows no sign of injury other than some scars. She has gone from pitiful and fearful to gorgeous and trusting! Rosie is one awesome dog!!! Out of sorrow can also come joy.
              I’m glad that I was able to be of help with your fight with cancer.

      3. Hi all, Amadeus is eating a lot now… he only went one day not eating. Since I stopped the chicken and liver regimen. All soft food now, since he does not want kibble, I got for other cat UT health. Been eating quite a bit, – morning, evening, plus extra portions I leave him before leaving to work. Getting L-lysine and probiotics daily. This is very good, but I haven’t noticed any weight gain. I know it’s only been 10 days. But, been keeping him indoors now, at all times, so he has minimal stress and expends minimal energy. He looks emaciated to me, since it was a loss of 3 lbs in about 5 months. His average weight was 21 lbs. Now 15lbs. Got the Granular formula coming. Picking up enzyme formula tomorrow.

  19. Does anyone know how to get the smell of cat food off of their kitty’s face? Because I have to syringe feed my cat, some of the food comes out of the side and front of her mouth. She is scared of water and I can’t give her a bath. I try to clean the food off as I am feeding her and when the feeding is over, I try to get as much of it off as I can. I have used kitty wipes, vinegar and water, a waterless bath product, kitty shampoo, plain water. Vinegar and water was working ok, but lately it has not been working and the smell on her has become nauseating at times. The waterless cleaner I use on her body and that part of her smells so nice. She over grooms her front paws and then tries to clean her face with them and then there is the lingering smell of cat food mixed in with the saliva. I’ve tried researching this but haven’t found anything really helpful, most sites say to bathe the cat. Maybe lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide? I have no idea.

    1. Hi, plain Bronner’s soap with some lemon zest mixed in the water combined together on a cotton cloth. That ought to help.

      1. Hi,

        Thank you. I checked out their website and they have unscented and one that contains lemon oil. I’d probably get the one that has the citrus.

      1. Going according to Anitra Frazier – she says lemon zest is ok topically for flea control – apparently this comes from Juliette de Bairacli-Levy – Pitcairn also supports this solution.

        1. Yet, cats can take Ester-C for bladder crystals (mine haven’t died or had issues for years..) and there is a litter made from dried orange rinds. So technically certain “citrus” is ok..It may be the OIL that their body can NOT metabolize.

  20. Viv,
    That is a great idea! I called Cell Forte and was told not to give the IP6 with any protein, juice is fine. But some juices contain protein, not sure if she meant specifically animal protein or not. I’ve been reading today about aloe vera, wheat grass juice and noni juice for cancer and found that a lot of vets are now using Noni. I also asked about overdose and she said they don’t have any information for animals, but a person up to 150 pounds can take 10 capsules. I’m not sure about the Pepcid AC as it is a pill and I’d have to dissolve it to give it to her. There is so much information out there on different things it is very overwhelming.

    1. Irene, regarding giving IP6 with protein, I think they probably meant that you shouldn’t give it with any type of protein – plant or animal. For whatever juice you use, just look up its protein content to make sure that it’s low. You might could even use different juices/liquids for variety.
      The information available on the net can sometimes be so overwhelming to me that I feel like I’m trapped in an endless maze of confusion and there’s no way out!
      Something that I gave to one of my dogs that had stomach problems was Plant Enzymes by NOW. I had already tried other over-the-counter products that could be used for dogs with no luck but the Plant Enzymes worked!

      1. That’s what I thought about protein. I wanted to try Noni juice but I’ve been reading that it contains high levels of potassium and can cause heart problems and possible liver problems. I would never give her a lot of it but that worries me and I’m not sure if I want to use it. I want to give her the Ip6 in juice that contains no protein, even very small amounts of it, because that is still protein and any amount might effect the Ip6.

  21. PEOPLE, GIVE THEM CURCUMIN (high doses up to 1 g, 4x daily, as i described above, bioavalable brand or standard 95% curcumin+piperine).
    It works! I am seeing it with my very eyes!

    1. I am very discouraged and dont think that anything I can ever do will help my cat with squamous cell cancer. She has had 3 radiation treatments and I currently have her on some holistic meds and palladia.
      Diagnosed Oct 22 and was given 3-6 months. Having a hard time keeping her interested in foods no matter how many times I change up the menu
      Can somebody please HELP and show me the way…Where to start, what to purchase and where to get everything I should be trying.
      I have had her since she was a kitten and she will turn 17 this month.
      If I can just buy her more time and keep her somewhat comfortable

      1. Cynthia,
        My cat Noel was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer in her mouth on November 08 and it is also very hard to get her to eat. She is about 9 years old. Before she got sick, she used to inhale her food, within seconds of putting it down in front of her it was gone. She loved eating so much, it breaks my heart that she can’t enjoy it like she used to. I have to assist feed her every day to make sure she doesn’t starve and I also syringe her water if she is not drinking enough. The comments on this website are wonderful, the people are very helpful. I learned on here about some of the things I am now using. I never wanted to give her chemo, radiation or surgery. My first cat had lymphoma in his stomach and he was on chemo, I really believe it made him a lot worse. I am using different things that I am rotating and I believe they are starting to work although she will not let me look in her mouth. I tried that once and it traumatized her badly for 2 days. I would go back through the comments, older ones and the newer ones, to see what people are using and have used.

        1. I dont think there is anything that can help very much with oral cancer. Sorry to say, but all the experts say this is a death sentence

          1. I had a cat with oral cancer who responded well to herbal treatment and Viv’s protocol. She had an extra 5 months of good life that she enjoyed. Use the formula that Viv has and if you search for the herbal formula that I used you will find it in my posts about a year ago (I don’t recall it off hand) and if you have caught it early enough you can still keep your cat comfortable and happy for an extra few months.

      2. Cynthia, if you cat is receiving radiation treatments and you are also using holistic treatments as well, just be sure that you don’t use any Artemisinin during this time. You can probably find some information on line about what holistic methods will work best with the radiation treatments.

    2. Help, Alik. My cat has lymphoma, she started chemo,the CHOP protocol two days ago, started with vincristine. Can I give the curcumin along with chemo? I don’t understand two things. Should I give her 1g 95% curcumin, 4x a day, you mean 4g per day? Or can I give her just 1 to 3 capsules Longida per day? About Longvida, I found several brands named Longvida, which is exactly?

  22. Viv,
    Noel is acting odd tonight. I had to go to an early appointment this morning and didn’t have time to give her the carrot juice and IP6 or assist feed her. When I left she was on my bed and when I got back from appointment around 11:00 a.m., I looked on the bed for her but she wasn’t there. I started to make the bed and I looked down and saw her, she had been under the bed. She hasn’t gone under the bed in about a month which concerns me as the last few weeks she has always been on my bed under the covers. I fed her with the golden paste mixed in, it took 2 hours as she kept moving around, she usually doesn’t move much, the last 20 minutes or so she seemed to relax a little. When we were done, she went on the bed under the covers and around 4:00 p.m. I took her in the bathroom to give her the carrot juice and IP6 and then planned to feed her around 7:00 p.m. I decided to increase the IP6 by 1 capsule giving her 4 capsules. She seemed to tolerate it but felt that she might be in pain due to how long the feeding took earlier and lately she has hardly moved around much. I gave her a shot of the Buprynorphine which she never seems to mind and finished the carrot juice and IP6. When we were done, she went over to her food area and layed down, I’m thinking that the pain shot was helping her. Then she kept walking in and out of the kitchen fast and wanting food, whatever I gave her she didn’t want and then after about 20 minutes she tried to eat and had a hard time keeping the food in her mouth. She clearly was hungry and wanted food and she is acting very alert. almost like she was given a shot of caffeine. She finally made an attempt and started eating the raw food. I usually cut it into smaller pieces instead of a big solid lump, but left it as a lump and she was able to get into her mouth better and she probably ate about 1 ½ ounces and everytime I get up she leads me into the kitchen wanting more food, she doesn’t want what she ate earlier and when I sit down she comes over and rubs against my leg. I am very thankful that her appetite is really good and that she ate on her own tonight, but I’m wondering if it is the pain med that made her behave this way or the added IP6. Could she be having a weird reaction to the Buprynorphine? I’ve never seen her act this way when I gave it to her before. Could she be having a weird reaction to it? I gave it to her about 4:30 p.m. I decided not to assist feed her tonight which means that I didn’t give her the golden paste dose, based on how she is acting, not sure if it would freak her out being in a closed room and I didn’t want to chance it. I just put down some fresh food, I’m hoping she will eat some more through the night.

    I notice that when I mix the IP6 in the juice, at the bottom of the cup is a small amount of undissolved IP6. When you gave Mandi the IP6, did you find some that was undissolved?

    1. When I gave Mandi IP6, I mixed it with Inositol and disolved this mixture in a small amount of warm water and gave it with a syringe. I don’t remember having any problems with it disolving.
      I don’t know if Noel is having a reaction to the pain shot or not but you can try looking up Buprynorphine side effects in cats and see what you can find.
      There were times when Mandi turned away from her food although she wanted to eat. That’s when I used KMR Milk Replacer and then came up with some new battle plans to fight the cancer with. When the cancer backed down, Mandi could eat better. Over time I learned it was wise to do frequent visual checks on the inside of her mouth regularly so that I could take action as soon as I saw any negative changes. I wish I had known sooner how fast this cancer can advance so I would have known to do this from the very start. If I go through this again, I’ll at least begin on better footing.

      1. This site has changed and its hard to reply. Somethings have peeked my curiosity?
        1) Why are you giving your cat carrot juice? Carrot juice ..alone is very high in sugar, and cats to not tolerate sugars very well.
        They get their usable Vit A from animal fat. and it is converted to A when they eat.
        2) If you want good enzymes, wheat grass from a health food store (that is ready to juice) works well and is cheaper than the pet store, plus it’s organic
        3) If/when cancer cells are killed, the die off is called the Herxheimer Reaction. It can cause flu like or illness type symptoms. The body needs rest. So maybe when kitty is chilling she is fighting the toxins from cell die off.? It goes in phases.
        4) Curcumin DOES kill cancer cells..I cured my dogs thyroid cancer..3 years ago and she’s still alive and levels are normal.
        5) It needs piperdine (black pepper oil) to activate it, along with a carrier oil.
        6) If you are giving molasses and carrot juice, the cat is getting high doses of sugar. And that, along with carrot juice…lots of sugar.. may make her feel ill.
        7) Is she eating at all on her own? When mine was sick with lymphoma, he ate when he was hungry and I didn’t force him. He loved the soft cat treats..which is like kitty junk food, but it was food.
        8) Just b/c one type of supplement may work, 4-5 combined may not. It just sounds like she is being forced to ingest a ton of odd things.
        9) Have you taken her food and chopped it up? A food processor or grinder is good.
        10) Have you made fresh chicken broth? Tried heating her food?

        I apologize if I have questioned previous posts to this thread.

        I have tried to read thru all of these posts. I get lost with the cats and the details. I am so sorry anyone has to go thru this, but applaud people who are willing to look outside of the box for holistic choices.

        Thinking of you and Noel…hope she feels better.

        1. Thank you. I’ve been reading that carrot juice is anti-cancer, people have drank 5 gallons a day and their cancer is gone and I read somewhere that giving 1 tablespoon daily will help. I’m not giving her molasses every day, I rotate that protocol. I am not giving her a ton of things, I backed off on the amount that I was giving her because I felt it was too much.

          She cannot eat anything firm because she cannot chew it and it falls out of her mouth. I have tried giving her chopped up organic raw chicken but it sticks to her teeth. When I cook it I chop it up in little pieces but it is too small for her to pick up and she can’t eat the bigger pieces. I don’t give her anything really soft because it sticks to her teeth and she can’t get it out of her mouth and could choke her. She does not eat on her own every day, when she does she is not eating enough, only about a ½ ounce. If I don’t assist feed her she will starve. She is on a raw food diet and I can’t heat that up or it will destroy it. She ate about 2 ounces of it last night due to the pain medication but it was hard for her to get it into her mouth but she managed to. She has a hard time figuring out soupy types of food. She used to love milk, I have tried to give her some but she just looks like it like she doesn’t know what it is and she won’t lap anything up.

          I have been giving her golden paste but the turmeric used has very low curcumin percentage. I posted information about this on January 03. A vet in Australia said to just use the spice, then I learned from another poster on here that you have to use high percentage curcumin. I knew that you have to use curcumin, but I read that someone said using high percentage curcumin is too potent. I believed what this vet said about using just turmeric and I am angry that I did because too much time has passed, time that I needed to give her something that actually works. I have ordered curcumin with bioperene and will stop using the golden paste.

          1. Sorry, I forgot to say that I don’t assist feed her with the raw food, I don’t want her to develop an aversion to it. I syringe her Science Diet A/D food, she will not eat this food voluntarily.

        2. Susan,
          How did you cure your dog’s cancer with curcumin? Did you work up to a specific dose or did you hit it with a high dose from the beginning? What brand did you use?

      2. I’ll try the warm water tomorrow. Noel did have a reaction to the pain med. Found out that agitation and hyperactivity are side effects and some people say that these effects can last up to 4 days. I’m hoping that her reaction didn’t effect her heart. She was still hyper this morning but has settled down a little, I just got done with her feeding. It worked great for her appetite but I would prefer her to be more relaxed.

        1. I’m glad that you found out about the side effects of the pain medicine. At least you now know what was causing this so you won’t be left in limbo wondering about it. I don’t know if there are any effective holistic pain relievers for cats or not, but you could try researching it. I tried using Trameel when I had my dog with arthritis, but I couldn’t tell that it did much good.

          1. Thanks, I thought that it was odd that the IP6 would make her behave that way because I had been giving it to her off and on for a few months, it had to be the pain med. I’ve never researched holistic pain meds and haven’t heard about any. I’m wondering if Noel might be having excess stomach acid, I’ve wondered that for a long time. I read that you can give cats Pepcid but it has to be the AC kind. Did you ever use that for any of your furbabies?

      3. Viv,
        I tried giving the IP6 in only warm water but she threw it up shortly after I gave it to her and I only gave her a very small amount as I wanted to see if she could tolerate it before giving her more. The only way she will tolerate it is if it is in juice or food. If I can’t give it to her this way then I can’t use it anymore.

        1. Irene, most of the time when I treated Mandi for her cancer, I did not use IP6/Inositol as I only found out about it toward the end. You’ve got other options that you can use if the IP6 doesn’t agree with Noel. However, is your source of IP6 from Cell Forte? If so, it could be something else besides the IP6 in this formula that is not agreeing with Noel. Getting the IP6 and Inositol separately and then mixing them together could fix this if this is the problem. I’ve also read where other people have mixed the IP6 in food as their cat wouldn’t tolerate it any other way but I didn’t find any follow up comments about how this worked long term. You might see if you can find any more info from other people who have mixed IP6 with food and find out how effective it was for them and find out what foods they used.

          1. Viv,
            I really wanted to be able to use the IP6, I’m bummed about that. Yes, I am using Cell Forte. When I first started giving the IP6/Inositol when she was first diagnosed, I gave it to her in just water, I started off with 3 capsules like I did the other day, and she never threw up, and I was giving it to her often that way. I have spent a lot of time trying to find out about food and IP6 but haven’t had much luck and I am frustrated by the lack of information about it. I found a few message boards where people have put it in their pet’s food for all kinds of illnesses, cancer included, and the pet’s responded well. Unfortunately, some of these boards are closed for comments. Since I can’t return the bottle as it’s been over 30 days since I got it, I could put it in her food and see how she responds, I might have to use more capsules then if I gave it to her by itself, but it couldn’t hurt to try. I am glad that I have some other options, I received the Essiac capsules and I really hope they will help her. I have curcumin, essiac, mushrooms and possibly IP6. I’m not sure if I am going to use the molasses/baking soda for awhile.

            1. Irene, maybe you could contact Cell Forte and ask about putting it in Noel’s food to treat her cancer. Perhaps you could also ask if it’s possible to overdose on this. Since IP6 is a chelator, I’d be concerned that giving too much might cause a mineral deficiency or imbalance.
              I’ve never given any of my pets Pepcid AC or anything like that so I don’t know how that would work.
              It’s hard to find out all that you need to know when you are trying to do this yourself. When I had my cancer kitty, I sometimes worked at it all day and all night trying to figure out what to do and then I was never sure of anything. I did a lot of guesstimating and hoping for the best and feeling frustrated and uncertain about it all.

  23. Viv,
    I think I will stick with adding baking soda. I ordered curcumin with bioperene capsules today. Hopefully, Noel will respond better.

  24. Ok, this is odd, I had posted a reply but then it disappeared and now I see it when I reposted. Liz, go ahead and delete one of them.

  25. People! Who uses Golden Paste for pets with cancer – don.t do it!
    Its not effective, active ingredient in turmeric is CURCUMIN, but there are just 1-3% of it!
    You should use high doses of PURE curcumin instead to get it effective. Buy 95% curcumin and give it with some oil and piperine in doses up to 1 g for an average cat. Or buy some brand of curcumin providing enhaced bioavailabilty – like Longvida (remember, it contains 100 mg of curcumin in the capsule), or Sabinsa.
    Taking Turmeric is not sufficient for cancer.

    1. Alik,
      Thank you for posting this! Before I decided to try the golden paste I researched it and found this website:

      Somewhere else I read that it is dangerous to give pets high doses of curcumin, maybe it was on the above website, but I couldn’t understand that because I knew that curcumin is what helps with pain, not turmeric. Why would this vet say only to use turmeric and not pure curcumin? I’m desperate to help my cat and I believed this vet. Today I will order the high dose curcumin. I am very angry to think that I have been giving something ineffective to her when it is critical she gets this now.

    2. I had posted a reply but it disappeared.

      I heard about golden paste here:

      Someone had said that giving cats curcumin in capsules for humans was too high of a dose and could be toxic to them, not sure if I saw that in the above website. I know that curcumin, and not turmeric, is pain relief, but I trusted this guy when he said to just use the spice. I am desperate to get my cat effective treatments, that is why I was excited to hear about this stuff. This angers me because too much time has gone by where I could have been using the curcumin to help her and I need to get my cat effective treatments NOW. Someone needs to tell this guy that he is wrong about using just the turmeric.

      1. my kitty (7 lbs) is getting 750mg or curcumin daily for two weeks – no toxicity yet, tumor shrinking noticeably.
        I am more worried about piperine that it might irritate her stomach and cause ulcer, but i give her chaga mushroom infusion as well which is healing to ulcers.
        I was worried about curcumin side effects too when i firstly started it five months ago. I stopped it for a month and got two new tumors in my cat. One of them was very fast growing, doubling in size for some days, it was terrifying. Just stopped with use high doses of curcumin. So i won.t interrupt curcumin without serious indications anymore. That relapse was too scary for me.
        Also give her IP-6&Inositol three times a day – three hours after food or one hour before food, one hour apart from curcumin not to hinder absorption of both the supplements.

        IP-6 should be given with some pure water for bettet absorption.

        1. Alik,
          You said you started the curcumin five months ago, what dose did you begin with and how often did you give it to your cat? How long did it take to work up to the 750 mg.?

          In another of your posts you said to not put IP6 in any food or it will make it ineffective. Can I ask you where you found this information?

          1. i started curcumin in much less doses five months ago (unfortunately0. And i did great breaks in giving it, so maybe its the reason why cancer has spread.
            She takes 750-1000mg daily since 24 December. I started right from 750mg.

            I found info about IP-6 firstly here in Veggie-Nut messages, then got it confirmed in Amazon reviews of IP-6 users. So i am sure its true. I give my cat Ip-6 three hours after food or 1 hour before food, 1 hour away from curcumin. Also i have read that if you give some water with Ip-6, like 10ml or so, its getting absorbed much faster, so if time is critical? you can wait only 30 mins after Ip-6.

          2. My results on curcumin for now is that one tumoe what has been a size of a pea reduced to less than 1 mm. But this tiny 1mm stays stable((
            Other tumors don.t seem to react at curcumin at all…

          3. How did you calculate the 750 mg. – 1,000 mg.? The product I’m giving is 500 mg. per capsule (350 mg. turmeric root powder, 150 mg. turmeric extract and 5 mg. bioperine). Is the 750 mg. – 1,000 mg. only the extract or are those amounts a total of everything in the capsule? This is confusing and I want to make sure that I give my cat the correct amount of capsules.
            Still trying to find a way to give her the IP6/Inositol since you can’t give it with any protein and she can’t tolerate it mixed in only water.

          4. I contacted Dr. Aggarwal today and he said:
            “Turmeric root powder will be best for your CAT”

            Now I am completely confused. He didn’t answer my question about whether I should concentrate on adding capsules until the extract amount equals 750 mg. or higher, or if the entire capsule of root powder and extract combined equals 750 mg. or higher.

            I gave my cat this morning 2 1/2 capsules as I was adding just the extract amount (150 mg. + 150 mg. + 75 mg. = 375 mg.) If I was looking at the entire capsule amount of 500 mg. (powder plus extract) that would be 1,250 mg. Am I calculating this correctly? All of this is a learning experience. Help!

      2. If your cat have had chemo i would avoid piperine, cause stomach inner linging usually get damaged by chemo. I would use brands with high absorption but not containing piperine. Like Longvida. My cat gets (1capsuleLongvida+(1homamade capsule of 200mg NowFoods curcumin+1.5 mg bioperine+olive oil to fill the capsule, everything properly mixed by a needle))×3 times a day. 1 capsule of Longvida contains 100 mg of curcumin, the rest 500 mg is a substance making it better absorbed.

        I read a study where people with cancer (smoldering multiple mieloma) were taking 6 grams of curcumin for two years every day. They had no toxic effects even from that longterm use. So i suppose its quite safe. I.d control kitty.s bloodwork monthly just in case.

          1. The curcumin is also an anti-inflammatory, and may also be a blood thinner (if I remember) so be sure than pet is NOT getting any other meds that do the same things..or it will be too much. It MAY cause stomach irritations, but remember, cats digest food at a faster rate, so it doesn’t “sit” in the tummy” as long as it does for humans. Better when given with food.

            Regarding the kitty Noel and the raw food. At this time, I would NOT worry about the raw diet and feed her whatever she will eat. There is also an issue with animals and compromised immune systems being fed RAW foods. If shes not eating it, she is not desiring it. When it comes to enticing a cat to eat, if they can’t smell it or they don’t like, they won’t eat. It doesn’t rally matter if it has been her regular diet up until now. She has cancer, doesn’t feel well, and needs nourishment..even if it is a can of crappy Friskies!! Maybe Noel can’t smell it, or maybe it doesn’t appeal to her. Often, when any species is ill, their appetites change. Getting her to EAT…ANYTHING at this time seems to be more important, or to me it does. There are “pate” blends of foods from Fancy Feast also that are soft and loose and rich in flavor. If you can find a food that she likes/will eat…I bet she’ll feel a lot better.

            Just random thoughts…the vet told me to get whatever my cat would eat. It was hard b/c mine had been on Wysong and Sojos for years..BUT..they would NOT eat this when very ill. Fancy Feast Salmon and others to the rescue…..

            Good luck….

  26. I forgot to add that yesterday during her morning session, before I gave her any food, there were a couple of strands of saliva coming out of her mouth that had some black colored stuff mixed in it. I have no idea what it was, could it maybe be some of the tumor being excreted? Or maybe some molasses from the previous night, but the molasses I mix into the food.

    1. Irene, drooling is common in cats with mouth cancer and it’s not a good sign. When Mandi did this, it meant that the cancer was inflammed and getting worse. I don’t think it would be the molasses as I expect she would have drooled that out right away if she was going to. I don’t know if the cancer can be excreted by drooling or not. When Mandi was given stuff to treat her cancer, the drooling went away. However, Mandi is my only cancer cat and my experience is limited.

      1. Noel doesn’t always drool, I see it mostly when I am feeding her. I try to give her a small amount so she doesn’t have a lot in her mouth but the syringes sometimes stick and I end up giving her a little more food than I wanted to and then some of the food comes out. Last night she had really low energy during her session and the last few minutes she kept the food in her mouth a little longer without chewing, I knew she must have been really tired. But when the session was done she walked away and then came back and ate about a ½ ounce of her raw food. Today I started the next protocol of carrot juice, golden paste, IP6 and Flor-Essence. I’m not sure if I am going to use the IP6 with the Flor-Essence, that might be too much to give her at one time. The carrot, IP6 and molasses/baking soda worked well together and I know that they are compatible. I ordered Essiac capsules and am going to start to use those instead of the Flor-Essence as the Essiac has less herb in them and she doesn’t seem to do well on things with a lot of ingredients. I’ve heard better things about the Essiac. I really wish I would have known about some of these supplements with my first cancer cat Boboli. She is losing some of the fur at the top of her chest. She isn’t grooming that area, I wonder why that is happening.

        1. A possible cause of Noel not grooming her chest area is perhaps some of her supplements could have dripped, dropped or drooled there and left an unpleasant taste or smell. I don’t know what could be making her fur fall out there. Maybe stress?
          I wish I had known more when my cat got cancer. I would have started off better than I did and I might have been able to have Mandi longer. What disturbs me the most is that my vet never told me about the existence of alternative treatments for cancer in cats. Even if this vet wasn’t a holistic vet he could have at least told me other options existed. I had to find out myself by searching the net and this turned into an endless endeavor. However, we can only do our best with what we have to do with.

          1. Those are good possibilities, she stopped grooming herself awhile ago and I try to do what I can to clean her in the bathroom after her session. She has been scratching her face and chin area a lot with one of her feet which might be one reason the fur is coming off. There could be some food residue that is itchy, I try to get all of it off and I read about putting some vinegar in water to help with itching and use a toothbrush with some on it to clean her then I use just water to dab it off. It is very messy feeding her and my bathroom has brown specs all over it, she wrings her head a lot and food flies, I try to clean her mouth before that happens. I know that she is stressed out, I rub a few drops of Rescue Remedy often on her ears to help. I felt her front paws today and they are not as matted from her chewing on them. I’ve been putting the vinegar water on her paws to help keep her from chewing on them, I’m hoping it is helping. I wish I had known more too, I also wish that I would have given Boboli and Noel supplements throughout their life to prevent the cancer, but I never thought that either would get this. Too many conventional vets don’t take the time to learn about alternative medicine and they don’t value animals, they think that once they get sick you put them down, they don’t understand that your pet is a part of your family. They know that alternative treatments exist but a lot don’t believe in them and think that conventional is the only way to treat them. The holistic vet that Boboli saw for years only told me about a few Chinese medicine treatments when he got sick that I used, he was also on homeopathic remedies. None of these were helping him, that was when I began to research other things I could give him. Noel was seeing the same vet and when the vet saw there was inflammation under her tongue, she didn’t talk to me about anything I could give her other than an antibiotic. That was one of the many reasons that I switched vets, I didn’t feel they really wanted to help her. Then my new vet who is conventional, did the same thing yours did, he didn’t talk to me about anything alternative, he said that the only thing to do would be surgery as chemo and radiation wouldn’t help. When I told him that I was giving her things he really didn’t seem interested which is surprising. A lot of conventional vets are now combining conventional and alternative medicine, but it’s hard to find one. This evening, before her session, she came into the kitchen wanting food but wouldn’t eat anything I put down. I’m hoping that the golden paste will work harder then the molasses/baking soda. I was reading that people give their pets molasses and turmeric together, without the baking soda, and it shrinks tumors. I thought that baking soda was needed to shrink them. I wouldn’t think that molasses would have much of an impact on the tumors.

            1. I don’t know about turmeric and molasses. Sugar feeds cancer so I’d try and find out more about that one before I used it. Cancer likes carbohydrates. Turmeric is poorly absorbed and is often given with bioperine to enhance it.

  27. I forgot to tell you thank you for providing the link to your pictures. Your animals are very beautiful. Noel is a tabby like your Mandi, I will have to find some pictures of her.

    Thanks, I know that when I was trying the hydrogen peroxide protocol for myself for my back pain, I read that you have to wait 3 – 4 hours before eating to make sure that your stomach is completely empty or the peroxide might bind to any food left in it. Since cats stomach’s are much smaller, probably 2 – 3 hours after giving the IP6 before feeding. I understand about the fear of associating medicine time with food time. That was what I was fearing was happening with Noel, but this afternoon after she woke up, she came into the kitchen wanting food and I put down the last small can of Blue Buffalo Oceanfish flavor that I had and she dove right in and ate for about a good minute, she really got into it taking good mouthfuls, even though I knew it was hard to do that with the tumor. Tonight, right after I let her out after her session, she stayed around her food area acting like she wanted food even after I just fed her ½ of a regular size can, I put down some fresh raw but she didn’t want it, then I put down some of the Blue Buffalo she ate earlier but she didn’t want it and I opened a new can of the Nature Variety Rabbit giving her a ¼ can and she dove right in again and ate about half. I am very happy because it’s been a few weeks since she ate any food on her own. I am suspecting this is due to the IP6/Inositol I gave her this morning. The first time I ever gave it to her she ate on her own after not eating for awhile. I know it could take time for the IP6 to work and I am again impressed with it.

    1. Noel is doing very well to be eating like this and asking for food! This is a good sign that the cancer may well be improving. Great job!!!
      I’m glad that you enjoyed seeing the pics of my furbabies. Red Bubble is mostly a place where I’ve made friends with other artists.
      I was impressed with IP6/Inositol too and after I tried it, I wished that I had found it sooner. However, I think that Mandi probably died from kidney failure and this happened after I really hit the cancer hard with IP6/Inositol to try to back it down as by this time the cancer had spread to the other side of her head. Everything I read about using IP6/Inositol said it was safe even in large amounts and it wasn’t toxic and it had no side effects. Right before she died, her mouth looked pretty good on both sides and her appetite was good up until the last few days. I figured that she probably was in detox and that she would hopefully soon come out of it but that was not to be. However, I now think that I may have killed off the cancer faster than her little old, aged body could detox as this would put a heavy load on her kidneys as well as her liver. Also, since she had been fighting this battle against cancer for one year and nine months, I expect it took a heavy toll on her aged body and we had simply reached the end. It’s really really hard to know exactly what to do or how much to do. If you don’t do enough, the cancer gains ground but if you do too much, it can be more than the cat’s body can handle especially when they are already so old. Either way, too much or not enough, it can cause you to lose the battle. When you thinnk about it, something has to get done with all the cancer cells that are killed off and somehow healthy tissue has to re-grow to replace what the cancer destroyed. I sometimes gave Mandi type1/type 3 collagen blend to help rebuild healthy tissue but I never knew if it did or not. I probably didn’t give it to her often enough to really know because I was concerned that the cancer might be able to use it to build itself with. Although I searched the net for more info, I never was able to find out. If I were doing it over, I’d give her the type1/3 collagen as something was needed to promote healing. Well, if I ever do have to go through this again, I’ll at least start off knowing more about it than I did this time.
      You’ve done a good job at working with Noel and you’ve done it in a way that she can tolerate. You truly are the wind beneath her wings. Keep on keeping on!

      1. Thank you! Well, she only ate like that for 1 day, the last 2 days she has had low energy and also this morning and has not wanted food. Could that mean that she is detoxing? I saw that before with the IP6, one day I’ll give it to her she has better energy then the next day it is lower. But I don’t want to stop the IP6, I am giving her 3 capsules in the morning, I’m not sure if I want to increase it until I see more consistent improvement in her energy because if she is low energy now because of it how will her energy be if I increase it? I’m still syringe feeding her 1 can a day and also syringing her about a cup of water per day because the water bowl is so big I haven’t seen a change in the level of water. I’m thinking of plugging in the water bowl to see if it will attract her. If not I will go back to her smaller water bowl. I can’t open up her mouth to look in but when I syringe her water she opens her mouth a little and yesterday I think I saw that the right side of her tongue is a little purple, I couldn’t see under her tongue. I’m going to try to keep her mouth open a little longer with the syringe and maybe then I can see more, she hates that thing being in the side of her mouth more than a few seconds. I’m so sorry that everything took a heavy load on Mandi’s body. Today is the last day that I give her the molasses/baking soda, tomorrow I start my other protocol 7 days of the golden paste, carrot juice and IP6, I may add in the Flor-Essence as the bottle is going to go bad soon if I don’t use it. Do you know if you can freeze Flor-Essence? Thank you, I am so glad that Noel is tolerating what I give her. I just wish that she would eat more of her food and that I wouldn’t have to assist feed her anymore. That is becoming exhausting. At least I am getting some exercise as I mostly stand when I do it and I bend down to give it to her every 20 seconds.

        1. It’s hard to know why Noel became weak after giving her IP6. It chelates minerals and maybe that could have affected her. Also, cancer itself is hard on the heart, kidneys, liver and most likely about everything else and any extra load could possibly overburder her especially when you consider her age. Lab work from the vet might or might not be helpful, but it will be pricey.
          I never tried Flor-Essence so I’m not sure if it can be frozen or not. If they have a toll free number, you might could call and ask them.
          Due to the aggressive nature of cancer and it being located in Noel’s mouth, feeding her will probbly continue to be somewhat challenging.
          Seeing the color purple on Noel’s tongue is not a good sign. When the cancer flared up in Mandi’s mouth, there could be dark purple in the area of the cancer and sometimes it would be bright red from the inflamed ulceration. One day when I was checking Mandi’s mouth, I saw a dark purple spot on the roof of her mouth and I think it may have been the cancer spreading. I hit the cancer harder and the spot which was about a quarter inch in diameter went away and never returned. I don’t know for sure what it was, but it was the color of cancer.
          I think mouth cancer is one of the worst cancers to have to deal with due to it’s location. Even if the cat wants to eat, they sometimes just can’t. It gets discouraging. Mostly, I just kept on keeping on. Fighting cancer is definitely an uphill battle.

      2. Viv,
        Noel pee’d on my bed this afternoon, she did it a few minutes before I could get her for her session. She has never done that before, she has always used her litter box. A few minutes ago I got done with her session and she pee’d and poo’d in her box. Did Mandi ever pee on your bed?

        1. In all of her seventeen plus years of life, Mandi never once peed on the bed. She always used her box or else went outside. However, my 11 yr old spay incontinent dog has wet the bed more than enough to make up for it. Thankfully, I built a clothesline a few years ago and it’s really paid off.

  28. Viv,
    Thank you for the food chart, I am now understanding the importance of only doing one alkaline protocol per day and have changed up the supplements. Thursday I only gave her carrot juice, I read about carrot juice being an amazing cancer treatment and started her on 1 tablespoon daily of pressed juice. I have decided to give her just the carrot juice and molasses/baking soda for the next week. Friday I didn’t give her any supplements, only food. Saturday, I started the molasses/baking soda again ¼ teaspoon and continued that today with the carrot juice. The last day she ate on her own was 12/14 and the last few days she hasn’t drank on her own and I thought that my syringing her the water might have caused her to develop an aversion but today she proved me wrong and there was a tiny bit improvement which I am very happy about. During her sessions I fill up a big tall mug with water and put it in front of her and she would drink out of it but the last few days she hasn’t and I started to get scared that she didn’t want to drink any. I went out and got her one of those fountain water bowls today and about an hour after her session she drank a little out of it and also tried to eat a little of her raw food. I haven’t plugged it in yet as I wanted to see how she would react to the size of it first. I saw that the food had been moved in the plate and when I went to clean the plate, some of the food had saliva in it. I think I was overwhelming her with the Flor-Essence and mushrooms, going to start those up again next week and have decided to only concentrate on 1 or 2 things at a time right now. I opened a new bottle of the Flor-Essence a few days ago and the bottle says to use it in 3 weeks, the bottle cost $36.00, have to start using it again as I don’t want it to go to waste, but I wanted to do the golden paste next week, guess I’ll have to try to combine the Flor-Essence with the golden paste. I tried the colloidal silver but I haven’t seen any results yet and have decided to return it. I paid over $50.00 shipping to get it here fast and should have just paid for regular shipping but I heard such amazing things about it but I’m not seeing the amazing results that a lot of people have talked about. I agree that I need to go back to only doing 1 or 2 things at a time and today that tiny improvement is awesome because she is not being overwhelmed by so many things.

    1. Here’s where you can find some more resouces about treating cancer in pets:

      Oddly enough, I never found this on the Cancer Tutor when I had Mandi. Probably this is because the Cancer Tutor has so much to read through. I just found it today when I was looking for more resources that you might be able to use.

      Using caution so that you don’t overwhelm Noel by giving her too many things is good. You can add on as you go as you find out what works well with what. just keep a close eye on the cancer so that it doesn’t gain ground on you.
      When using herbal formulas, different batches may vary in potency as the active ingredient(s) may not be standarized to contain a guaranteed minimum amount. Using standardized formulas or pharmaceutical grade when available could help maximize effectiveness.
      It can take some time before you see results with some things and the Colloidal Silver may not have had sufficient time to work enough so that you can see it. However, since not all cancer treatments will work on all cancer patients, it’s hard to know if this needs more time or if it just isn’t going to be effective. I never tried Colloidal Silver so I don’t know much about it from experience. There are so many things out there to use that it’s just not possible to try them all. Sometimes it gets just downright confusing and frustrating trying to figure out the best way to go. Fighting cancer is a real trip.

      1. I have decided to start up the IP6/Inositol again as yesterday the tumor bled a little a couple of times. Unfortunately, I can’t look in her mouth to see what it is doing. How long after you gave Mandi the IP6 did you feed her anything with iron? I gave her the IP6 this morning mixed in 1 tablespoon of the carrot juice and then I wondered if carrot contains iron.

        I found this on carrots:
        Carrots contain .30 milligrams of iron per 100 grams. Grams is a measure of weight. To put 100 grams in perspective, consider alternative measures for this food:
        1 cup equals 128 grams
        1 cup equals 110 grams

        Do you think that I am ok giving her the IP6 with the carrot as there is such a small amount of iron in it or does any amount of iron make the IP6 less effective? If I give it to her with water she doesn’t tolerate it well.

        I don’t have to return the bottle of the colloidal silver to get my refund, maybe I didn’t give it time enough to work. I’ll continue to use it but I need to figure out when to include it as I am taking the supplements one at a time right now. I have become very impatient with treating her cancer.

        1. Irene,
          It doesn’t sound like that the iron in the carrots would be any problem. If your kitty will accept this method, I’d use it. Cats just aren’t the easiest critters to work with and anything you can do to make this easier on your cat will also make it easier on you. IP6/Inositol works slowly over time so don’t expect instant results, but keep in mind that the IP6 will chelate not only the iron the cancer uses but any other available minerals and iron. I don’t know what the limit is on giving this before you run the risk of iron and other mineral deficiences. I never could find out much about any negatives with this.
          Fighting cancer can stretch your patience, your endurance, your sanity, your time and your budget. You make a committment for the duration but you fight this battle one day at a time. Hang in!

          1. Viv,
            How long after you gave the IP6 did you feed Mandi any iron that would interract?

            That is a relief, she doesn’t mind the carrot juice mixed in. Using the juice will help solve how I can give it twice a day as she likes the juice and she is getting some nutrition which will help as she won’t be given any food until I guess a few hours later. I will split the tablespoon of juice with each dosing. When it was the IP6 mixed with water or milk it was thicker and it would cause her to make smacking sounds and she would try to get away from me faster. She does complain but she sits more calmly when I give her more.
            Yes, this definitely is a test of patience and the emotional and physical impact is really starting to affect me. I love her so much I will do anything to fight this and get her well.

            1. I never timed it or particularly worried about it. Mandi didn’t want to eat right after medicine time probably due to the after taste and the stress of taking meds so that was not a problem and I didn’t feed her right before medicine time as I didn’t want her to associate the two together. I tried to avoid associating food with anything unpleasant so that she wouldn’t be afraid that something awful was going to happen to her when she ate and then get to where she might not eat at all due to fear of what’s going to be done to her next. I just spaced things out over the course of the day and sometimes into the night.

  29. My kitty has cancer on his bottom lip.I’ve been using Essiac tea for 2 weeks, 3ml 2X a day. I also put a warm compress of Essiac on the lip.
    The growth continues to get larger.He still eats really good & grooms himself. He’s been fed human grade raw meat,mostly chicken,with supplements all his life. He’s 13 yrs old.He was diagnosed with Eosinophlic complex ( an immune disorder) when he was 2 yrs old.He lost all his teeth before he was 9yrs old,but continued to act & eat normally. I know if I were to give him all the things the other people mention he would be hiding & probably stop eating ( it’s happened with other of my cats in the past) I’m an older woman & live alone on a small income. I do NOT trust the doctors & would not have surgery on him. In the past other of my animals suffered terribly from the surgery & died soon after. This is just breaking my heart I want to save him. I am angry that after all these years no one has found a way to CURE cancer!

    1. Nancy, something that was easy for me to give to my cat that had cancer was a mushroom supplement. It’s a blend of Maitake, Shitake and Reishi mushrooms in capsules that can be opened and made into a tea. It doesn’t taste bad so it wasn’t hard for me to give this. The brand I used was standardized and I got it from Swanson’s vitamins. I tried using this mushroom blend as a stand alone cancer treatment and although it helped, it wasn’t enough by itself. I kept using it but I gave it along with Molasses/baking soda and occasionally Artemisinin. I rotated what I did so I wasn’t giving my kitty a whole lot at one time. Polyvisol vitamin drops for babies also seemed to help my kitty maintain her over-all health.
      It sounds like you discovered this cancer fairly early which is a big plus but time is of the essence when dealing with cancer.
      I know what it’s like to be an older person who lives alone on a small income and there are low cost cancer treatments. I started with molasses/baking soda but it does have a strong taste that cats don’t like. However, I’ve read where people have disolved baking soda in coconut oil and applied this topically to skin cancers. It could be worth a try and it won’t break the budget but I wouldn’t use it as a stand alone treatment.
      I’m angry that there are other ways to treat cancer but you’ll have to find them out for yourself and then figure out how to use them yourself. The key to curing cancer is to prevent it from ever happening in the first place.

  30. That’s what I thought. It’s getting harder to give supplements away from food, stressing her out more as that’s an additional bathroom session. Last night I gave it to her by itself and 1 1/2 hours later I assist fed her without any supplements and her energy the rest of the night was really low. Going to concentrate on molasses/baking soda, golden paste, Flor-Essence and mushrooms as I can put all of those in her food. Not sure if I will be able to continue with the IP6 which is really disappointing.

    1. You seem to have a good battle plan going. You may be able to use IP6/Inositol later on as Noel may become easier to work with over time. If you fight this battle long enough, you’re going to need some back up and the IP6 may just be the ace up your sleeve that will give you the winning hand or at least buy you a little more time. You might be able to continue using the 3% hydrogen peroxide if it’s tolerated even if it’s only occasionally used. If you do, just be sure to use food grade.

      I found this on “Pets with Cancer-Pet Grub”:
      “Detoxification can be scary when the pet is relatively healthy and just getting rid of excess toxins. But when your pet has cancer and begins to detoxify, then the detoxification can be magnified to an even greater extent.
      It’s possible that your pet may become extremely lethargic — so much so that your pet might be completely listless. This can happen because the body is really needing to focus its energy on healing. When the body is feeling better, then the lethargy goes away.”

      I think that older cats have a much harder time going through detox as this puts a heavy load on the kidneys and liver which very likely aren’t functioning as well as they did when the cat was younger.

      1. Thank you, these few things seem to be tolerable and will rotate them as you had said that is what you did. I read today about colloidal silver and the amazing benefits of it, I ordered some, apparently you can add it to food. I do want to continue with the IP6, will find a way to use it. The stress of all of this starting to effect me, been getting a lot of nausea. I’m praying that her low energy is the detox as I don’t want to think of what it could be. She has been very healthy her entire life, except for a cold after being found when she was a kitten, and she has been on Nature’s Variety Frozen Rabbit patties since about 6 months old along with organic pumpkin and some frozen vegetables to add bulk. I have never fed her canned food until now. I would give her an occasional cooked chicken and sometimes a little bit of a hamburger when I had fast food, but her diet has otherwise been very healthy. I was using the 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide after you posted the e-mail from David, she seemed to tolerate it and it was the only thing that I could give to her on the bed and she wouldn’t run from keeping it a safe zone. I stopped it because someone from the CancerCure group said that I might be giving her too much. I started back on it this afternoon. I did notice that since yesterday she isn’t hiding from me, she isn’t sitting in her litter box when I take her for her session and isn’t lying down during her session. I’m hoping that is improvement and something is starting to work. I’m also hoping that by her not doing those behaviors that she is a little less stressed, but she is still digging into her front paws. I’ve been giving her Rescue Remedy on her ears and yesterday and today I felt that she didn’t need it as she has been going from the bathroom directly to the bed and resting.

        1. The key to successfully using more than one protocol at a time is to make sure that they work together. For example, you shouldn’t use more than one alkalizing protocol, like Mol/bkg soda, at a time. Research each protocol and find out how it works. I kept notebooks so I could easily refer back to the important info that I wanted to remember. When I first started this journey, I found some of this info on “cancer tutor” and it was mostly their from their “dirt cheap protocol” since I’m on a tight budget. Cancer tends to get resistent to what you use to treat it with and rotating protocols helps you keep something going that will be effective. It can also help prevent the side effects that come from long term use. I don’t know if the hydrogen peroxide is compatible with the other things you’re now using, but it might be good to rotate it in. I never got to use it but it did sound promising from what David told me about it.
          The stress is very hard on the caregiver. I’m a long term type 2 diabetic with complications and it was very hard on me especially considering that I had three old sick pets all at the same time that I was largely treating myself. Controlling stress plays a major part in controlling diabetes and I expect that stress plays a big part in over-all health. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.

          1. Thanks for letting me know about being careful with the alkalizing protocol. Turmeric and mushrooms are alkaline and I have given both of these on the same day as the molasses/baking soda. Wonder if it’s too much alkalinity and might be contributing to the low energy? If too much alkaline is given will that cause Metabolic Alkalosis? Today I got a bottle of liquid Maitake-D fraction made by Mushroom Wisdom. Can I ask for your help on how to go about using these supplements together as they are all alkaline? Should I only use one of them at a time per day? Because the Artemisinin is out and I have yet to figure out how to give her the IP6 without food since I am giving at least 3 at one time, that only leaves molasses/baking soda, golden paste, Flor-Essence, mushroom blend and now the colloidal silver and Maitake-D Fraction. This is getting really confusing. Today I gave her a ¼ teaspoon of the colloidal silver and then 2 drops of the Maitake-D Fraction as I don’t know how much of that to give. The human dosage is 20 drops. The HP you have to give at least 4 hours away from food as that will bind with food. I had to leave for a few hours this morning, I didn’t give her anything (supplement or food) before I left and when I got back a few hours later she greeted me at the door and was walking around. I think she drank some water when I was gone as when I had her in the bathroom for her session, she pee’d a good size ball of clumping litter. She hasn’t gotten off of the bed and walked around in about 2 days as she was going straight from the bathroom to the bed, I think something might be working. But then I gave her a squirt of the colloidal silver and she didn’t like that. I keep a document on my computer that is an ongoing log everyday of everything about her and everything that I am doing for her. I went to the cancer tutor website, it’s very extensive.

            1. I found an alkaline/acid food chart on and it had mushrooms listed as highly acidic but I don’t know if this would apply to mushroom supplements. When I used the triple mushroom blend, I added the Maitake D-fraction to it. I used capsules and I would open up them up and make tea and give this with an oral syringe. I used this tea along with the Mol/baking soda and occasionally I used Artemsinin but the Artemisinin was given with a fat usually late at night separately from any other supplements. I would also use Polyvisol Vit drops, CoQ10, MSM (occasionally), L-Lysine (occasionally) during the day. I had days when I would only give mushroom tea and L-Lysine and/or MSM. Sometimes I only gave her the mushroom tea. Sometimes I planned out my battle stragegy one day at a time so I could try to avoid overwhelming her.
              You’re giving quite a bit to Noel. You could try breaking the different products down into a couple of groups based on compatibility. Then, you could rotate the groups. By having a rotational system, it may help to avoid possible side effects from long term use of the same thing.
              The amount of info you can find on what to use to fight cancer with can be overwhelming. So I started with just one thing, Mol/bkg soda, and I then added on slowly based on what I thought should be compatible from what I could find out online.
              Fighting cancer is one long hard ride.

  31. Earlier this week I also pasted the link to the Luna’s Cancer website about the toxic effects. But this makes me wonder if those adverse effects can show up a lot sooner than the amount of time they showed up in her dogs because the Artemisinin is such a powerful herb. I had given her the Artemisinin a total of 11 times, a couple of the days I had given it to her morning and night on the same day, the other times was once day for 3 days in a row, another time I skipped days in between so it wasn’t all the time. The last time she threw it up was on 12/07 but it was mixed in with the IP6/Inositol and water. All the other times I had given it to her she seemed to tolerate it. And I had finished with her assist feeding around 7:00 p.m. and I’m hoping that not all of that food was thrown up. I didn’t give her anything until around 10:00 a.m. to give her body time to rest after being so horribly upset last night. She held down what I gave her, the supplements and food. Last night she tried to eat her raw food but I guess she was too tired. I think that I saw her trying to groom her privates, she hasn’t groomed herself since early November. I saw a better reaction with a small amount of IP6/Inositol, molasses and baking soda, mushrooms and Flor-Essence yesterday. The Flor-Essence contains Red Clover Blossom.

    I know that she might not want to eat the food as it tastes different with the supplements in it, but due to her fearfulness I pretty much have to do that because that is the only way that I know they will get into her and I have to take her into the bathroom and close the door. She will not allow me to do it out in the living room area, she runs away and hides and then it may be hours before I can give it to her again and then her stress level goes up when I have to bring her into the bathroom again. I live in a very small apartment, it’s a converted pool house. The only room with a door is the bathroom. I know that the following things will not make her throw up if given in a syringe together without food: IP6/Inositol, mushrooms, Flor-Essence, molasses and baking soda, golden paste. I am going to stick with these things, rotating them and then start up the hydrogen peroxide at night again as the Artemisinin is out. Since the HP is only 4 drops HP and 2 drops distilled water, that is such a small amount that I don’t have to take her in the bathroom to give it to her, I can give it when she is on my bed, she doesn’t seem to mind. You mentioned the supplements possibly causing her electrolytes, minerals, etc. to be unbalanced. In one of your posts you mentioned Pedialyte. Would that help her electrolytes and minerals? I would like to try to give it to her. Do you know what dosage to give cats? Thank you for including all of the supplement information that you used. Noel is an inside cat, she hasn’t been outside since she was rescued as a kitten. There is so much traffic on my street that I’m afraid she’d be hurt and there are other cats that wander around I don’t know how she would react to them.

    1. When I had Mandi, I only gave her Pedialyte when she seemed to be dehydrated and that was near the end. I mixed it with water or chicken broth so I could get as much liquid down her as I reasonably could. I never did find out the dosage for cats but it may depend somewhat on the of severity of the problem.
      I wasn’t clear on this, but if you give the IP6 at the same time as the Mol/bkg soda, this may cause the IP6 to chelate the iron in the molasses instead of the iron in the cancer cells. This would reduce the effectiveness of the IP6.
      Do-it-yourself cancer treatment is really confusing and hard. I don’t know how many times I searched the internet all day and all night with no sleep trying to figure out what to do, how to do it, how much to give, or what the possible side effects are and then after all that I stilI wasn’t sure of any of it. I felt that I was having to make critical decisions with too little information to be accurate. Caregiver stress is very high.

      I am

      1. Thanks for the info on Pedialyte. I forgot about IP6 chelating with the iron in the molasses. Does that mean that if I give the IP6 mixed in with her food, that the IP6 will chelate with the iron in the food? I don’t want to reduce the effectiveness. Researching can be very overwhelming because who do you believe? I would believe pet owners more than doctors on what works/worked for their pet.

        1. IP6 is a chelator (binder) and will also chelate other minerals. Below is an excerpt from an article that was written in reference to people taking IP6.

          “… IP6 does strongly bind to copper, zinc, magnesium, iron, and (to a far lesser extent) calcium, so it should always be taken on an empty stomach to avoid depleting dietary minerals…..”

          This sounds like it may be best to take it apart from food, but you also have to consider how challenging it can be to get a cat to do things the way they should be done. The little bit of food you’re giving with the IP6 may not be significant enough to make a difference but then again, there really isn’t an easy way to know for sure.
          My kitty Mandi became easier to work over the course of this disease and by the time I learned about IP6, she was much easier to work with than she was the during the first year. I always spread out what I gave Mandi so that everything didn’t wallop her system all at one time. IP6 doesn’t have a strong taste like the Artemisinin does and this may make giving it a bit easier.

          If you want to see pics of Mandi, you can see them on Red Bubble here:

        2. I’ve read in several places that IP6 not only chelates iron but it also chelates other minerals as well and it should be given on an empty stomach . Giving IP6 with food would make it less effective.

        3. Irene, I just thought of something that Noel might like to eat – baby food! I used to feed this to Mandi. I would get the meat varieties like turkey or chicken. Baby food is very easy to eat as it can be lapped up, no chewing required! This would also be low carb and and that’s a plus as carbs feed cancer.
          I know how you feel when it’s so difficult to give meds to your furbaby. I remember well. My first several months of going through this with Mandi was just awful trying to get stuff down her whether it came from the vet or whether it was the supplements I was giving her. The stuff from the vet was the worst as it tasted so horrible that I usually had to wrap her in a towel so she couldn’t do much about it. Catching her sometimes resembled the calf roping contest at a rodeo. However, with time it got better.

          1. Viv,
            Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried giving her baby food but she just looks at it. Over the last few months, I’ve tried giving her milk but again she just looks at it, she puts her nose in it, but it’s almost like she doesn’t know what it is. She used to love milk, I would make oatmeal for my breakfast, pour milk over it, set the bowl down on the floor and she would eat out of the bowl for a good 5 minutes. She used to also eat the oatmeal out of my hand without it being cooked. Everytime I would open a cereal package, when she heard that she used to come running. I hate giving her the supplements, it really hurts because I feel that our trust is disturbed. Thank goodness she forgives me after her sessions, it helps me feel that she knows I am trying to help her. She hasn’t had to go to the vet for a little while so that helps some in that she knows I am the only one making her take these. I know what you mean about what it looks like trying to catch our furbabies. Thankfully, my place is so small that there are only a few places that she can go.

            1. It can be really challenging to get a cat with mouth cancer to eat but here’s a couple of ideas. Cooked chicken livers. Add enough water to them when they’re cooking so that it makes gravy. Cooked chicken livers are soft and can be mashed up with the gravy so it can be lapped up. It also has a strong enough smell so that it is attractive to cats. Cats won’t eat if they can’t smell their food.
              Another idea is to blenderize the Nature’s Variety frozen rabbit patties. Add enough water to make it easy for her to eat.
              I may be repeating myself with some of this as I’ve gotten more forgetful as I’ve gotten older. However, I figure that if I get forgetful enough that eventually I won’t remember that I ever forgot anything so at least it won’t bother me anymore. :))

          2. It is so hard getting Crystal to eat> She has given up on any solid foods within the last few weeks. I have her on a raw diet and that is basically all she is consuming. I mix it with either chicken or beef broth. Even when I put food in the blender and try and make it as fine as possible, she seems to turn it down. Ive tried the baby food and although she seems to shy away from it, of course all the other cats love it

            1. I sometimes had problems getting Mandi to eat when the cancer would flare up in her mouth and make it difficult for her to eat/chew her food. KMR Milk Replacer helped her during these times as she liked it and the other kitties were happy to care of any leftovers. Another thing she liked was soft scrambled eggs. I prepared them so they were a bit runny and she could lap them up, no chewing required. I was sure to make enough for the other kitties too. Then, there were a few really rough times when I fed her with a syringe. I blenderized her food and added enough water or else some Pedialyte to make it so that I could give it with a one cc syringe. One her favorite foods that I did this with was lean, raw beefsteak. Baby food also works well with syringe feeding and it doesn’t have to be blenderized. Polyvisol Vitamin Drops seemed to help keep Mandi perked up.