Vets who really know and love cats: a list

adorableRescueCat Vets who really know and love cats: a list

doctor_cat Vets who really know and love cats: a list In response to the post 5 ways to find a vet who really knows cats (it could save your cat’s life), many folks recommended vets and clinics so that others may benefit from the good doctors they have found.

Here’s that list, courtesy of people like you.

To submit vets to add to this list of great “cat vets,” just leave the info in the Comments below. Thank you!



Dr. Kaneko at the Cat Clinic of Davis, CA: ” We were SO happy with him that when we moved out-of-state we wished we could take him with us. Unfortunately we’re still trying to find a feline-centric vet in the southwest MI area. Wonderful idea of compiling cat-focused vets, thank you.

Dr. Gary Richter, in Oakland, CA:  “holistic, integrative vet…His clinic’s logo doesn’t have a cat, but he does have a cat at home and he takes delight in seeing our cats when we have appointments with him. Also, his clinic just opened a wing dedicated to cats (and birds). It sure does reduce cat-dog stress in the waiting room.”

Dr. Tammy Stevenson Nrologist/Neurosurgeon San Diego, CA: “She is brilliant, kind, patient and an absolute kitty lover!!”

Sacramento Cat Hospital in Carmichael, CA: “It’s about 15 minutes from my house and we drive past many other vet hospitals on the way there, but it’s so worth the drive! They have three doctors there who are wonderful, and all of the techs & assistants are fantastic as well. They also work with a team of outside specialists and a holistic care doctor. I was a very inexperienced cat owner when I first started taking my cats there, and they’ve taught us SO much about cat care. I am now working very closely with them to manage my 13 year old cat’s pancreatitis & inflammatory bowel disease, and I really trust the care I get from them. I am a very “nervous mawmee” and I’m constantly on the phone with them, it feels like, asking about this or that, and they never get frustrated with me. They really understand my cats and I know they see dozens of cats a day, but it always feels like they’re excited to see mine.”

Dr. Keuen Kim at the VCA Sacramento Referral Center in Sacramento, CA: “We took our oldest cat there to see a dental specialist there and learn more because we had never dealt with dental disease in a cat before. He was fantastic with our boy and very thorough! We ended up choosing to have his operation done at the Sacramento Cat Hospital (where they did a great job with our little boy! His mouth is doing great now) but would have felt just as comfortable getting it done at that VCA with him, especially if it were a more complicated case. His website seems to indicate that he was hired on as an emergency medicine specialist (that VCA is open 24 hours), but we saw him as a dental specialist. It’s definitely not a cats-only place and the waiting room does mix cats and dogs, but once we got back to the exam room to see the specialist, he was great. We had some blood work done there and they were very prompt at having the results delivered and interpreted to us by the doctor himself and then forwarded to our primary care doctors (the Sacramento Cat Hospital).”

Arden Animal Hospital in Sacramento, CA“All three of my dogs had wonderful care there by the Vets as well as the entire staff. Just watching how they interact with their patients, you can tell your baby are in good hands. The dogs are now OTRB and the resident 4 legger is the cat. They are just as thorough with my cat as they were with my dogs. I always recommend them!”

Dr. Richard Palmquist At Centinela Anmal Hospital, Inglewood, CA: “The best of both worlds -western medicine and holistic treatments.”

Dr. Mark Hohne at East Valley Vet Clinic, Sun Valley, CA: “An amazing diagnostician. He’s great with both dogs and cats, has both at home. Really loves animals, and goes the extra mile.”


Dr. Richard Goldstein and Dr. Letrisa Miller, a feline specialist in CT: Both write for Cat Wisdom 101 and of course have cats at home.”


Dr.Bustello Woodstock Veterinary Clinic in Woodstock, GA: “He great and cautious about over vaccinating.”


Dr. Sterling Iwashita, of Koolau Animal Hospital in Kaneohe, HI: “He has had several over the years, and speaks proudly of his own babies when opportunity arises. His calming presence made even our most dramatic baby sedate.”


Dr. Cindy Olsen at Portage Park Animal Hospital in Chicag, IL: “She is great both for holistic and conventional care and she knows cats extremely well. My cats also go to College Station Cat Clinic in Wheaton, IL for their conventional care and both Dr. Watson and Dr. Winterowd are phenomenal. They are in a new building they built just two years ago and can do a lot of things in house that other clinics would likely refer out to a specialist. They see only cats and are very passionate about feline veterinary medicine.”


The Cat Practice, Dr. Houlihan, Birmingham: I refuse to take my cats anywhere else. I’ve even paid out of my own pocket for some of my fosters to be seen because I didn’t trust anyone else.”


Dr. Sarah B. Tomalty at Little River Veterinary Hospital in Northport, ME: “She is, bar none, the best vet I’ve ever had — and she obviously knows cats and loves them, too. She always took the time to listen to me when I had concerns or questions about subjects ranging from vaccination schedules to raw feeding. I hope I have another vet as awesome as Sarah someday.”

Debra M. Givins, cat doctor in Portland, ME: “I don’t know anything about her practice firsthand (I’m in NYC) or her reputation. However, she is also the artist and creator of the delightful oracle deck called Cat’s Eye Tarot, which I own. Only someone with loving eyes and insights about cats’ beingness can create something like that!


Dr McKinstr, Cat Vet in Philadelphi, PA: “I love her. The Cat Doctor is also wonderful.”

Karen’s Critter Car in Allentown, PA:  “I had been searching for a vet to help my 10 yr old DSH tabby spay (female) who goes through these mysterious fits where she stops eating and wont allow herself to be touched. While we still don’t know what this was, Dr. Hess has turned out to be a wonderful vet who understands cats. She helped my 16 year old male until it was his time to cross the bridge.Dr. Karen Hess has impressed me as a person who understands cats.”


Drs. Clark Cedar Bluff Animal Clinic in Knoxville, TN: “My absolutely favorite veterinarian at this Knoxville, TN, clinic is Dr. Kerry Seyfert Gee who is taking time off to birth & mother her daughter.When I lived for many years in New Orleans, Dr. Violet Nix at Chateau Veterinary Hospital was an exceptional cat veterinarian who treated & loved three of my cats who grew old & went to the Rainbow Bridge. I will always love the way Dr Seyfert and Dr Nix loved & cared for all my cat family.”


Dr. Gary Norsworthy Alamo Feline Health Center in San Antonio, TX:  “They are a cat only vet service. My kitties appreciate not having to be around dogs in the waiting room; it is less stressful for them. We have been using them for years and appreciate the care all of the employees show to the kitties.”

Dr. Steven Hull of Carrier Animal Hospital in Grand Prairie, TX: “He has a mini Aussie named Marlee and 2 Lynxpoint Colorpoint shorthair cats. He bred these cats and showed for a number of years in the Cat Fanciers Association. He twice was awarded Veterinarian of Excellence award by the Cat Fanciers Association. He has worked with breeders and cat owners in the Grand Prairie/Arlington, TX, area since 2000. He is a .1998 graduate of Oklahoma State University.”


Dr. Andrea Tasi Cat Vets in Alexandria/Springfield, VA: “She treats only cats and is wonderful with them. She does home visits and phone consults.The Kingstowne Cat Clinic is also a great conventional vet practice. All the doctors there are wonderful. They even worked with Dr. Tasi when needed.”

Washington DC

Andrea Tasi, VMD, of Just Cats Naturally. “She is a feline only vet who makes housecalls in the Washington DC area. Dr. Tasi only practices homeopathy. If you’re interested at all in using this holistic modality, I highly recommend her. Her website is

Dr. Tobiassen and Dr. Thiessen Chambers Creek Veterinary Hospital in Lakewood, WA: “They both “get” cats, and provide thoughtful, caring attention, working with us, trusting our observations, and as important, our kitties respond really well to them.”



Roshan Jungalwall, vet in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia: “We have an excellent vet in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Her name is Roshan Jungalwalla and she is a feline specialist (additional qualifications) at The North Hobart Vet She goes above and beyond for our boys and without her intervention we wouldn’t still have our 17 year old feline furkid Chilli.”


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  1. Dr. Applebaum of Apple Tree Pet Clinic in Cincinnati, Ohio. When I first went to this vet, I was a bit nonplussed when he spent a good 10 minutes or so just talking to, stroking and cuddling my cat before the exam. He treats both cats and dogs, but just LOVES cats. He runs the clinic out of his home (clinic downstairs, living quarters upstairs). He is thorough, knowledgeable and thinks nothing of taking his time to educate me as to whatever the veterinary issue is, and will sit and talk with me for an hour because he enjoys sharing his expertise. He will never recommend procedures or medication unless it is absolutely necessary, and told me that he prefers to handle emergencies himself, even if it means calling him in the middle of the night (which I needed to do one time).
    A refreshing change from vets who are “all business,” who take no time to get to know me or my cat, who want to do unnecessary tests just to get more money out of me, and who shoo me out the door in 5 minutes.

  2. Dr. Shelby Neely in Pennsylvania, The Cat Doctor, she is the best and helped me long distance with both my cats! When they were terminal! She advised me at all hours! I love her care!

  3. Dr. Lora Schuldt of Cats Exclusive, in Shoreline, WA (Seattle metro area), is the best vet I have ever dealt with by far. She has my complete trust with my cats and has saved each of them from life-threatening conditions. I’ve been to several other vets in my cat-guardian years — most adequate, one criminally incompetent, one pretty good — and none hold a candle to Dr. Schuldt. I recommend her HIGHLY to any cat caregiver in western Washington state.

  4. Dr. Diana Webster (Northland Cat Clinic) was first recommended by a veterinary specialist when one of my cats had cancer. Her greatest concern is for the cat’s comfort, something not as important to other vets I’ve experienced. She keeps educated on the latest protocols. She has responded to my emails and held my hand when several of my kitties were suffering or dying. I know for a fact that there are people who bring their cats to Dr. Webster from long distances, and since we have moved two hours away, we are one of them. Here is her address: 6224 N Chatham Ave, Kansas City · (816) 587-0700 and this from the clinic webpage: “The Northland’s only feline exclusive veterinary practice. Veterinarian Diana Webster has been in practice for over 30 years . . . Vaccination protocols are based on the patient’s lifestyle and risk. Our goal is to protect your cat but not to over vaccinate,” On Facebook, key in Northland Cat Clinic: she provides a wealth of information and fun stuff about cats.

    1. This is Kansas City, Missouri. I forgot to include that. I had noticed you had no vets listed for Missouri, and I wanted to let folks know there is a wonderful vet in the Kansas City area.

  5. I recently moved from Queens, NY to VT and desperately miss my amazing cat-only vet service, Forest Hills Cat Hospital (actually found located in Middle Village, Queens). Drs. Luger and Tuzio were the absolute best, helping me through a tough diagnosis of chronic renal failure in my Siamese. They helped me to keep him happy and jumping around for nearly two years with subcutaneous fluids and other treatments. They were excellent about listening to me, teaching me, and only treating so long as the cat maintained a good quality of life. I spent many hours in their waiting room with other nervous kitty parents, and heard stories over and over of their expertise and compassionate care that drew in clients from hours away.

  6. Here is a great vet with the feline touch in Montreal, Canada :

    Dr Eric Ibrahim
    6026 Coolbrook
    Montréal (Quebec) H3X 2M6

    He has at least one cat at home, an orphaned kitten found when he was 3 days old by the vet’s children (that’s a hell of a lucky cat, I mean what are the chances that the kids that found him happen to have a vet father ?)

    He is great with cats. My two kitties are terrified of strangers, but they do ok with the vet. He is NOT a holistic vet however and will advise for Science Diet foods in some cases, but he will also respect your choice if you refuse. He also treats dogs but I believe he is more cat-oriented.

  7. Dear Liz,

    The New Hampshire vet we use is Dr. Dan’s Integrative Pet Hospital. They are a holistic vet who treats both cats and dogs. However, they dogs and cats don’t see each other because the practice is divided in two, with two entrances. Our cat Whiskers is so relaxed during his visit.

  8. dear liz, one new york doctor is better than none. i have not met anyone in new york
    who is satisfied with their vet. so thank you, will look into the one recommended. sincerely, loretta

    1. i do not remember the doctors name, it has been awhile. i will speak for many of my cat friends who also can not find the right doctor for their cat. so, if ever you know of one we sure would like to know. thank you so much for getting back to me, very appreciated. sincerely, loretta

  9. I loved your article and now this great resource on cat orientated vets. My wonderful, gentle and caring vet Dr. Soberoff only sees cats in New York City. His practice is New York Cat Hospital. I have met cat owners from all over the tri-state area that travel to his Upper West Side location to see him. They believe as I do that he is quite simply the best vet ever! It seems that everyone who takes their cat there feels the same way as he has a five star rating on City Search and Yelp!
    Dr. Soberoff has hired a staff of people like himself that love animals, enjoy their job and treat people with tremendous compassion and care. New York Cat Hospital is a really special place. I enjoy bringing my cats to NYCH because it’s not just my cats who feel better after their time at the clinic, I do too.

    1. Kirsten, thank you for your nice message and wonderful cat vet referral. I know at least one reader was asking about NY vets, so this is very helpful. Will add.

  10. Hi,
    You posted my comments about Dr. Hohne about Dr. Palmquist! I don’t know what pets Dr. Palmquist has at home, although he is a wonderful vet. Perhaps you also heard this about him from someone eks. But you quoted exactly what I said bout Dr. Hohne and attributed it to Dr. P.

    Cathy Thornburn

  11. Dr. Keith Weingardt (holistic vet) and Dr. Kirk Feinberg of San Diego work together to provide our kitties the best of both both worlds as it were. We’ve gone through a number of vets and I can honestly say that we never imagined vets like these two existed! What we particularly like about them is that they take the time to really observe the cats and listen to what we have to say rather than jumping to conclusions.

    I know that this list is not for pointing out bad vets but people like us who choose to feed a raw diet sometimes get a lot of inappropriate treatment from some of the old-fashioned, ignorant vets. And hence, I wanted to save someone else the trouble and time by pointing out one particular speciality Dr. in San Diego that we had a horribly experience with. It is Dr Laura Stokking at Sorrento Valley. Our cat, from a rescue group, came with a really bad ear infection and so we were referred to Dr. Stokking. When she learned we fed a raw diet, she started giving us a lecture about how were killing our cat and that we should swtich to Royal Canin kibble immediately. She went on for about 30 minutes, during which time I tried to get her back to the problem at hand. Finally, when she realized that there was no way I was going back to kibble, she told us that she was NOT going to treat our cat because I refused to change his diet!