Best natural cat foods list newcomers!

eating-wet-food Best natural cat foods list newcomers! nature's logic natural cat food feline natural freeze dried cat food best cat food

Thanks to tips from fabulous readers like you, I am happy to announce two new natural cat foods that meet criteria for our “Best cat foods” list.

Tip to Save Years of Frustration:  Cats tend to reject food that smells unfamiliar. The trick is to put tiny bits of the new food on the side of their old food plate for a few days. Their nose can learn to associate it with happy food. There are always exceptions, but this often works.

Nature’s Logic Canned Cat Food

This food, which Jenny of brought to my attention, has a number of things going for it:

  • Over 90% Animal Ingredients
  • Grain Free – Low Carbohydrates
  • Gluten Free
  • All Natural
  • Meats are sourced from US, New Zealand, Italy, France, Canada
  • No carrageenan
  • Not owned by large non-pet conglomerate
  • No BPA in lining

natures_logic-300x207 Best natural cat foods list newcomers! nature's logic natural cat food feline natural freeze dried cat food best cat food Ingredients

(Chicken formula) – Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Chicken Heart, Egg Product, Animal Plasma, Flaxseeds, Montmorillonite, Cottage Cheese, Brewers Yeast, Cod Liver Oil, Egg Shell, Apple, Suncured Alfalfa Meal, Tomato Powder, Parsley, Blueberry, Cranberry, Apricots, Spinach, Artichoke, Broccoli, Carrots, Pumpkin, Kelp, Chicory Root, Rosemary.

An interesting thing about Nature’s Logic is they worked hard to make sure the nutrient profile meets or exceeds what is required by the Association of American Feed Control Official’s (AAFCO) without adding extra vitamins and minerals. They wanted to keep everything natural – including the nutrients.

I was a little worried about taurine levels, as I know they can be reduced by processing and cooking, so I asked a Nature’s Logic representative whether the taurine analysis was done after cooking. She confirmed that it was, and I was relieved.

So Nature’s Logic, which I’m seeing positive user reviews for, appears to be another good food option for cats!I found it online at and (Not sponsored links! Just there for your convenience.)

Feline Natural Raw Freeze Dried Cat Food by K9

feline_natural_food Best natural cat foods list newcomers! nature's logic natural cat food feline natural freeze dried cat food best cat food Reader Akiko brought this product to my attention. I was excited about this new cat food from K9 Natural because:

  1. I’m always looking for more convenient was to provide the nutrient and digestive power of raw food. Freeze dried raw is much easier than frozen – it’s cleaner and you don’t have to remember to thaw it on a schedule.
  2. The ingredients are extremely simple and there are no ground bones, which is ideal for cats (like ours) with sensitive digestion or constipation. (Post note: Just found out there are some ground bones in the chicken! Will see if Joel can handle them.)
  3. It’s from a small New Zealand pet food company. According to owner Geoff Bowers : “K9 Natural is the only food on the planet that can travel to any continent, including Europe, without being irradiated, cooked or sterilized…because of the stringent food safety regulations we subscribe to in New Zealand and the products we use to make the food.”

Tips about this new food:

  • It’s available in some countries from K9 Natural’s website.
  • COUPON CODE: It’s also available from, where you can get 10% off as a new shopper with coupon code NEW10.
  • July 30 2012 UPDATE ON COST – Daily feeding cost much lower than I thought! Hooray! Now that I have the bag and can see the serving amounts clearly, I find that it says you should be able to feed a 10lb cat on about $1.00 per day. I find this hard to believe, but if it pans out, it’s an outstanding deal for such high quality food.
  • IMPORTANT: Always serve with warm water (about body temp) added; stir, don’t have to wait to serve.
  • Refrigerate leftovers immediately. Discard refrigerated leftovers if unused after 3 days.
  • Calculating food amounts will take some effort up front – looks like you need a scale, and also here’s their handy calculator. Note these amounts are the weight after adding water. No longer true: easy instructions on package. : )


Ingredients: Chicken (with ground bone), Lamb Heart, Lamb Liver, Lamb Kidney, Green Lipped Mussel

As with Nature’s Logic, this company relies on food nutrients instead of adding vitamins. So I had to check on taurine testing again, as a deficiency can be fatal. The answer was good news:

“There is an abundance of naturally occurring Taurine via the lamb heart. It has all been tested and exceeds the AAFCO minimum requirements. ” Shane Bartlettf, K9 Natural Food

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  1. My neighbor feeds the Pumpkin & Chicken Samba to her cat. She SWEARS by it. The cat had some problem where it threw everything up but this one the cat eats, enjoys, and doesn’t throw up. When she runs out of it and switches to something else, the cat throws up again. She hordes the food now so that she never runs out!

    1. Hi Bernadine, unfortunately, Evangers didn’t make it because they’ve been in trouble with the FDA dishonest practices! Look up the articles about them at TruthAboutPetFood.

  2. I am about one year into getting my 4 rescue kitties switched over to only canned and/or raw food. I read about Feline Natural on your blog and tried it out for the last month as their nighttime meal. I can easily say, they have never responded so excitedly to meal time. They LOVE this food. Even the most picky eater leaves nothing on his plate. Hope the quality matches the apparent tastiness! My only wish is to find it at some of our better pet food stores in my area. As of now, I’m ordering it. Thanks for the info about this product.

  3. Hello,

    Could you please give me some advice? I have a 4 year old ragamuffin who has had bladder infections since a kitten….and my vet said I MUST have him on Royal Canin So….my cat loves it…I hate it…so have tried to put him on Life’s Abundance 4 times…each time he gets bladder problems. Can you tell me why? Can you suggest a good food for him?

    I also have recently adopted 2 kittens…is there one food they all could eat that is healthy and won’t break my pocketbook?

    Thank you!

  4. Loving your blog, and this is a great post, thanks! I’m wondering if you can help me find a food that would be good for one of my cats (I have 3 – all girls) that was recently diagnosed with chronic bladder inflammation. She’s currently getting acupuncture and laser treatments to help.

    They’re currently on dry food (bad, I know!) to which I am adding a couple tablespoons of clam juice to help up their liquid intake, and am working on switching them to wet food. Though I am finding that somewhat difficult as the one who really needs the extra liquid, doesn’t really care for wet food!

    I will say dry and/or wet foods are the better options for my lifestyle. So any ideas on what foiods might be best to help with her chronic bladder inflammation? Thanks!!

  5. I cannot find a review anywhere for Against the Grain (Chicken & Pumpkin Samba). Has anyone heard anything about this?

  6. The tip ‘Tips to save years of frustration’, did just that for my very fussy cat!! She will only eat one type of cat food, but I was able to get her to change with little fuss by doing this. Thank you I thought she would never change

  7. My cats love Nature’s Logic. I have a sanctuary with 20 cats. I get it from They deliver 🙂