Tell me something funny your cat does and you might win $50 to spend on them!

1502-300x225 Tell me something funny your cat does and you might win $50 to spend on them!
Does your cat do something quirky? Do tell!


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Congratulations to lucky randomly drawn winner: Julie B. Her cat Leo’s oddity is obsessing about shower water as it starts up in the morning- he circles around and tries “get it” with his paw before it escapes. I wonder how many times he makes Julie late with this ritual? You can’t really see the water very well, but she shares a video here.


How about  $50 to spend on your cat – plus free shipping?

To enter, simply leave a Comment below telling me about an unusual thing you’ve seen your cat do.

You’ve got good odds of winning because this is a rapid, short-term giveaway so the drawing pool will be small.


Just tell me an unusual thing you’ve seen your cat do in the Comments below this blog post.

Do it cat-quick!—before 7pm PST this Saturday (Feb 11)

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The basic rules:

  • To enter, leave your answer in this blog post’s Comments. 
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  • The random drawing will take place this Saturday Feb 11, 7pm PST.
  • Prize can be shipped to continental US only. (You can gift it to someone else if you are elsewhere.)
  • One winner will be selected and notified by email. Their provided name will be announced on the blog and its Facebook page.
  • You must be 18 years or older to enter


Bastet used to drink water by dipping her paw into it and licking the water off her paw. I thought it was so charming! Friends were amused.

Did your cat do something unexpected too?

Love to hear your thoughtful thoughts! Leave a reply...


  1. You’ve heard of dogs chasing cats, but not so in my house! My bluepoint Siamese cat, Mr. Paisley, chases my Tri-colored Cocker Spaniel around the pool. Poppy (the dog) lioves the game so much, she “asks” the cat to go after her! It’s hilarious that they run several circles around the whole pool with cat chasing dog!

  2. Carmine had a reflective gold tag (before we got him a new one yesterday) and he would figure out how to make the sun reflect off of it and drive Milita crazy. Milita would dance around to the reflected light and it was pretty funny! It’s like Carmine was doing it on purpose to get her to play 🙂

  3. tt has a favorite toy named wormy. it is a bunny kicker style toy that is green and purple and has a little bell in its head. every night, after everyone is in bed, she finds it and walks around the house with wormy in her mouth mewing. it is actually a half muffled half squeak half meow. if you call tt, she will answer you and leave wormy in front of your bedroom door.

  4. This might not be that unusual, but when Ernie finishes using the “box,” he runs around like a crazy cat…from one end of the house to the other. I never understood why. And Wally likes to kiss me on the lips…he will put his face up to mine and lick my lips. 🙂

    Island Cats’ Mom

  5. one of my cats specifically likes to hang out with me while i’m on the toilet (hehe gross sorry!). she doesn’t like being petted very much usually… she likes to roam the house, do her own thing. EXCEPT when i’m on the toilet. then she’ll come in and rub my legs and ask for pettings. and not even when i’m on the toilet a long time (hehe sorry again!) but even when i’m just there a short time!

    SUPER odd

    and yes, i let my cats in while i do my business. i did that when they were kitties so they wouldn’t cry for me, and now it’s just normal

  6. My cat, Patches, loves to decorate! She has an artist’s soul. If she finds a cardboard box with flaps, she puts bite patterns in the flaps. It’s funny to watch her. She bites a couple of times, stands back to check it out, then adds a few more bites. She also loves to decorate for Christmas. After we decorate the tree, she steals ornaments off the bottom branches and puts them in different places around the house. If you put them back on the tree, the next morning you will find the exact same ornaments put back in the same places.

  7. When I wake up after a good night’s sleep, I smile with Sylvie curled up or stretched out to her desire, curved around my legs near the foot of the bed.

    When I know I am starting to get late, though after we nod some kitty loving good-mornings, as soon as she sees my hand moving to lift up my blanket (esp. last week, it was the cutest!!!), she gets up, and crawls up to my hands, she lay down on TOP of my hands, and settled back to bed. Awwwwww! She’s never been a kitty who sleeps in your arms how I always did wish in the back of my head, this is a real treat for me. Thanks Sylvie! Love ya! :o)

  8. Brutus Talks Sexy To Me.
    Oh, yes he does.
    The V-E-T has even witnessed this!

    As I embrace him in a hug, as he sits somewhere he shouldn’t (but we CCL’s let ’em, anyeay, like the kitchen counter, in this instance)
    I will que him “Talk dirty to me”
    and he will chirp and chortle to me as he would to a squirrel or a delectable bird of flight within his grasp.
    He will respond as long as I have him in Our Embrace and he is shameless inhis vocalizations…

    okay, this is getting a little weird, but my Ex was even stranger, and I shant take you, Gentle Readers, there today – or ever.

    Peace and Blessings to All!

    Rose, The Royals (including Brutus) and Gentleman Beau ,
    Pee Ess: Beau has by FAR, a more deeply refined way pf professing his love for his Earthly Mama…Angel Mama Cathy I thinks approves of Our “relationship”
    Beau is keeping me from completely succumbing to S.A.D. this year.
    He is such a love…

  9. My boy The Cat Bandit Loves Food. He’s always delighted to receive fresh cat food, but what really makes him stand up & beg is a nice ripe avocado! If I try to eat one when he’s around, I spend half the time fending off his fervent attempts to climb in my lap & devour the whole thing. I do give him a little bit once in a while. I have some good pictures of him with his face buried in the remains of an avocado skin, searching out the last little bits of his treat.

  10. I wanted tot ell you about the weird thing our cat Munchkin does with my dress shoes. Fact is I watched her do it last night. She acts with them as if they were cat nip. She rubs her face all over them then sticks her face inside the shoe itself. I had to move the shoes back out of the middle of the walk way last night once she was done. She also dips her paw in water and anything else that is liquid we might give her . She then proceeds to lick her paw clean. But the dress shoe thing is just plain funny for she will wack the other cats if they come near her while she is interacting with the shoes. She definately has a shoe fettish.

  11. our mancat, Stripes!
    he is a gentleman indeed. whenever i sit down next to him he automatically stands up and waits until i am seated. he waits patiently for the three girl kitties to eat as he stands in line letting them go first. every time i pick him up or gesture toward him he squeeks at me. and the best is he actually hugs! he jumps to his spot on the kitchen table and raises his arm which resembles a wave. it is his way of calling me over to the table. i approach and stand straight and tap my chest and he stands up on his back feet , reaches all the way up to my collar bone and hugs me! every time. and he squeeks while doing so 🙂 he is such a cuddle bug. the refrigerator is next to the kitchen table; if my back is turned he will position himself at the tables edge, reach over, and tap me on the back. i turn around and he will talk and talk. and the same goes for when we are sitting side by side; he will tap me on the shoulder with his paw to talk to me. and then squeek. he does this sweet move first and shyly stretches his forearms before he taps my shoulders. i call him squeeky! he is such a gentleman!

    we love mr. chewys stuff. we recently tried some of his products. nom nom nom !!

  12. Our cat Max loves my ponytail hairbands. Whenever I leave one lying around, it disappears. Eventually I find it in his food bowl. He’ll play w/ it, carry it around and after a while it makes the trip to be lovingly placed w/ his food. My husband thinks that Max loves having two of his favorite things – his mama (or a hairband that smells like his mama) and his food – all in one place. He’s an awesome cat.

  13. Ms. Maggie loved to lie on the windowsill, behind the curtain.My favorite chair was next to that window. She would always have one or two paws hanging out. She had a lot of fur between her toes and I just loved to tickle her. While I tickled her paw I’d say, “Maggie I see your feeties and I’m going to tickle them”. She got so used to that connection that she’d withdraw the paw when I’d say that.

  14. Nikkos is the first kitty I have ever seen that (like your Bastet, go figure, lol) uses his paws to drink water. I have personally never seen such an act done by a kitty. He will first dip and lick his right paw and then he switches to his left paw. He will eventually bend down and lick the water … but not until he’s repeated this sequence a few times on each paw. I’m in awe and have already depleted the battery on my camera filming him doing this — I love it!!! Tonight is my first night at home with my newly adopted little boy. He was rescued by the animal sanctuary, Spring Farm CARES (a no kill, forever home for those too ill to be adopted and for those who do not get adopted) that I volunteer for this past Friday. It was love at first sight when we met the following day. If I happen to win, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to spend the prize on the cats living in the sanctuary. I will be forever grateful to them for saving my Nikkos from an awful situation.

  15. My 14 year old Tonkinese is smarter than some people I know. From kittenhood he has figured out amazing things. When I jingle car keys he jumps on my shoulder to go for a ride. He figured out baby latches before I did. But his most amazing trick is when he uses the toilet and then flushes it when he is done. One of my other cats, Calli Rose, will come drop toys in so he can flush and she can watch them spin down. Little Bit also likes to jump in the shower with me for a cleaning about once a month.

  16. All four of my cats do funny things but my two youngest, Ricki Bobbi and Sir Ozwald Furwalken, had me laughing so hard last week I almost wet myself. I split a can of wet food between the four of them, every morning – they eat from separate dishes away from eachother. Ricki’s dish was near the wall and TC’s dish was on the rug by the table. She walked over to TC’s dish and pulled my son’s dirty socks on top of the dish, and walked away. Ozwald then walked over to the dish, cleared the socks off the top and proceeded to finish off what TC hadn’t eaten.

  17. My cat Benji likes to hide under the shower curtain when the bath water is running. All you can see are his mitten feet peeking out. Unfortunately my other cats haven’t gotten wise to him yet. Whenever the bath water is running they like to walk along the edge of the top and watch the water. Benji lays in wait and once they reach a certain spot on the tub rim he leaps out of the shower curtain and pushes them into the tub. It’s really hilarious to see. You’d think the other cats would learn by now.

  18. Whenever friends (female) stop by, I have to tell them to make sure that their purses are zipped shut or else my kitty, Smokey, will attempt to immediately crawl in them (and he is a 15 lb. polydactal kitty) to see what he can find, no matter the size of the purse. He has already made it completely in a rather large bag as well as looked like he was standing on his head with his butt straight up in the air in a rather small purse. Quite comical looking.

    1. Awww, Lori. Very cute. My two kitties: Sylie and Charlie are both usually a bit guest-o-phobic, though now they are getting a bit more brave, when guests have been here a long time. :o)

  19. We live with many cats, all but two rescues, so we have many, many tales of amusing cat behavior. Two, spring to mind. When he was a young cat, Riley used to drag the rug in front of the kitchen sink through several rooms of the house then work on getting it up the stairs to the second floor. We learned to be very careful on the steps as we never knew when there might be a stray throw rug over which to trip! Another cat, Puck (he was one of a feral litter my daughter named after characters in Glee) has a habit of “shopping” for interesting objects in the basement, then brings them upstairs through the cat door and deposits them on the wood floor. I have found dozens of nails and drywall screws, figures from a train layout, a fabric carrying case for a small hand tool, and many other interesting things. Life with multiple cats is NEVER boring!

  20. Our cat, Autumn, loves these little plastic spring toys. I think part of the allure of them for her is to make up new games to play with them,something she does all the time. One of the funniest games she’s come up with is to carry a spring with her upstairs into our loft. She started out by tossing it off the balcony, racing down the stairs to find where it landed, and once she’s found it, she runs back upstairs to start the game over. Now she’s figured out that after she’s smacked them off the balcony, she can bypass having to run down the stairs, and will now leap from the balcony, down onto the couch so she can recover her beloved toy.

  21. My cat, Stuart, is an attention hound. He has various ways of getting my attention, some o which are annoying, to say the least. He goes to the back of a couch or chair or piece of furniture sitting below a painting on the wall, puts his paw under the frame and pulls the painting towards him and then lets it go to bang against the wall……….or fall completely. Then he looks directly at me. He bats things off of tables……..followed by THE LOOK at me to make sure I’m watching. No glass can be left unattended. He’s not happy to sit next to me on my lap, he has to climb up on me and lie down on my chest, while I’m sitting! He seems to want to be as close to my face as possible. He’s a charmer and my other cats love him but I do hope that he grows out of these attention-getting actions – after all, he’s already 4 years old!

  22. I have 7 rescued kitties. Two of them are particularly silly. Buddy girl, who is 18 months old, loves to chew apart boxes. She gets a fresh box one a week. Sometimes I think she’s part puppy! Here’s a short video of her doing her thing 🙂
    My other silly girl is Princess. She is obsessed with licking me whenever I put body butter on myself. Thankfully it’s handmade with only natural ingredients, but still….. after a few licks I make her stop 🙂
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! We love your blog ♥

  23. My kitty Tig loved doughnuts. So we would often buy him a doughnut hole when we were out shopping. We would never give him the whole thing, just a piece or two as a treat. He wasn’t an overly affectionate kitty, so it was some fun quality time we could have together.

    Normally after getting his treat he would take it and run off. But one day he just sat there and ate it and looked up at my husband as if to say, OK – more. My husband asked him what he wanted, and he reached up and pawed at his coffee cup.

    Coffee with your doughnut? I think not!! but it made us laugh, and still does.

  24. Ms Kali, a petite silver tabby, is going on 20 soon, and people think I’m a little cat-crazed when I tell them how musical she is. When our lives merged she was 3, and we lived in a shared household where music jams were frequent in the living room. Kali would walk into the center of the action and ‘dance’ by batting her tail, often following the flute player or singling out another instrument to focus her attention on. Those days are long past, but more recently Kali was guest in the house of a friend while I was away. On the evening of her chorus rehearsal, my friend said that Kali, rather than hiding under the couch as other kitty guests had done, climbed up on the piano bench while the pianist was playing and batted her tail back & forth like a metronome! Sweet old Kali- the girl’s still got rhythm!

  25. My youngest cat Cindy knows when it is bedtime. At night when we shut the TV off, she gets so excited she runs in circles around the whole house a few times then she jumps onto the to table, to the counter, to my husbands shoulders (she is only a petite 6 and a half pounds) and then she stays and rides on my husbands shoulders like a little parrot and purrs and meows the whole time until she finally get her nightly dinner of canned food before bed. It is the funniest thing to see!

  26. My cat Ti Ti, ever since he was a baby (he is now 5 yrs old), likes when I call him “Sexy” or “Sessy”. Every time I say those words, he arches his back, walks in circles, and rubs against things. He knows that he is a sexy boy 🙂

  27. My cat Valentino, loves to jump in the bathtub and dig. He scratch, scratch, scratches the porcelain and then lays down and rolls around in there.
    When I talk to him he talks back by chirping his replies. And when I sing, he runs up to me, gets very close to my face, and meows loudly. He is full of quirky, humorous antics!

    1. Sounds like my Chrissy who, as soon as I start to sing, immediately comes running and sticks her face into my face and even chirps a few mews with me.

  28. My new kitten, Yumi, is deaf. Every time I brush my hair, I must perform what my daughter and I have come to call the “Yumi show.” I have very long hair and, to start, I throw my hair forward and start brushing up from the ends. (My daughter says I look like Cousin It.) After brushing out the tangles, I flip my head up and down a couple of times until the hair settles and then I neaten it. Well, Yumi is fascinated by this procedure and comes running to watch every time I am in the bathroom to see if I am going to brush my hair. While my hair is flipped over (so I cannot see), Yumi goes into stealth mode, inching forward until she is almost below my hair. Then, when I flip my hair up and down, her eyes get all big and round and she starts chirping. Now, even if I don’t plan on brushing my hair, I do it anyway for Yumi — because she wants the “Yumi show.”

  29. Our wonderful Maine Coon mix, Suckup (husband named him), came to us as a stray kitten. We lost him to cancer after 11 years. He was fascinated with all doors, and figured out how to open all of them. He would open two kitchen cabinets doors (always the same ones) early every morning and sit & look in them like he was taking inventory. Medicine cabinets were were a snap, so we had to remove anything dangerous out of them (razor blades, medicine, etc,). I had a very neat and organized linen closet since he rearranged it on a regular basis.
    He then advanced to other doors, and realized that he could stretch up and grap the knobs. Then he would start swinging back & forth and the doors would open, even when they were locked. He often surprised guests during the night when he launched his 18 lb. body onto their bed. We had to install a deadbolt on the door into the garage, so he couldn’t go out there. Life was never dull with him and we miss him so much.

  30. Misha will grab a foam ball and put it at the top of the stairs, bat it down the stairs and try to outrun it…then she’ll do it all over again until she tires herself out. Then she’ll grab the ball and meow all the way back up the stairs with the ball in her mouth and drop it in her waterbowl…:)

  31. My cat Mooks will often start batting a twist tie or something like it around; in the middle of his play he will suddenly leap up into the air and take off down the hall, usually emitting a terribly cute chirping sound at the same time. He also loves to dive under area rugs, burrow and face out, huge amber eyes peering out at me until I pick up his feather toy to dangle in front of him. He is just fun catonified.

  32. One of my cats (named Doobie) is obsessed with licking plastic. When coming home after grocery shopping, we have to empty the plastic shopping bags ASAP or he will keep licking them obsessively. He does the same thing with window envelopes and the plastic on the openings of Kleenex boxes. It’s kind of cute, but strange and can be annoying! Obviously, we cat-proof everything, but if someone stops by with a grocery bag or doesn’t understand our no-plastic-within-Doobie’s-reach rule, watch out!!

    Another boy, Jimbo, says “bless you” every time we sneeze. It’s not a meow, it is more like a three-syllable attempt to speak. He is very polite.

    I have nine cats (all unplanned rescues), so I could go on and on with all of my cats’ silly antics and unusual behavior.

  33. This past Halloween my 12 year old son and his best friend went Trick or Treating. They brought home their candy loot and dumped it all out on the ground to sort it. Willow, our kitty who is just over 1 years old, likes to hang out with people, so it didn’t surprise us that she was in the room wandering around looking for love. Then Tristan’s friend Alec yelled “Hey! Come back here! Look at Willow!” Willow had delicately picked up a piece of his candy, the kind wrapped like a cough drop, in her mouth and made off with it. She dropped it on the floor, batted it around for awhile, then picked it back up and carried it to a new location to play with it. She carried it around for several days like a treasure, playing with it every so often. When winter cold season began, the same thing happened with Willow stealing cough drops off tables! She doesn’t eat them, she plays with them and carefully carries them around, upstairs, downstairs, all around the house until she finds a spot she wants to drop it and play with it. Silly cute cat!