Tell me something funny your cat does and you might win $50 to spend on them!

1502-300x225 Tell me something funny your cat does and you might win $50 to spend on them!
Does your cat do something quirky? Do tell!


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Congratulations to lucky randomly drawn winner: Julie B. Her cat Leo’s oddity is obsessing about shower water as it starts up in the morning- he circles around and tries “get it” with his paw before it escapes. I wonder how many times he makes Julie late with this ritual? You can’t really see the water very well, but she shares a video here.


How about  $50 to spend on your cat – plus free shipping?

To enter, simply leave a Comment below telling me about an unusual thing you’ve seen your cat do.

You’ve got good odds of winning because this is a rapid, short-term giveaway so the drawing pool will be small.


Just tell me an unusual thing you’ve seen your cat do in the Comments below this blog post.

Do it cat-quick!—before 7pm PST this Saturday (Feb 11)

What you can win:

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The basic rules:

  • To enter, leave your answer in this blog post’s Comments. 
  • If you comment on this blog’s related Facebook page post, you get a bonus entry!
  • The random drawing will take place this Saturday Feb 11, 7pm PST.
  • Prize can be shipped to continental US only. (You can gift it to someone else if you are elsewhere.)
  • One winner will be selected and notified by email. Their provided name will be announced on the blog and its Facebook page.
  • You must be 18 years or older to enter


Bastet used to drink water by dipping her paw into it and licking the water off her paw. I thought it was so charming! Friends were amused.

Did your cat do something unexpected too?

Love to hear your thoughtful thoughts! Leave a reply...


  1. Formerly feral Tillytoo was found at the shelter.The sincere intent was to tame and foster her and let her go. In less than a month, she had flirted and danced her way into my heart and I flunked the fostering thing and promised to keep her forever. Her favorite pastime is flipping fake mice. I’ve been noticing the mouse toys moving. From a dark corner in the back bedroom, through the livingtoom to the hallway. Closer and closer to where the family hangs out. Last I looked there were five mice behind the la-z-boy chair. All in a neat little row.

  2. This is such a great giveaway and I wanted to participate for my three cats Socks, Jack, and Luna (also known as the Purr-Sibs at The Slimmer Pugs blogsite).

    Socks and Luna really don’t do anything too humorous.

    Jack on the other hand has a fetish for my father’s dirty laundry. He loves the manly smells and likes to roll around on my dad’s dirty clothes that he leaves on his bed.


    Much Love,
    Mama Mindy 🙂

  3. Truffle likes to stick her head directly under the waterfall in her water fountain. She’ll keep it under there and then stick out her cute little tongue as if trying to catch the water running off her nose. She’ll do this for about 5 minutes and finally stop when her head is soaked. She then goes to the regular water bowl to drink water.

  4. Our cat Leo LOVES water! Every morning he waits for me to turn on the shower – just enough to get a small stream started. Then he goes around and around the front edge of the stream in circles as it makes its way to the drain. When it gets to the edge of the drain he slaps it with his paw to try and keep it from escaping! It’s the most adorable thing ever!!! 🙂

  5. My lovely snow-shoe siamese, Misty, likes to watch TV with me. She will settle down on my left side, curled up in the crook of my arm. Then, the acrobatics begin. She sits up right, slouches down, turns sideways a little bit, puts both back legs over her head, reaches one front leg through the back legs, and holds her tail with both front paws. This, according to Misty, is how you watch TV.

  6. I’ve already left a comment, but here’s another. Tucker, my newest cat, will flick a kernel of hard-food from the bowl onto the floor, then knock it around the linoleum, chasing it. Tucker likes doing it because it’s fun and he gets to eat his ‘toy’ at the end of the game – if he doesn’t just forget it and leave it to be inadvertently crushed by me later in the day. Some days there will be four or five kernels waiting on the floor like little booby-traps. This may be the last word in ‘playing with your food’.

  7. My cat Tungsten comes to bed with me every night, and most of the time, she will wait until I’m comfortable, then come up to my face and lick it. This is hardly unusual but she knows I am ready for it and try to ward her wet tongue off. She’ll lick me in a different place each night, wherever I’m not expecting it. Then, while I’m wiping her saliva off me, she purrs and purrs, and settles down for the night. I think it’s her game, and she likes trying to out-manoeuvre me – which she does every time.

  8. Once Scylla has finished gobbling down the food in her bowl she inserts one paw into the bowl of the cat closest to her and pulls the bowl away from them and to her and proceeds to eat their food. And even though she is TERRIFIED of the dog she tries to pull the same stunt when he is eating out of his bowl and she wants his food.

  9. I have one cat, Jellybean, who loves to play with a Cat Dancer (long wire with rolled up strips of paper at the end). If we don’t play with him, he’ll pick up one end in his mouth, causing the other end to move, at which point he’ll start chasing it in a circle. It’s hilarious!

    I have another cat, Lacey, who loves to go outside. We have a cat flap leading into our backyard which is surrounded by a cat fence. When it’s time for the cats to come in, I lock the flap so they can only come in but not go out. If Lacey is in and wants to go out when the flap is locked, she bumps her head against the door, bumps again, again, again… you get the picture!

    Our cat Buster is a big ham. If he’s up on top of the cat tree and we say “Show me how cute you are,” he will pose in many different ways: curling up, covering his face with his paws, and really just being so cute and adorable! We try not to laugh!