Let’s talk non-kitschy gift ideas for cat lovers

simona-sergi-OjLDbd2EBMY-unsplash-copy-scaled Let's talk non-kitschy gift ideas for cat lovers gifts for cat lovers cat lover gifts

As nutty as I am about the feline species, I do have my limits when it comes to kitschy cat paraphernalia.

Considering the popularity of HausPanther, I know I’m not the only one. Do you have limits too?

So, how about cat-related gifts that could delight without cute overkill?  Here are some gifts that I either already have or would love to get.

Cat tattoos just for fun (temporary tattoos)

cattoo Let's talk non-kitschy gift ideas for cat lovers gifts for cat lovers cat lover gifts

These cat tattoos are sweet… you can find more options on Etsy.

Beeswax candles for cat-clean air

pillars Let's talk non-kitschy gift ideas for cat lovers gifts for cat lovers cat lover gifts
No essential oils!  Better for cats.

Everyone loves these beeswax candles, but what do they have to do with cats?! Well, tell the person you buy them for that they are ideal for cat lovers because they don’t have essential oils, which are toxic to cats.

While cat lovers would do well to avoid burning essential oil candles too often, beeswax candles are whisker-perfect because they actually give off a slight honey fragrance while also cleaning the air via  negative ionization, which binds particulate matter.

Get the really solid ones. The others burn down too fast. You can find beeswax pillars at Whole Foods in the US. A good option is Raw Beeswax Pillars by Bluecorn Naturals; they are long-burning so even a small pillar is a gift that keeps on giving.

Gift ideas for cat lovers who read (well-written, but not depressing)

In the holiday season, most cat lovers want books that make their heart feel happy without insulting their brain.

Unlikely Friendships: 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom

book Let's talk non-kitschy gift ideas for cat lovers gifts for cat lovers cat lover gifts
By a National Geographic journalist

National Geographic senior writer Jennifer S. Holland gives 47 amazing examples – with photos – of unexpected, documented animal friendships reported around the world.

Cross-species friendship is a theme that tends to make us all feel a touch of wonder.

Robert surprised me with this book and it made my week! You’ll see and read about some famous pairings, like the gorilla and kitten.

You’ll learn about the Macau monkey who adopts a kitten that loves the attention, as well as a cat cuddled up to an iguana!

Getting the back stories really adds to the experience of the pictures, but you can also get these photos as a wall calendar.

Homer’s Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned about Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat by Gwen Cooper

Homer_cat_book2-105x150-1 Let's talk non-kitschy gift ideas for cat lovers gifts for cat lovers cat lover gifts

A very satisfying read for the literary cat lover, plus it’s a  true story with a happy ending. Check out the hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon.com for this book!  You can’t go wrong with it

This list is too short!  What are your (better) ideas? Opinions?

And please don’t be shy – plug your own product or craft if you like.

Love to hear your thoughtful thoughts! Leave a reply...


  1. My husband actually bought me Unlikely Friendships for Christmas :) It’s really interesting to learn about the beeswax candles, too. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jen,
    This year I’m giving all my cat loving friends and family “Animal Acupressure Illustrated”, its a great book. It covers how to do acupressure on cats for many ailments, its safe and easy to use. It also covers dogs and other small animals, so everyone with a pet is getting the book from this year. A couple years ago I painted portraits of everyones pet for them, that was a lot of fun, trying to get pictures of the pets without them knowing what I was doing. I neglected to think about the shipping costs when planning my Christmas surprise and it cost me a small fortune to mail all of them. It was still worth the cost to be able to do such personal gifts.

      1. Liz, don’t worry about it. I am just thrilled you want to do it. I love what you do here on your blog. I enjoy your writing and subject matter of coarse.

  3. I gave Homer’s Odyssey to my cat lover friends last year and it was a huge hit. :) I would LOVE if someone would get me one of those self-scooping boxes. I’m just afraid my two skittish babies would be afraid of it. It waits 15 mins, but, I don’t know, if they’re still in the room they might not like it.

    1. Hi Jen, yeah the only risk with Homer’s Odyssey is that someone might already have it! I too wonder if the self-scoopers might be scary, but I assume most cats would get used to it. I don’t know anyone who has invested in one of these yet, so I hope I’ll hear a report from someone.

      1. Thanks, I’d really appreciate the review! I’d love to have something like this replace the box that they favor the most. :)