FREE Gift: 6 Natural Ways to Help Your Cat Live Longer

wrapped_gift-300x232 FREE Gift: 6 Natural Ways to Help Your Cat Live Longer free cat books download cat books cat lifespan

It’s ready for you!

This eBooklet emerged from my cat longevity obsession research.

I put a lot of time into it because I wanted to know – and share – how to help cats live to be 20 years old!

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Topics include:

  • Why 20 Good Years is Not Too Much to Ask
  • 6 Things That Help Prevent the Dreaded Diseases
  • Tips for Activating Longevity Support + Checklist
  • More Cat Health Boosters
  • The Cat Longevity Survey Report (Learn about 20+ year-old cats!)
  • Resources List

I’ll make the case (with references and research!) for why certain choices in particular could help our cats live longer.

I offer it so you can read the evidence and decide for yourself.

Check it out and tell me what you think.

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6-Ways-flat-cover-237x300 FREE Gift: 6 Natural Ways to Help Your Cat Live Longer free cat books download cat books cat lifespan

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  1. My cat is 18.5 right now. My secret up until now has been keeping her away from vet visits and giving her good food and no bad treats. When she was 8 the vet overprescribed a med which was unfortunately in research stages, and destroyed the tapetum in her eyes after 3 days use. I noticed her eyes glowing green and immediately removed her from this med after researching it on google. After that, I decided to keep her indoors away from other animals, feed her great food, and no more vaccines or vet visits. Ten years later, she is obviously blind, arthritis in her hips and going deaf in one ear. But otherwise, she is happy, loves to eat, purrs all the time and no dementia. I wonder how long she will continue to live in this “Helen Keller” state. Would love to read your book.

  2. Hey Liz I signed up for the newsletter and the ebook but never got the ebook. I have added you to my contacts and am very eager to read this info. Thanks so much for what you do!!!

    1. Thanks Justin – there was trouble with my website’s host today, that may be why. I sent you the ebook again – if you didn’t get it, let me know here.

    1. James, check your email in a few moments – I am resending it to you. Very well may have (and may again) gone into your Spam or Junk filter folder. Check that too! Sorry for the hassle. I had the word “Free” in the email originally and I think that word triggers a lot of spam filters unfortunately!

  3. Hi Liz,
    I’m having the same issue – if you could forward to me also, I’d appreciate it!
    I searched my junk mail and it’s not there either.
    Thanks much! :)

    1. Oh, dang it! Have you received any of my other “newsletter” messages in the last month or so? I sent two in February already. Let me know, because I may be just completely filtered out of your email for using the word “free” or something!

      Meanwhile, I just send you an email with the download.

    1. Same here, it told me I was already “subscribed.” ??? I know I’m subscribed to the blog, but it’s the e-book download I’m trying to get. :-)

    2. Sorry about that Gail & Pam! I will send it to you individually.

      I did send it out to all subscribers already, but – as happens sometimes with large mailings – it may have hit your spam filter.