Enter to win FREE eco litter by answering: What’s your cat’s favorite toy?

MltiCatBg_7lb_lo1-150x150-1 Enter to win FREE eco litter by answering: What's your cat's favorite toy?
MltiCatBg_7lb_lo1-163x300 Enter to win FREE eco litter by answering: What's your cat's favorite toy?
Win me!


WINNER DRAWN 7pm Monday 11/21/2011:

We have a winner: HollyAnne!

Thanks to everyone who entered. Seeing stories of each cat’s favorite toy has really been a kick! 


Would you like two large bags of  wildly popular, unscented , earth-friendly cat litter delivered to your home for free?

Then just leave a Comment below telling me what your cat’s favorite toy (or game) is and you are entered to win!

PLUS, you have got darn good odds of winning  because you’re in the right time at the right place. (This is a rapid, short-term giveaway, which means the drawing pool will be small!)

Just tell me your cat’s favorite toy (or game) in the Comments below this blog post.

Do it cat-quick!––before 7pm this Monday (11/21)

The basic rules:
  • To enter, leave your answer in this blog post’s Comments. (If  you comment on this blog’s related Facebook page post, you get a bonus entry!)
  • The drawing will take place this Monday, Nov 21, 2011 at 7pm PST.
  • Prize can be shipped to US and Canada only. (Sorry about that)
  • One winner will be selected and notified by email. Their provided name will be announced on the blog and its Facebook page.
  • Winner must supply a shipping address. US and Canada only.
  • You must be 18 years or older to enter
  • Your contact info is not shared with anyone other than to ship you your winnings.

    P.S. Check out the  World’s Best Cat Litter page to see how loved they are. They are an earth-friendly company and their unscented multi-cat clumping litter really is soft on the paws and quite effective at odor control. They are kindly giving away the litter for this contest.

    P.P.S. Joel’s favorite toy a little spongy soccer ball; Phil’s is a long leather shoelace! What’s yours?

Love to hear your thoughtful thoughts! Leave a reply...


  1. My cat loves yarn…i make yarn balls for her and she goes crazy for it…kinda original but hey…..she knows what she likes 🙂

  2. My cats have a huge collection of toys that I’ve purchased. I try to hide most of them in a box, and give them out a few at a time, so that they can “rediscover” them.
    But their favorite toy at present seems to be a cork from a wine bottle that they stole from the kitchen counter! It’s a perfect size and weight and nicely chewy.

  3. Esme’s favourite toy is Scrappy an old and battered cloth stuffed with nip.Mitalee loves her pink snake Annieconda. Leo loves crinkly balls and the laser light. Tulip loves catnip balls. The new kittens love their circular tube with the mouse inside that goes around and around every time they hit it.Hours of fun for everyone!! 🙂

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  4. My furkids all love the toys that look like springs. Of course I spend most of my time digging them out from under everything but it’s worth it too watch them having such a good time with them.

  5. All My Children love “Tinkerbell” – their laser toy! This is the only toy that will get my beloved 22lb Texas Man Cat, Brutus to actually have a run!
    Beau is twice Brutus’ age, and he adores playtime. I’ve learned, quite by chance, that one of his many favorite things is a crumpled piece of paper. He’ll swing it into the air, jump up to catch it, “kill it” and do it all over again!

    All the kids love their Organic catnip, of course, and the ‘Nip nana’s that have been gifted to them are all time favorites.

    But, paws down, “Tinkerbell” wins out each time!

  6. My cat’s favorite toys are a couple of mice stitched out of two pieces of upolstery with a leather tale. I picked them up at a cat show years ago and they appear to be indestructible. The 7 month old carries them around like they’re her latest “kill.”

  7. my cats favorite toys are the plastic balls with bells in them. They can play with them for hours


  8. I have 3 cats, and they each have their own favourite toys: Pandora likes crumpled up balls of paper or furred toy mice; Percy likes felt balls to bat around, and Zowie loves her ribbons. Of course, they switch this up once in awhile just to keep me on my toes! 🙂