Enter to win FREE eco litter by answering: What’s your cat’s favorite toy?

MltiCatBg_7lb_lo1-150x150-1 Enter to win FREE eco litter by answering: What's your cat's favorite toy?
MltiCatBg_7lb_lo1-163x300 Enter to win FREE eco litter by answering: What's your cat's favorite toy?
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WINNER DRAWN 7pm Monday 11/21/2011:

We have a winner: HollyAnne!

Thanks to everyone who entered. Seeing stories of each cat’s favorite toy has really been a kick! 


Would you like two large bags of  wildly popular, unscented , earth-friendly cat litter delivered to your home for free?

Then just leave a Comment below telling me what your cat’s favorite toy (or game) is and you are entered to win!

PLUS, you have got darn good odds of winning  because you’re in the right time at the right place. (This is a rapid, short-term giveaway, which means the drawing pool will be small!)

Just tell me your cat’s favorite toy (or game) in the Comments below this blog post.

Do it cat-quick!––before 7pm this Monday (11/21)

The basic rules:
  • To enter, leave your answer in this blog post’s Comments. (If  you comment on this blog’s related Facebook page post, you get a bonus entry!)
  • The drawing will take place this Monday, Nov 21, 2011 at 7pm PST.
  • Prize can be shipped to US and Canada only. (Sorry about that)
  • One winner will be selected and notified by email. Their provided name will be announced on the blog and its Facebook page.
  • Winner must supply a shipping address. US and Canada only.
  • You must be 18 years or older to enter
  • Your contact info is not shared with anyone other than to ship you your winnings.

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    P.P.S. Joel’s favorite toy a little spongy soccer ball; Phil’s is a long leather shoelace! What’s yours?

Love to hear your thoughtful thoughts! Leave a reply...


  1. We have 4 cats but only 2 of them really like to play. Boots, who is the oldest at 15 , enjoys shoe laces. We haveto keep our sneakers protected or she will take care of the laces. I made use of an old cat toy that we had sitting around by attaching a shoe lace to it. It is mororized so it moves about and Boots enjoys playing with it alot. Now the other cat, Frostin who is age 8, enjoys the little mice. He will sti there and toss it in the air and then chase it. Every so often we have to pick up the love seat and gather themout from under it.

  2. Our favorite toy is each other. Since we are both kittens, we like to play with each other more than the toys that Mom Paula buys for us. However, we really to like the laser light toy.

    Truffle and Brulee

  3. We each has our own favorite. Socks likes feathers, Scylla likes balls, and Arty likes our collection of mice.

  4. Gosh, you might think that is a simple question, but each cat has their own favorite. Nahum loves his string, Willow goes for the sparkle balls, Rose likes the foosball, Theo prefers his natural Kong mice and Buddy goes for whatever toy is closest to him!

    I would be up for trying WBCL again. Last time I tried it Theo thought it was a yummy snack!

  5. With Kittens at any time of the night or day that changes, boys like their sisters tails,
    but all of them like the Turbo Scratcherk – the ball is the fun part.

  6. The favorite toy around here with all these 20 cats is the DaBird. They love that. They have another one but I don’t know the name of it. It is a little mouse on a wand.

  7. My 1 yr old Kitty Willow has a thing for wrapped cough drops. This was a completely accidental happening. But she picks it up by the the twirl end of paper in her mouth and carries the thing around, then drops the cough drop on the floor to play with by batting it around and chasing it like a lunatic. Then when she gets tired of playing with it she picks it up by the paper end and carries it to a safe “spot” to leave until next time. She doesn’t try to eat it, so I let her bat it around and carry it around because it makes her happy.

    My older cat Eddie loves to bat Willow in the head with her tail when they lie on the ground next to each other, then Willow tries to play with Eddie’s tail, but he keeps it out of reach until Willow gets a bit bored, then he baps her in the head again…

  8. With 12 or so cats in the house,nearly anything can be a toy at a given time! A few favorites do stand out, though. Emma has a little pink pom-pom that she adores and sometimes Adelaide borrows it, but none of the others pay it any heed. Audrey is especially fond of the turbo-track – she loves batting that ball around the track, sometimes after we’ve gone to bed. Paper balls are always a huge hit with several of our cats, while others will spend a long time playing with catnip mice and toys I’ve made. The one thing that all of the cats use is the 5′ tall cat tower. They chase one another up and down the four shelves and through the tube at the bottom; climb and sharpen their claws on the uprights (including the elderly de-clawed gent we rescued), attack the sisal that is nearly gone from the one post, and then take a nap to recharge for another go-around. A real treat is when I sprinkle catnip all over the carpeted surfaces. I have to admit that I was skeptical when my husband brought this home several years ago, but it has been the single best investment we’ve made for the joy of the felines.

  9. Around 3 am, Handsome Harry’s favorite toys are my husband’s feet. If my husband doesn’t react enough, he moves on to mine.

    1. Nancy, our cat Phil thinks Robert’s feet are an excellent toy too. In the middle of the night it can be quite a surprise, especially when his feet are hanging over outside the covers. Yowch!

  10. He’s not interested for very long in most toys that I buy. He does like a small, soft and plush mouse toy or just about any small plastic object that he can get his claws on, especially my pens.

  11. My cats LOVE to play fetch! Furry mice, hairbands, old shoe laces, doesnt matter! They chase it and bring it right back! <3

  12. That little swirly plastic thingy on the milk jug best toy in the world because it comes free with Milk! …. well and a little stuffed mouse that was her baby! 🙂

  13. Treeno’s favorite is a little fleece mouse (nice that they cost <$1 since he goes through them like crazy! He'll play fetch with me even.

    Sebastian and Tiger like them too, but nothing like Treeno does. The little guys like to chase balls – pretty much any will do.

    Midnight and Flame are catnip fiends. Just dump a pile on the floor and watch Midnight go crazy. Flame prefers the stalks, we call them jousting sticks.

    Shadow likes a fishing wand style toy with feathers on it.

    Fireball doesn't play much, but if he's in the mood he likes the feather wand thing too. Thunderbolt likes a similar fishing wand thing, but with a fleece tail and he doesn't jump so he likes for us to drag it around on the floor. That usually will get Sebbie and Tiger coming around too.

    The big climbing gym at their old house was a huge favorite of Sebbie and Tiger's, we're going to be building them a new one for Christmas.

  14. I’m beginning to wonder if Tommy Gargoyle’s toy is discontinued. I haven’t bought one in a few months and I’m having a hard time trying to find it online for a reference. I just keep repairing his old one or else he’d get 6 a year.

    particle board base that’s carpeted and roughly 6 inch square. Springy piece of wire boing. pom pom on the top with a little jingle bell.

    That’s his favorite. He carries it around the house and we can’t stop laughing when we hear the haunted pirate walking up or down the stairs… Must be Tommy dragging his toy. He holds the pom in his mouth really high up and the square keeps floating around between his front legs for transit.

      1. Scampering across the floor with a hot pink or blue, sponge ball in her mouth, Callie let’s me know it’s time to play! We roll the soft ball back and forth, truly! She bats it with her front paw, while I (in my socks), kick it back and forth until one or the other of us knocks it totally out of reach and becomes bored with the game.

    1. There is something like that that is being manufactured – we carry them at the pet store I work at. I think BCI is the supplier we get it from. I bet you could find it somewhere.

  15. My cat is 19 and 1/2 years old and doesn’t really play much anymore. In fact, walking is an effort. But his favorite thing to do is sneak on to the dog’s bed as soon as she get up. There are several beds available, but he likes the one that the dog wants, wherever it is. Must be the warmth. Pets are a lot like little kids and fun to watch at any age.

  16. My Malcolm’s favorite toy? Q-Tips. He will toss one around the house for hours. And normally I’m mortified because they wind up slipping under my front door and onto the landing outside my apartment. 😉

  17. Sebastian’s favorite toy is my ponytail holder! I have to make sure they’re all put away in a drawer so he can’t get to them if I’m not there to supervise his play!

  18. My cats favorite toys are the plastic coated twist ties I get off of product packaging (like the ones that hold toys to boxes) and plain hair bands. MetPet.com Fly Toys are a close second.

  19. Angel Rose, Norman Ray and Toby Trouble’s favorite play thing is the top from an old shampoo bottle. They bat it around, like they’re a hockey team

  20. Thank you for the opportunity. Ariel’s favorite toy is glittery pompoms. Aurora likes her giant rubber band. Bond loves his catnip fish and cigar. Kiki likes the octopus pompom. All of them love a hex bug in a box or on its track too.

  21. Taffy’s favorite toy is feathers on a bendable stick that Mom waves for her, or sparkle ball on a cord that Mom zips past her. Get the connection – Mom has to be on the other end.

  22. kintaro loves da bird! tt’s favorite is her “wormy” which is a kicker toy with a bell in it. she will tote it around the house mewing pitifully. yuki still shows interest in string when she is feeling playful.

  23. Oops, I just typed out a whole thing, and then it made me have to write it again, saying it didn’t go through…

    Sylvie LOVES (however cheap it makes me sound) the morning when we are getting up (or trying ot get up) in my bed, where she loves sleeping overnight. But when I am about to slide my legs out of bed, and she gets humorously determined to keep me in bed and have fun pouncing ona dn grabbing my under cover/sheets toes, legs ,etc. :o)

    Outside of the bed, she likes a newish rod that we bougth fro her thepet store or a feathery end on a rod. But she likes this for short periods of time. :o)

  24. Allie’s favorite toy is Ourpets Play-N-Squeak Mouse (Amazon.com). I hide several in the lower level for her to hunt and she “sings” all the way upstairs as she delivers them to us!

  25. My kitties favorite toy is called the “Death Bunny”….it is a stuffed black and white rabbit that an ex boyfriend gave me about 12 years ago for Easter. I was visiting my father in TN for about a month and while I was gone my mom watched my kitty. My cat used to hiss and swat at the stuffed animal (I think because it was black and she has some strange aversion to black objects) BUT while I was gone my kitty would pick up the toy (almost as big as she was) and carry it all over the house meowing and meowing the entire time. It’s like it is her baby. 12 years later the Death Bunny is still with us and my kitty girl still carries it around all the time still. I love it! and I love my kitty girl too!

  26. my cat Giro’s favorite toy is, get this, a twist tie!
    he calls them “snaggles”.
    and he is known as a real “snaggle wrangler” in these parts.
    he is snaggle-wrangling right now as i type this!