Featured Soul Cat: Linda Mohr’s Tatianna

Tatianna_Captivation <em>Featured Soul Cat:</em> Linda Mohr's Tatianna soul cat human animal bond
Captivating eyes

Today we honor a feline soul mate with captivating eyes and a playful spirit. For author Linda Mohr, Tatianna was one of those cats where the bond and communication between the two of you goes, as she describes, “beyond human understanding.”

When I saw Linda’s website, I recognized a kindred soul–-you probably will too. She has articles with titles like Ten Ways to Pay Tribute to Those Who Lose a Cat and The Cat’s Mastery of the Present Moment.

Onto the soul cat questions…

1.  How did you find each other?

I did not go looking for Tatianna. Getting another cat was the furthest thought from my mind. But in the midst of letting go of my long time companion cat, Noelle, my business partner gave me an eight-week-old gray kitten.

He thought the kitten would ease my heartache. I was not so sure. I thought a fractious, meowing kitten that bounced off the furniture and teased Noelle would lead to anything but a calm and peaceful ending. The gray kitten came, stayed, and prevailed. She did not create the havoc that I had expected.

2.  Is there a personality trait or experience that stood out about her?

The eyes–her light-spilling blue eyes! They were purely and simply captivating. When I first met Tatianna, her mesmerizing eyes drew me into her soul with an immediate connection. They snapped and sparked throughout
her life.

Tatianna_KittyCaper <em>Featured Soul Cat:</em> Linda Mohr's Tatianna soul cat human animal bond
Kitty caper time

As for her personality, she had a lighthearted spirit, and a joyous aura of adventure surrounded her. She loved to prance jauntily around the house and charmed all who met her.

You could not help but smile just looking at her.

3.  What made you aware of your special bond?

I knew within weeks of her arrival that something special was happening. Tatianna and Noelle embraced each other. Even though they were only together two months before Noelle passed away, Tatianna cried and cried the first day after she was gone.

That day, I realized just how much my little gray kitten depended on me. So the first night, with just the two of us in the house, I carried Tatianna up to my bedroom, and put her in bed with me. I think at that moment she understood how much I needed her and how much she needed me. Although she had a kitten bed in another room, she never again wanted to be alone at night. That started a lifelong routine of her sleeping with me.

Tatianna_HereICome <em>Featured Soul Cat:</em> Linda Mohr's Tatianna soul cat human animal bond
“I realized just how much my little gray kitten depended on me”

We developed an extraordinary closeness in a short period of time. The connection formed a foundation to help one another through the many twists and turns of our lives together. She was with me during the quick entrance and exit of kitty Taittinger and for the arrival of her inseparable kitty companion, Katarina.

She was at my side during the entrance and tragic, untimely exit of my soul mate, Ken. She saw me through the sale of my longtime pet care business as well as the sudden exit of my father at Christmastime.

She watched the entrance and exit of the stray cat Marnie, and saw me through the start of a second business and career. She stood by me during my new relationship with Joe.

Yes, people came and went in my circle of life; pets came and went as well. Tatianna’s resilience withstood that and more. Her longevity, influence, and impact in my life were profound.

Finally the bond between us grew even stronger when Tatianna became ill with kidney failure. The bond reached a deeper communication, one that went beyond human understanding.

Tatianna has been gone for ten years, but I still feel connected to her.

She has never really left my side–she is simply in another dimension.

4.  Is there a care or feeding tip you would share with a new cat owner?

Tatianna_LookAlikes <em>Featured Soul Cat:</em> Linda Mohr's Tatianna soul cat human animal bond

Set aside daily quality time with your new cat. I call it “play attention.” It can be as simple and quiet as sitting on the couch together or as rambunctious as playing with a feather on the end of a pole.

Tatianna liked to be chased through the house and play hide and seek. She was entertained by musical chairs. When I headed for a particular chair, she sprinted to it first and flopped down. Then I picked her up and lavished her with hugs and kisses. We also enjoyed talking to each other.

Special and fun activities go a long way in creating and strengthening an emotional bond between you and your new cat.

More about Linda Mohr
Linda has written a book about Tatianna, and it has won no less than five awards! It’s called Tatianna-Tales and Teachings of My Feline Friend. She also writes the Catnip Connection blog for Seattle Post-Intelligencer. She’s a professor at Northwood University and member of the Cat Writers’ Association, with human-animal bond expertise. Visit www.lindamohr.com and find her book’s Facebook page here.

Have you ever had a soul cat?

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  1. What a lovely surprise to see Tatianna featured in this series! I loved seeing all these photos of her. She sure was a beauty, inside and out. For those of you who are reading this and haven’t read Linda’s book about Tatianna, I encourage you to get it – it’s a heart touching, beautiful memoir and love story about this very special cat.

    And Linda, the Jean Cocteau quote is one of my favorite cat quotes as well.

  2. Liz,

    I am honored to have you feature Tatianna in your special “Soul Cat” series. It is a fabulous idea. The stories exemplify a favorite quote: I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.~ Jean Cocteau

    Warm Purrs
    Linda Mohr

  3. My Harley is a Lynx point Siamese. He is so smart, I think if he had human vocal chords he and I would be sitting and discussing books and the state of the world for hours.

    I still feel a bond with my Sully. He and I share space for a short while only, as he was sick when I adopted him, but I still feel his presence sometimes.

    1. Jen, I love the image you and Harley discussing books and state of the world for hours! That’s so funny, and I know what you mean. Thanks for telling us about Sully too.