Free download: Cat food tracking “refrigerator sheet”

Free download: Cat food tracking “refrigerator sheet”

In part 2 of my post about Joel’s healing journey, I talked about how useful a simple “refrigerator sheet” was in helping us get clear about which foods or supplements affected him and how.

You’d think you’d remember and wouldn’t need to write things down, but you’d be surprised at how often we said “Wait, when did we start feeding him that stuff that has potatoes?” ” When did his ear rash start breaking out again?”  “Did both cats eat the turkey, or did Phil hate it?”

I also used this when we first got our cats and needed to figure out which of many foods were going to work out for them. It’s a sort of “cat rating system.”

Just stick it on the fridge and keep a pen on top of the fridge to grab.

Here’s an example:

Free download: Cat food tracking “refrigerator sheet”



Free download: Cat food tracking “refrigerator sheet”

P.S. Even if there’s a big picture of a cat on it, this is a good tool for humans to use with their food and supplement experiments too. That’s just a little holistic nutritionist tip.

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  1. This is very helpful. Momo’s digestive system is not the best and the vet has not been very helpful in pinpointing the problematic food(s). I am starting a list as well to see if it would help.

    1. I sure hope it helps MoMo and would be happy to talk about it. From what I’ve seen, the first suspect is always grains of any kind.