Featured Soul Cat: Momo the Blogging Cat

08-winter-fence_crop-300x265-1 <em>Featured Soul Cat:</em> Momo the Blogging Cat soul cats human animal bond caring cats

Momo is a luxuriously furred cat and loving feline soul mate to the charming cat blogger known as “SS.”

Actually, it’s Momo who writes the blog, but SS is her human companion who attempts to supervise the whole thing.

I like how SS points out that cats who are not “lap cats” are still sometimes the most loyal and loving cats. Here’s my online soul-cat interview with SS…

1. How did you find each other?

Momo was a stray who came to my sister-in-law’s house day after day, mieowing for food and would not leave after the feed.

My sister-in-law has a rather territorial tomcat and a big rather unfriendly large Alastian. So she couldn’t adopt Momo at the time.  She scoured the neighbourhood to see if Momo belonged to anyone because she looked tame and well cared for.

No one claimed her. Our little dog has passed away some time ago and we decided to adopt her.  This was in 1998.

07-sept-150x150 <em>Featured Soul Cat:</em> Momo the Blogging Cat soul cats human animal bond caring cats
A lady keeps her paws clean

Shortly after she came, we noticed that she was getting rounded.  She was pregnant!  Soon she gave birth to a boy and a girl.  We thought that she might have been abandoned by her previous owner because of this.

2. Is there a personality trait or experience that stands out about Momo?

Momo is a home-body kitty.  She would not venture beyond the front garden wall even when let loose and always responds when called.

08-on-tree-2-150x150 <em>Featured Soul Cat:</em> Momo the Blogging Cat soul cats human animal bond caring cats
Never goes far

3. What made you aware of your special bond?

Momo is very aware whenever I am under stress.  She is not a lap cat but would be extra close during that time.

She was my study pal during my years of doctoral study and kept me company through long nights in my garden-shed-converted study in the back garden.

It was during this time that I started a blog for Momo, as a kind of relief from study.  Her blog is http://momoandco.blogspot.com

At first the only visitor was a fellow doctoral student who also had a dog blog.  Then, a member from the Cat Blogosphere discovered our blog and introduced us to this very supportive community.  (We are still part of it, although not quite as active as we would like due to work commitment.)

Magna-Cat-Laude-300x232 <em>Featured Soul Cat:</em> Momo the Blogging Cat soul cats human animal bond caring cats
“Magna Cat Laude”– Momo earned it with SS!

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  1. I am sorry to say that my soul-mate kitty MoMo had to run off to the Bridge last month. She is very much missed and will be remembered always.

    Run free, my little one, until we meet again…..

  2. This is a great article and written about my sister. We adopted each other many years ago. She is the bestest of the best! I remember when my mom took the photo of Momo when she earned her degree along with SS. Well done!!

  3. We adore MoMo and we enjoyed seeing her featured here. We learned a few more things we didn’t know about her.

  4. Hi Momo ~ though we’ve known you for a long, long time this interview revealed a few secrets and we were happy to learn more about how you came to live with SS. This is a really nice story…
    Your furriends, Maggy and Zoey

  5. I too love Momo and have been visiting her blog for quite a long while. It was great to see her featured here!

    Sometimes I am a bit reluctant to admit this, but the cat before me was my human’s soul cat.

  6. Thankyou, thankyou for featuring me! I am so flattered. I just love to be recognised that I, Momo, dictate the blog and SS is only my secretary because the silly setup of the keyboard where the keys are too so for my furry paws.