Featured soul cat: Terry’s Pixie

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<i>Featured soul cat</i>: Terry&#8217;s Pixie

Terry’s regal-looking cat Pixie came into her life in an interesting way...

How did you find each other?

<i>Featured soul cat</i>: Terry&#8217;s Pixie
“We took two wolves from a lady who was moving and she threw in this cat”

“I volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation center.  We took two wolves from a lady who was moving and she threw in this cat. I got to take him!

He was/is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen.”

Is there a trait, behavior, or experience that stands out about Pixie?

“He was trained for movies and commercials (as were the wolves) although I don’t know what he was in.  You can point your finger in a path and he will still follow it.

<i>Featured soul cat</i>: Terry&#8217;s Pixie
Doing the Pixie flop!

He is sooo mellow and loves to just ‘flop’ and go to sleep.

When I rescued 3 kittens from under my neighbor’s house Pixie became ‘uncle Pix.’ He ran around and watched after them. Was hard on him when they learned to run and went 3 different directions!”

What made you aware of your special bond?

“I loved him from the second I saw him. Took him a couple days to get used to me but we just ‘clicked.'”

As far as cat care and feeding, Terry says she discovered that Pixie likes to eat out of  saucers–he simply doesn’t like flat plates!

Terry concluded by saying, “I have had him for 10 years now and loved every minute of it!”

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