Some of my sources

humberto-arellano-N_G2Sqdy9QY-unsplash-scaled Some of my sources

This blog owes a debt of gratitude to many wonderful influences – several of whom contradict each other at times. It’s an ever-growing list:

  • Books by cat experts (listed below)
  • A couple of wonderful holistic vets in the San Francisco Bay Area: Anne Reed, DVM and Gary Richter, DVM
  • Miscellaneous Internet research-especially from these sources
  • My 2-year training in Holistic Nutrition at Bauman College in Berkeley, and subsequent experience in the field, which gives me a background in understanding quality supplement choices and how food and nutrients work with biology
  • Animal communication specialist, cat expert, and spiritual wise woman: Sharon Callahan
  • Reports and experiences shared by cat guardians worldwide

Below are some of the books I have used as a reference. However, I don’t think any one source has all the answers. They contradict each other at times, so I look for patterns and check them against my own observations over the years.

Eventually I settle on the conclusions you’ll find in this blog, but I am likely to be proven wrong about some things as new information comes to light.

Animal care and relationships, like health and healing, are often an art. So please share your art and wisdom here too!

Natural Cat Care Books

Cat Behavior and Soul Connection Books

Where do I buy natural cat products?

Well, all over the place. First I try local stores — we have a holistic pet store in town. Then I check Only Natural Pet Store because they tend to have the stuff I can’t find elsewhere and the prices are usually good. I have also found a lot on

For a more specific list of favorite natural cat care resources, see the Resources page.